Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 5. Al-Ma'idah - The Food

  1. O you who believe! abide by all (your) obligations. All quadrupeds (of the class) of cattle (and feeding on plants) are made lawful to you (for food) other than those which are enumerated to you (as forbidden). Yet you are forbidden (to kill) game whilst in a pilgrim´s garb or in the Sacred Precincts. Verily, Allâh decrees what He intends.

  2. O you who believe! do not desecrate the symbols (that lead to the knowledge and realisation) of Allâh, nor any sacred month, nor the animals brought as an offering, nor those animals wearing necklaces (as a mark of sacrifice during the Hajj), nor those (Pilgrims) repairing to the Sacred House, seeking favour and grace of their Lord and (His) good pleasure. And when you are free from Pilgrimage, having taken off the Pilgrims garb and are off the Sacred Precincts you may go hunting. And do not let the enmity of a people (and your grievances) that they hindered you from the Masjid al-Harâm (- Holy Mosque at Makkah) incite you to transgression (against them). Help one another in righteousness and in warding off evil, but do not help one another to commit sin and transgression, and take Allâh as a shield. Surely, Allâh is Severe in retribution.

  3. You are forbidden (to take for food) an animal which dies of itself (a carrion), and the blood (poured forth), also the flesh of swine, and that which is immolated in the name of anyone other than Allâh, and that which has been strangled, and that which has been beaten to death, and that which has been killed by a fall, and that which has been gored to death, and that of which a wild beast has eaten, except what you have duly slaughtered (before its expiry). And (also forbidden to you is) that which has been slaughtered at altars (set up for false deities), and (you are also not permitted) that you seek to know your lot by the divining arrows. These are all acts of disobedience. This day have those who disbelieve despaired of (harming) your Faith. So do not hold them in awe but stand in awe of Me. This day have I perfected for you your faith and completed My blessings upon you and have chosen Islam for your religion (so abide by all these limits imposed upon you with regard to taking your food); but he who is forced by extreme hunger without being wilfully inclined to sin then, surely (he will find that) Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

  4. They ask you what is made lawful for them. Say, `All good and pure things are made lawful for you. Also (made lawful) is the game held down by those birds and beasts of prey which you have trained, provided you set them at it to catch (it living) for you, (without their own eating from it after killing it), since you train them according to the knowledge Allâh has given you. So eat of that which they hold down for you and pronounce thereon the name of Allâh (while slaughtering it or while sending the hunting creatures after it). And take Allâh as a shield. Surely, Allâh is Swift in reckoning.

  5. This day all good and pure things have been made lawful for you. And the food of those who have been given the Scripture is lawful for you (provided the food does not include anything forbidden in Islam), and your food is lawful for them. And (lawful for you for marriage are) the chaste women from among the believing women and chaste women from among those who have been given the Scripture before you, provided that you pay them their dowers (to live with them) after contracting valid marriage, not committing fornication, nor seeking secret love affairs by taking secret paramours. And whoever denies the commandments of (the true) faith, no doubt (he will find) his deeds have gone in vain and he will be of the losers in the Hereafter.

  6. O you who believe! when you get up for Prayer (perform the ablution, so as to) wash your faces and your hands upto the elbows, and pass your (wet) hands over your heads (for mashah), and (wash) your feet upto the ankles. And if you are under an obligation to perform a bath, then wash yourselves thoroughly clean by a bath. But if you have been taken ill or on a journey (while under obligation to take a bath) or one of you comes from the privy, or you have had (sexual) contact with women and you do not find water, then have recourse to clean pure dust and wipe your faces and your hands with it (as Tayammum). Allâh does not intend to impose any impediments on you, but He intends to purify you (internally and externally) and complete His blessings upon you so that you may give (Him) thanks.

  7. And (O Muslims!) remember Allâh´s favour which rests upon you (in the form of the Qur´ân) and (to abide by its teachings) His covenant to which He has bound you, when you said, `We hear (your commandments) and we obey (them).´ And take Allâh as a shield. Verily, Allâh knows well what is in the inmost depths of the minds.

