Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 51. Ad-Dhariyat - The Scatterers

  1. I call to witness those (beings) who went forth to scatter (the Qur´ânic teachings) far and wide with a true scattering,

  2. They carry (their blessed) load (of truth),

  3. Then speed along (exposing the wrong belief and evil practices) with love and peace,

  4. And then distribute and apportion the work by (Our) command,

  5. Verily, the promise you are made (about the spread of Islam) is true,

  6. And the Requital must indeed come to pass.

  7. And I call to witness the sky with (its) numerous orbits (of celestial bodies),

  8. That contradictory are the things you say (for your not believing in God´s word and in His Prophet),

  9. Through which are deluded away (from the truth) such as would be deluded (to falsehood).

  10. Woe to the falsehood-mongers,

  11. Who are in the depths of obstinacy and confusion (due to false-beliefs) and give no heed (to the truth).

  12. They ask, `When will the Day of Requital be?´

  13. (Say), `It shall be a day when they will be tormented at the Fire.´

  14. (It will be said to them), `Taste your torment. This is what you used to ask to be hastened.´

  15. But surely those who have become secure against evil will indeed be in (the land of) Gardens and Springs,

  16. Receiving the gifts that their Lord will give them for they used to do excellent deeds before that.

  17. They were in the habit of sleeping but a little by night (for their being occupied in God´s worship).

  18. Also in the hours of the early dawn as well they were (found) praying for His protection.

  19. And in their wealth and belongings was a rightful share for those who asked (for help) and for those who could not.

  20. There are signs on the earth for the people of knowledge and assured faith.

  21. And (you have signs) in your own persons. Have you no eyes to perceive

  22. Your sustenance is in the heavens, besides you shall have all that you are promised (-triumph and prosperity to the believers and warnings to disbelievers).

  23. By the Lord of the heavens and the earth that which you are promised is true. It is as true as the fact that you can speak to one another.

  24. Have you heard the news of the honoured guests of Abraham?

  25. Behold! they came to him and greeted him with peace, he said (in reply), `(On you be) peace.´ (He thought) they were all strangers.

  26. And he went (quietly but) quickly to his household and brought a fatted calf (after getting it roasted for the guests).

  27. And he placed it before them. (Seeing their hesitation) he said, `Will you not eat?´

  28. (When they did not eat) he felt afraid of them. They said, `Have no fear.´ And they proclaimed to him the good news of (the birth of) a son who would be blessed with knowledge

  29. Then his wife came to him extremely embarrassed. She smote her forehead and said, `(I am but) an old woman then barren, how (can I ever be able to give birth to a child?)

  30. They said, `Even so has your Lord said.´ Surely, He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing.

  31. (Abraham) said (to them), `Now what is your errand, O you who have been sent (by God)!

  32. They said, `We have been sent towards a guilty people who have severed their ties (with God).

  33. `That we may rain stones of wet clay upon them,

  34. `(Which are) ear-marked from your Lord for (inflicting punishment on) those guilty of excesses.´

  35. (God says,) `Then (it came to pass) We brought forth all the believers who were there (in that township to keep them safe and secure).

  36. But infact We found there only a single house of those who had submitted (to Us, and that was the house of Lot).

  37. And (after destroying the townships) We left in them a sign (to serve as a lesson) to those who fear the woeful punishment.

  38. And in (the case of) Moses (there is also a sign). (Remember the time) when We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear authoritative proof.

  39. But he turned away (from Moses) in the pride of his power and said, `(He is) a sorcerer, or rather a madman.´

  40. So We took him and his forces to task and threw them into the sea. Indeed, he (- Pharaoh) was himself blameworthy.

  41. And (there is a sign) in (the destruction of the Tribe of) `âd, when We let loose on them the destructive wild-blowing wind.

  42. It spared nothing whatever it came upon but reduced it to (dust-like stuff of) rotten bones.

  43. And (there is a sign) in (the case of the tribe of) Thamûd. Behold! they were told, `Enjoy yourselves for a while.´

  44. But they disdainfully disobeyed the commandment of their Lord, so a thunderbolt struck them while they looked on (utterly confused).

  45. And they were not able (even) to get up on their feet nor could they get anybody´s help to defend themselves.

  46. And (We destroyed) the people of Noah before (them). They too were disobedient people.

  47. As for the heaven, We have built it with (Our) Mighty power, and verily We are Makers of the vast extent.

  48. And the earth, We have spread it out and how excellently We lay things out.

  49. And We have created all things in pairs so that you may give heed (to the wonderful creation of God).

  50. Therefore (say to them), `Wing your way to Allâh. Verily, I am a plain Warner to you from Him.

  51. `Never set up another god (to be worshipped) along with Allâh. Surely, I am a plain Warner to you from Him.´

  52. Even so, no Messenger came to their predecessors but they said, `(He is) a sorcerer, or (rather) a madman,

  53. Have they bequeathed this (way of saying things) to one another. The fact is they themselves are a people who transgress limits.

  54. So turn away from them (and their foul way of talk). There lies no blame on you (for what they do).

  55. Yet keep on exhorting (the people), for, verily, exhortation proves useful to the believers.

  56. And I have created the jinn (fiery natured and houghty) and the (ordinary) people only that they may worship Me.

  57. (Prophet! tell them that) no provision do I require from them, nor do I require that they should feed Me.

  58. Surely, it is Allâh alone Who is the Great Sustainer, the Lord of immense power, the Almighty.

  59. Those who do injustice (to Our Messengers) should meet the fate (of miseries) like the fate of their fellows (of old). Therefore do not let them ask Me to hasten on (the punishment which awaits them).

  60. (Yet they should not forget that) destruction is in store for those who disbelieve, on account of that day of theirs the punishment of which they have been promised.


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