Literal - Sura: 50. Qaf

  1. K and the Koran , the most glorious/exalted .

  2. But they were wondering/astonished that (E) a warner/giver of notice came to them from them, so the disbelievers said: "That (is an) unusual (strange) thing."

  3. Is (it that) if we died and we were dust/earth? That (is) a far/distant return.

  4. We had known what the Earth/land reduces/decreases from them, and at Us (is) an honest protecting/safekeeping Book .

  5. But they lied/denied/falsified with the truth when (it) came to them, so they are (in a) confusing/disturbing , matter/affair .

  6. Did they not look/wonder about to the sky/space above them, how We built/constructed it and We decorated/beautified it, and (there are) no openings/gaps due to defects for it?

  7. And the earth/Planet Earth We extended/spread it, and We threw in it anchors/mountains , and We sprouted/grew in it from every/each delightful/cheering pair .

  8. Clarification/understanding and a reminder/remembrance, to each/every repentant slave/worshipper .

  9. And We descended from the sky , blessed water, so We sprouted/grew with it treed gardens and the crop`s/harvest`s seed/grain.

  10. And palm trees high/tall, for it (is) well arranged first fruit of the season .

  11. A provision to the worshippers/slaves , and We revived with it a dead/lifeless country/land , as/like that (is) the exit/getting out (revival).

  12. Noah`s nation denied/falsified before them, and the old well`s/Riss`/Rass` owners/company, and Thamud .

  13. And Aad , and Pharaoh, and Lot`s brothers.

  14. And the thicket`s/dense tangled trees` owners/company, and Tubas` nation, each/all denied/falsified the messengers, so (they) deserved My threat.

  15. Have We been failing with the creation the first/beginning? But they are in confusion/ obscurity from a new creation.

  16. And We had (E) created the human/mankind, and we know what his self inspires and talks with it, and We are nearer/closer to him than the jugular vein (which carries deoxygenated blood to the heart).

  17. When/if the two receivers/meeters/finders meet from the right (side) and the left, protecting/guarding .

  18. Nothing emits/vocalizes from a word except at Him (is a) prepared/made ready observer/guard .

  19. And the death`s/liflessness`s intensity/agony came with the truth that (is) what you were from it deviating/turning aside.

  20. And (it) was blown in the horn/bugle/instrument that (is) Day of the Threat/Resurrection Day.

  21. And every/each self came with it a driver (herder) and (an) honest witness/testifier.

  22. You had (E) been in negligence/disregard from that, so We removed/uncovered (relieved) from you your cover/concealment, so your eye sight today/the day (is) sharp/iron.

  23. And his companion said: "That what (is) at me (is) prepared/made ready."

  24. You (B) throw in Hell each/every stubborn/obstinate (insisting) disbeliever.

  25. Miser/often preventing to the good , (a) transgressor/violator , doubtful/ suspicious.

  26. Who made/put with God another god, so you (B) throw him in the torture, the strong (severe).

  27. His companion said: "Our Lord I did not make him a tyrant/exceed the limit and but he was in (a) far/distant misguidance."

  28. He said: "Do not dispute/controvert at Me, and I had advanced/preceded to you with the threat."

  29. The word/statement/saying does not become exchanged/replaced/substituted at Me, and I am not with an unjust/oppressor to the worshippers/slaves .

  30. A day/time We say to Hell : "Did you fill?" And it says: "Is (there) from an increase?"

  31. And the Paradise was advanced/brought near to the fearing and obeying not far/distant.

  32. That (is) what you are being promised to each/every repentant/returning (to God), honest protector .

  33. Who feared the merciful with the unseen/hidden and came with (a) repentant heart/mind .

  34. Enter it with safety/security/peace, that (is) the immortality`s/eternity`s day/time.

  35. For them what they will/want in it, and an increase (is) at Us.

  36. And how many We destroyed before them from (a) generation/century they are stronger than them (in) violent destruction/attack, so they searched/investigated in the countries/lands , is (there) from (an) escape/diversion?

  37. That truly in that (is) a remembrance/reminder (E) to who was for him (a) heart/mind , or He threw the hearing/listening , and He is witnessing/testifying.

  38. And We had (E) created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B) in six days/times, and exhaustion did not touch Us.

  39. So be patient on what they say, and praise/glorify with your Lord`s praise/gratitude/thanks before the sun`s ascent/rising , and before the sunset.

  40. And from the night so praise/glorify Him, and (during) the prostration`s ends/backs.

  41. And hear/listen a day/time the caller calls from a near/close place/position .

  42. A day/time they hear/listen (to) the loud strong cry/torture raid with the truth , that (is) the Exit Day/Resurrection Day.

  43. That We, We revive/make alive, and We make die, and to Us (is) the end/destination.

  44. A day/time the earth/Planet Earth splits/cracks from them quickening/speeding/rushing, that (is a) gathering easy/small on Us.

  45. We are more knowledgeable with what they say, and you are not on them with a tyrant , so remind with the Koran who fears My threat.383


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