  8. O you who believe! be steadfast, upholders of the right for the cause of Allâh, bearers of true witness in equity, and do not let the enmity of a people move you at all to act otherwise than equitably. Be equitable (always); that is nearer to being secure against evil, and take Allâh as a shield. Surely, Allâh is Well-Aware of what you do.

  9. Allâh has promised protection and a great reward for those who believe and do deeds of righteousness.

  10. But as to those who disbelieve and reject Our Messages it is these who are the fellows of the blazing Fire.

  11. O you who believe! remember Allâh´s favour upon you when a people had made up their minds to lay their hands on you, but He withheld their hands from you; and take Allâh as a shield. The believers should then put (their) trust in Allâh.

  12. And Allâh, indeed, took a covenant from the Children of Israel, and We raised twelve chieftains from among them. And Allâh said, ´Surely, I am with you. If you observe prayer and present the purifying dues and believe in My Messengers and lend them support in a respectful manner, and perform an act of virtue and cut off a portion of your goodly gifts for (the cause of) Allâh, I will certainly absolve you of your sins and will surely admit you to Gardens served with running streams. But if anyone of you disbelieves after that surely he has strayed away from the right way.

  13. So on account of their breaking their covenant We deprived them of Our blessings, and We let their hearts become hardened. Now they pervert the words from their proper context (of the Divine Book) and (in doing so) they have abandoned a good portion of what they were (reminded of and) exhorted with. And you will never cease to discover one dishonesty (or the other) on their part, with the exception of a few of them; so pardon them and pass (them) over. Verily, Allâh loves the doers of good to others.

  14. We took the covenant of those (also) who say, `We are Christians;´ but they have abandoned a good portion of what they were (reminded of and) exhorted with. So We have kindled enmity and hatred between (various sects of) them till the Day of Resurrection. And Allâh will soon inform them of all their machination.

  15. O people of the Scripture! Our Messenger, who has come to you, unfolds many teachings of the Scripture which you had kept hidden, and many a thing he passes over. There has come to you, indeed, from Allâh a Light and the perspicuous Book (- the Qur´ân) that distinguishes the right from the wrong.

  16. Allâh guides with this (Book) those who follow His good pleasure to the ways of peace (both physical and spiritual), and He takes them out of all kinds of darkness into the light, by His leave, and guides them along the exact right path.

  17. They have only disbelieved who say, `Verily, Allâh - He is the Messiah, son of Mary.´ Say, `Who then had any power to stand in the way of Allâh when He intended to put an end to the Messiah, son of Mary, and his mother, and all those that were in the earth?´ And to Allâh belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between the two. He creates what He will, for He is the Possessor of full power to do all that He will.

  18. The Jews and the Christians say (in respect of each of themselves), `We are the sons of Allâh, and His loved ones.´ Say, `Why then does He punish you for your sins? Nay, you are but human beings like many of His creation.´ He protects whom He will and punishes whom He will. To Allâh belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between the two and to Him is the (final) return (of all).

  19. O people of the Scripture! there has already come to you Our Messenger who makes things clear to you after a break in the series of Messengers lest you should say, `There has not come to us any Bearer of good tidings, nor a Warner.´ Now there has, indeed, come to you a Bearer of good tidings and a Warner. And Allâh is the Possessor of full power to do all that He will.

  20. And (recall the time) when Moses said to his people, `O my people! remember Allâh´s blessings upon you when He raised Prophets among you and made you masters of your own affairs, and He gave you what He has not given to any other of your contemporary peoples.

  21. `O my people, enter the Holy Land which Allâh has ordained for you, and turn not on your backs, for then you turn losers.´

  22. They said, `O Moses! surely there are in that (land) arrogant and exceedingly powerful people and we shall never enter it until they depart from it, but if they depart from it, then we will certainly enter (it).´

  23. (Thereupon) two men (- Joshua and Caleb) from among those who feared (their Lord) and on whom Allâh had bestowed His blessings said, `Enter the gate (of the city advancing) against them, for when once you have entered it you shall surely be victorious, and in Allâh you should put your trust when you are believers (in Him).´

  24. They said, `O Moses! we will, certainly, never enter it so long as they are therein, so go forth you and your Lord, then fight (there) you two, surely, we will sit down here (and watch).´

  25. (Moses) said, `My Lord! surely, I have no control but on myself and my brother (Aaron), therefore bring about separation between us and these disobedient people.´

  26. (God) said, `Verily, it (- the Holy Land) is forbidden to them for forty years. They shall wander about in the earth distracted and in confusion, so grieve not over these disobedient people.´

  27. And relate to them with the truth the great news of the two sons of Adam, when they (each) made an offering, and it was accepted from one of them and was not accepted from the other. (The latter whose offering was not accepted, out of jealousy for the other) said, `I will slay you.´ He replied, `(How can I be held responsible for the rejection of your offering;) Allâh accepts only from those who become secure against evil,

  28. `Should you lay your hand on me to kill me, I am not at all going to lay my hand on you to kill you. I do fear Allâh, the Lord of the worlds;

  29. `I would rather like you to bear (the burden of) the sin (committed) against me (- the sin of the murder), and (that of) your own sin (committed previously due to which your offering was not accepted), and thus you would become of the fellows of the Fire.´ Such indeed is the recompense of the wrongdoers.

  30. But (the baser instincts of) his mind prompted him (whose offering was not accepted) to kill his brother (whose offering was accepted), so he killed him, wherefore he became one of the losers.

  31. Then Allâh sent a raven which scratched into the earth so as to show him how he might cover his brother´s dead body. He said, `Woe is me! Am I unable to be even like this raven so that I may cover the dead body of my brother?´ And he became one of the remorseful.

  32. Because of this (incident) We laid down for the Children of Israel that he who kills a human being - unless it be for (murdering) a person or for (reforming) disorder in the country, it is as if he has killed entire human race. And whoso saves a (human) life it is as if he has saved the entire mankind. Certainly, Our Messengers had already come to them with clear arguments, yet (even after that) many of them were certainly those who committed excesses in the land.

  33. The only recompense of those who make war against Allâh and His Messenger and who strive hard to create disorder in the land, is (according to the nature of the crime) that they be executed or crucified to death, or that their hands and feet be cut off on account of their opposition, or their (free) movement in the land be banned (by exile or imprisonment). This would mean ignominy for them in this world and there awaits them in the Hereafter a severe punishment.

  34. Different, however, is the case of those (criminals) who turn with repentance before you overpower them. And know that, surely, Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

  35. O you who believe! take Allâh as a shield and seek means of nearness to Him, and struggle for His cause, so that you may attain your goal.

  36. As for those who disbelieve even if they come to possess all that is in the earth and as much more (to offer) that they might redeem themselves therewith from the punishment of the Day of Resurrection, it would not be accepted from them. There awaits them a grievous punishment.

  37. They would wish to come out of the Fire but they will not be able to come out of it (of themselves). There awaits them a long-lasting punishment.

  38. And as for the man addicted to theft and the woman addicted to theft, cut off their hands in retribution of (the crime) that they have committed - an exemplary punishment from Allâh. And Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise.

  39. But whoso turns in repentance after his committing an unjust deed and reforms (himself) then surely Allâh will turn to him with mercy. Verily, Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

  40. Do you not know that Allâh is He to Whom belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whom He will and protects whom He will. And Allâh is the Possessor of full power to do all that He will.

  41. O Messenger! let not those who vie with one another in (- spreading) disbelief,- those of them who say with their mouths, `we believe´, but their hearts believe not, and those of them who judaised, grieve you. They are the acceptors of falsehood and are those who listen for conveying to other people who have not yet come to you. They tear the words (of God) from their proper places (and pervert the meanings thereof and) say, `If you are given this (sort of commandment) accept it and if you are not given this, then be careful.´ And he (on) whom Allâh desires (to inflict) His punishment, you can do nothing to save him from (the punishment of) Allâh. It is these whose hearts Allâh has not been pleased to purify. Ignominy is their lot in this world, and there awaits them in the Hereafter a great punishment.

  42. (They are) habitual listeners to falsehood, too much given to eat things forbidden. If they come to you (seeking your judgment) judge between them or turn aside from them. If you turn aside from them, they shall do you no harm at all. But if you judge, then judge between them with justice, for surely Allâh loves the just.

  43. And how should they appoint you their judge whilst they have with them the Torah which contains the law (and judgment) of Allâh. Yet they turn their backs even after that (you judge between them). And such people are not true believers (neither in the Qur´ân nor in the Torah).

  44. Verily, it is We Who revealed Torah wherein there was guidance and light. According to it the Prophets, who submitted themselves (to Us), did judge for those who judaised and (so also did) the teachers of Divine knowledge, and those learned (in the Law); (they did it) because they were required to preserve some of the Scripture of Allâh and (because) they stood guardians over it. Hence hold not people in awe but stand in awe of Me and do not barter away My Messages for a trifling gain. And he who does not judge according to that (law) which Allâh has revealed, it is these who are the real disbelievers.

  45. And therein We laid down (the following law) for them (- the Jews); life for life and eye for eye, and nose for nose, and ear for ear, and tooth for tooth and for (other) injuries an equitable retaliation. But he who chooses to forgo (the right) thereto for the sake of Allâh, it shall be an expiation of sins for him. And whoever does not judge according to (the law) which Allâh has revealed, these it is who are the very unjust.

  46. And We sent Jesus, son of Mary, in the footsteps of these (Prophets), fulfilling that which was (revealed) before him, of the Torah, and We gave him the Evangel which contained guidance and light, fulfilling that which was (revealed) before it, of the Torah, and was a (means of) guidance and an exhortation for those who guard against evil.

  47. And let the followers of the Evangel judge according to what Allâh has revealed therein. And indeed those who do not judge according to what Allâh has revealed it is these who are the real disobedient.

  48. And We have revealed to you this perfect Book comprising the truth and wisdom, fulfilling (the prophecies of) the Scripture which was present before it and stands as a guardian over it, then judge between them according to that which Allâh has revealed (of the Qur´ân), and do not deviate from the truth that has come to you in order to follow their low desires. For each one of you did We prescribe a spiritual law and a well-defined way (- a code in secular matters). And if Allâh had so willed He might have made you all one community (by force), but He wishes to show your perfection (the capacities and capabilities) that He has endowed you with. Therefore vie one with another in (doing) good deeds. To Allâh is the return of you all, then He will inform you as to that wherein you were at variance.

  49. And (We have revealed this perfect Book to you) that you judge between them according to that (law) which Allâh has revealed and do not follow their low desires, rather be on your guard against them lest they should (tempt you and) cause you fall into trouble due to some part of (the commandments) that Allâh has revealed to you. If they turn back (showing disregard to Our revelations), know that Allâh intends to punish them for some of their sins. Indeed, a large number of human beings are certainly disobedient.

  50. Do they seek to enforce the law of (the days of) ignorance? And who is better than Allâh in giving judgment for a people who are convinced (of their faith)?

  51. O you who believe! do not take these Jews and the Christians for allies. They are allies of one to another (when against you), and whoso from amongst you takes them for allies, is indeed one of them. Verily, Allâh does not guide the unjust people to attain their goal.

  52. Now you shall see those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy) vying one with another towards them (- the Jews and Christians to take them for allies). They say, `We are afraid lest a misfortune should befall us.´ But it is well nigh that Allâh will bring about a victory or some other (more remarkable) event (in favour of Islam) from Himself; then they will become more remorseful (and ashamed) for what they secretly harboured in their minds.

  53. And those who have believed will say (at that time), `Are these they who swore by Allâh their most solemn oaths that they were surely with you?´ Their deeds have gone waste (and their machination failed), so that they have become the losers.

  54. O you who believe! if anyone of you should renounce his Faith (let him remember that) Allâh will bring forth (in his stead) a people (more zealous in faith) whom He will love and who will love Him, who will be kind and humble towards the believers, and mighty and firm against the disbelievers. They will strive hard in the cause of Allâh and will not fear the reproach of any fault-finder. (Remember) these (virtues) are (to be attained through) Allâh´s bounty which He bestows upon whomsoever He will. And Allâh is Bountiful, All-Knowing.

  55. Your real ally is only Allâh, and His Messenger, and those who believe, who observe Prayer and present the Zakât, and they bow down (in obedience to Allâh).

  56. And whoso takes for his allies Allâh and His Messenger and those who believe, (let him know that surely such a one is the party of Allâh) and it is the party of Allâh that is truly triumphant.

  57. O you who believe! do not make those who take your religion lightly and consider it worthless, from among those who were given the Scripture before you and the other infidels, your allies. And keep your duty to Allâh if you are (true) believers.

  58. And when you call (the people) to Prayer, they take it lightly and consider it worthless. They do so because they are a people who do not understand.

  59. Say, `O People of the Scripture! do you find fault with us only because we believe in Allâh and in that which has been revealed to us, and in that which was revealed before (us)? Whereas most of you are disobedient (to God).´

  60. Say, `Shall I inform you of those who shall receive from Allâh a recompense worse than that of those (who try to find fault with Us)? They are those whom Allâh has deprived of His blessings and upon whom He brought His displeasure and indignation and of whom He has made (as) apes and swine and who serve the transgressor (- the devil). It is these who are indeed worse-placed and farther astray from the right path.´

  61. And when they come to you they say, `We believe,´ while, infact, they enter without faith and go out without it. And Allâh knows best all they conceal.

  62. And you will find many of them vying one with another in committing sin and transgression and being too much given to eat things forbidden. How evil is that which they practise!

  63. Why do not the teachers of divine knowledge and those learned in the Law prohibit them from their blasphemic talk and deeds and their being too much given to eating things forbidden? Evil indeed is their machination.

  64. And the Jews said, `Allâh´s hand is fettered (from assisting the helpless Muslims).´ Fettered are their own hands (from assisting the enemies of Islam), and they are deprived of blessings of Allâh for what they said. Nay, (the truth of the matter is that) both His hands are wide open (and free). He spends as He pleases. And that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will most surely increase many of them in inordinate rebellion and in disbelief. And We have kindled enmity and hatred among them till the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindle a fire for war, Allâh puts it out, but they strive to create disorder in the land, whereas Allâh does not like the creators of disorder.

  65. And if the people of the Scripture had only believed and guarded against evil, We would surely have absolved them of their sins and We would surely make them enter Gardens of bliss.

  66. If they had only observed the Torah and the Evangel and that which has been revealed to them (now) from their Lord, they would surely have eaten (of good things) from above them and from under their feet, (thus would have enjoyed the boons of the heaven and the earth). Though there is amongst them a community who is moderate (and of balanced mind), yet a large number of them are such that evil are their deeds.

  67. O Messenger! convey (to the people the entire message) well that has been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, you have not (at all) conveyed His message as it ought to have been. And Allâh will protect you from all (the onslaughts of) people (on your life). Verily, Allâh will not let the disbelieving people have their way.

  68. Say, `O People of the Scripture! you stand no where unless you observe the Torah and the Evangel and that (- Qur´ân) which has (now) been revealed to you from your Lord.´ And certainly that which has been revealed to you from your Lord will increase many of them in ordinate rebellion and disbelief; so do not grieve for the disbelieving people.

  69. Verily, those who have believed and those who judaised and the Sabians and the Christians, whosoever believes in Allâh and the Last Day and does righteous deeds, they shall have no cause of fear nor shall they ever grieve.

  70. Surely, We took a covenant from the Children of Israel and We sent Messengers to them. Every time there came to them a Messenger with that (Message) which did not suit their fanciful desires, (they defied him so that) some they treated as liars and others they sought to kill.

  71. And they thought there would be no punishment (for them) so they willfully became blind and deaf; (then they sought Allâh´s pardon) then Allâh turned to them (with mercy with the advent of Jesus), yet again many of them became blind and deaf. And Allâh is Watchful of what they do.

  72. Indeed, they have disbelieved who say, `Allâh - He is the Messiah, son of Mary,´ whereas the Messiah (himself) said, `O Children of Israel, worship Allâh Who is my Lord and your Lord.´ Surely whoso associates partners with Allâh, him has Allâh forbidden Paradise, and his resort will be the Fire and these transgressors shall have no helpers.

  73. Most certainly, they have disbelieved who say, `Allâh is the third of the three.´ But infact there is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship except One God. And if they refrain not from what they say, there shall certainly befall those who disbelieve from among them, a grievous punishment.

  74. Will they not turn with repentance to Allâh and seek His protection, while Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful?

  75. The Messiah, son of Mary, was only a Messenger, all the Messengers have (like him) passed away before him, his mother was a highly truthful woman. They both used to eat food. See how We explain the arguments for their good, yet see, how they are turned away (from the truth).

  76. Say, `Do you worship beside Allâh that which has no power over doing you any harm or good?´ As for Allâh, He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

  77. Say, `O People of the Scripture! do not exaggerate in (the matter of) your religion falsely and unjustly, nor follow the fancies of a people who had gone astray before (you) and had led many astray, and (now again) who have strayed away from the right path.

  78. Those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel were deprived of the blessings of God (firstly) by the tongue of David and (then by) Jesus, son of Mary. That was so because they rebelled and used to transgress.

  79. They did not prohibit one another from hateful things they committed. How evil were the practices they used to follow!

  80. You will find many of them allying (themselves) with those who disbelieve. Evil is that which they have sent forward for themselves (to the effect) that Allâh is displeased with them and in this punishment they shall abide.

  81. And if they had believed in Allâh and this perfect Prophet and (in) what has been revealed to him, they would not have taken them for allies; but (they do so for) many of them are disobedient.

  82. You shall certainly find the Jews and those who associate partners with Allâh the most vehement of the people in enmity against those who believe, and you shall certainly find those who say, `We are Christians,´ the nearest in friendship towards those who believe. That is so because there are savants and monks amongst them and because they are not haughty.

  83. And when they hear that (Divine Message) which has been revealed to this perfect Messenger you will find their eyes over flow with tears because of the truth they have recognised. They say, `Our Lord! we believe, so count us among the witnesses (to the truth).´

  84. (They add,) `What excuse do we have to disbelieve in Allâh and (in) the truth that has come to us while we earnestly desire that our Lord should count us with the righteous people?´

  85. Therefore Allâh will reward them for what they said, with Gardens served with running streams, they shall abide therein for ever. Such indeed is the reward of the doers of good to others.

  86. But those who have disbelieved and cried lies to Our Messages, it is these who are the fellows of the blazing Fire.

  87. O You who believe! do not forbid yourselves good and pure things which Allâh has made lawful for you, and do not transgress. Verily, Allâh does not like the transgressors..

  88. And eat of what Allâh has provided you of (things) lawful, good and pure. And take Allâh as a shield, in whom you repose your faith.

  89. Allâh will not call you to account for (such of) your oaths as are vain, but He will call you to account for (breaking) the oaths which you take in earnest (for doing a thing or not doing). The expiation for breaking such an oath is the feeding of ten needy persons (the average food) as you feed your own families with, or provide them with clothes, or liberating of some one (from the yoke of slavery or debt etc.) But whoever does not find (the means to do any of these), then he shall fast for three days. That is how you expiate your oaths when you have sworn them solemnly (and then break them). But do guard your oaths. Thus does Allâh explain to you His commandments so that you may give (Him) thanks.

  90. O you who believe! intoxicants and games of chance, and alters set up for false deities and divining arrows are only abominations, some of satan´s handiworks, therefore shun each one (of these abominations) so that you may attain your goal.

  91. Satan only intends to precipitate enmity and hatred between you by means of intoxicants and games of chance and to stop you from the remembrance of Allâh and from (observing your) Prayer. Will you not then be the abstainer (therefrom)?

  92. Obey Allâh and obey this perfect Messenger and be on your guard (against disobeying them), but if you turn away, then bear in mind that Our Messenger is responsible only for the conveyance (of the Message) in clear terms.

  93. There is no blame on those who believe and do deeds of righteousness for what they have eaten (before the prohibition came), provided they guard against (prohibited things in future) and are steadfast in their faith, and do deeds of righteousness and provided they guard against evil (as a duty to themselves); and provided further that they take (God) as a shield, and do good to others (as their duty to their fellow-beings). And Allâh loves the doers of good to others.

  94. O You who believe! Allâh is going to try you regarding something of the game which is within the reach of your hands and your lances. Allâh will do it so that He may distinguish those who stand in awe of Allâh even unseen. But he that transgresses even after that (warning) shall receive a grievous punishment.

  95. O you who believe! kill no game while you are in a pilgrim´s garb or in the Sacred Precincts. And whosoever amongst you kills it intentionally he shall recompense by sacrificing a domestic cattle, the like of the animal he has killed, the same to be determined by two just persons from among you, and (the same) to be brought as an offering to the Ka´bah, or the expiation (of his sin) is the feeding of a number of needy persons, or the equivalent in fasting, so that he may suffer the penalty of his deed. Allâh has pardoned whatever might have happened in the past, and whoso does it again Allâh will punish him (for his offence), for Mighty is Allâh, Lord of retribution.

  96. It is made lawful for you (even when you are in a Pilgrim´s garb to hunt) the game of the sea (and water) and to eat its food; a provision for you and for the travellers (who can make it a provision for their way), but unlawful for you is the game of the land as long as you are in Pilgrim´s garb or in the Sacred Precincts. Keep your duty to Allâh, to Whom you shall be gathered.

  97. Allâh has made the Ka´bah, the Holy House (at Makkah) to serve as an anchor (-a means of support) and a means of uplifting for mankind, and also( each) sacred month and animals brought as an offering and animals wearing necklaces (meant for sacrifice during the Hajj). He has done this that you may know that Allâh knows all that lies in the heavens and all that lies in the earth, and that Allâh has complete knowledge of all things.

  98. You should know that Allâh is Severe at retribution and that (at the same time) Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

  99. This perfect Messenger is responsible only for the conveyance (of the Message). And Allâh knows all that you reveal and all that you conceal.

  100. Say, `The bad and impure, and the good and pure are not alike even though the abundance of the bad and impure may charm you.´ Take Allâh, therefore, as a shield (seeking refuge in Him), O you people of pure and clear understanding! so that you may attain the goal.

  101. O You who believe! do not inquire into (the details of Divine Laws on many) things which, if explained to you, would cause you trouble, though if you ask about them while the Qur´ân is being revealed, they will be explained to you; (yet) Allâh has passed over this (detailed mentioning on purpose), for Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Forbearing.

  102. A people before you asked questions about such (details and) then they became disbelievers therein.

  103. Allâh has not instituted (superstition like those of) any Bahîrah (-an animal having her ear slit and let loose for free pasture, dedicated to some god, their milk was not used, nor their back, nor their meat); or Sâ´ibah (-an animal having given birth to ten females, liberated to pasture where she would, not be ridden, nor milk drunk except by her young); or Wasîlah (-an animal which gave birth to seven females consecutively and at the seventh birth she bore a pair male and female. Each of the latter was let loose and the milk of the animal drunk by men only and not by women;) or Hâmi (-an animal that is left at liberty without being made use of in any way whatsover). But those who disbelieve have fabricated a lie (by such superstitious dedications) in the name of Allâh. Most of them cannot refrain (from such polytheistic superstitions).

  104. And when it is said to them, `Come to what Allâh has revealed and to this perfect Messenger.´ They say, `Sufficient for us is that (tradition) whereon we have found our forefathers.´ What! (would they follow them blindly) even though their forefathers had no knowledge whatsoever and had no guidance?

  105. O you who believe! (take care of yourselves for) upon you is the responsibility of your ownselves. He who has gone astray can do you no harm provided you are rightly guided. Towards Allâh is the final return of you all, then will He inform you as to what you have been doing.

  106. O you who believe! when death comes to one of you (and you wish to make your will) let there be present among you, at the time of making the will, two just persons from among you or two others from among the outsiders, in case you are journeying in the country and the calamity of death overtakes you. In case you doubt (their honesty in giving evidence), you shall detain both (the witnesses) after Prayer, then let them both swear by Allâh (and bear witness) saying, `We will accept for this (-our oath) no price; (we will bear true evidence) even though he (in whose favour or against we bear evidence) be near of kin, nor will we hide the testimony (enjoined to be borne uprightly) by Allâh, for if we do so, we shall certainly be among the sinners.´

  107. But if it be discovered that these two have become guilty of sin, then let two others stand in their place from among those (heirs) against whom the (former) two (witnesses) who were in a better position (to give true evidence) are sinfully deposed, and the two (latter witnesses) swear by Allâh (saying), `Surely, our testimony is truer than the testimony of those two and we have not exceeded the bounds of justice (in bearing the evidence) for, in that case, we shall certainly be of the wrongdoers.´

  108. This way is more likely to ensure that they (-the witnesses) will give the testimony in its true form and nature or atleast they will be afraid that other oaths will be taken after their oaths (to counter them). Therefore take Allâh as a shield and listen (to Him) for Allâh guides not the disobedient people to the way of success.

  109. (Imagine) the day when Allâh will gather together all the Messengers and asks, `What response did you receive?´ They will say, `We have no real knowledge (about the minds of the people), surely it is You alone Who have true and perfect knowledge of all things unseen.´

  110. (Again imagine) when Allâh said, `O Jesus, son of Mary! remember My blessing upon you and upon your mother, how I strengthened you with the holy revelation. You spoke to the people *(when you were) in the cradle and when of old age, and how I taught you the Scripture and the wisdom and the Torah and the Evangel, and how you determined from clay the likeness of a bird by My leave, then you breathed into it (a new spirit) then it became a soaring being by My leave, and by My leave you absolved the blind, the leprous, and by My leave you raised the (spiritually or nearly) dead to life, and how I warded off the Children of Israel from (putting) you (to death). It was the time when you came to them with clear arguments, but those among them who disbelieved had said, "This is naught but a hoax cutting (us) off (from the nation)".´

  111. `And how I revealed to the disciples to believe in Me and in My Messenger, and they said, "We believe, and (O God!) bear witness that we are the submitting ones".´

  112. (Recall the time) when the disciples said, `O Jesus, son of Mary! would your Lord consent to send down to us a table spread with a sure and lasting food from heaven?´ He said, `Keep your duty to Allâh, if you are true believers.

  113. They said, `We desire that we may eat of it and that our hearts be at rest and that we may know that you have indeed spoken the truth to us and that we may be among the witnesses thereto.´

  114. Jesus, son of Mary, prayed, `O Allâh! our Lord! send down to us a table spread with a sure and lasting food from heaven that it may be to us a (source of) festival ever recurring, to the first of us and to the last of us and (serve as) sign from You and provide sustenance for us, for You are the Best of providers of sustenance.´

  115. Allâh said, `I will surely be (always) sending it (-the food) down to you but whosoever shows ingratitude afterwards, I will surely punish him with a punishment which I will give to no one else in the whole world.´

  116. And when Allâh said, `O Jesus, son of Mary! did you say to the people, "Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allâh?"´ He (-Jesus) replied, `Glory to You! it was not possible and proper for me to say thing to which I had no right. If I had said, You would indeed have known it, (for) You know all that is in my mind but I do not know what is in Yours. It is You alone Who truly know all things unseen.

  117. `I said nothing to them except that what You had commanded me, "Worship Allâh, my Lord as well as your Lord". I was a witness over them (only) so long as I remained among them but ever since You caused me to die, You Yourself have been the Watcher over them and You are the Witness to everything.

  118. `If You punish them, then surely they are Your servants and if You pardon them, You surely are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.´

  119. Allâh said, `This is the day when their truth shall benefit the truthful. They shall have Gardens served with running streams (to keep them green and flourishing); there they shall live for ever and ever. Allâh is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. That indeed is the greatest triumph.´

  120. To Allâh belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and whatever lies in them. and He is the Possessor of full power to do all that He will.


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