Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 56. Al-Waqi'ah - The Event

  1. (Beware of the time) when the inevitable (and the promised) Event shall come to pass.

  2. There is no denying its coming to pass.

  3. (This event shall be) lowering (the status of some and) exalting (that of others).

  4. (This will take place) when the earth shall be shaken with a violent shaking

  5. And the mountains shall be completely shattered,

  6. So that they shall all be reduced to particles of dust scattered about.

  7. And (at that time) you shall be (sorted out into) three distinct categories,

  8. (First) those that are blessed. How (lucky) the blessed will be!

  9. And (then) those that are wretched, how (miserable) the condition of the wretched will be!

  10. And (third) those that are foremost (in faith). They are by all means the foremost (in the Hereafter).

  11. It is they who have (really) achieved nearness (to their Lord).

  12. (They shall abide) in Gardens of bliss.

  13. A large party of them (will hail) from the early (believers);

  14. While a few (of them will hail) from the later ones.

  15. (They will be in the Garden seated) on couches inlaid (with gold and precious jewels).

  16. (They will be) reclining thereupon (and sitting) face to face.

  17. (Their) young sons will go round about them, who will remain as young as ever,

  18. Carrying goblets and (shining) beakers and cups (full) of pure and clean drink

  19. They will get no headache (or giddiness) from their (drinks), nor will they be inebriated and talk nonsense.

  20. And (carrying) such fruits as they choose,

  21. And (with) flesh of birds exactly to their taste.

  22. And (there will be present) fair houris with lovely large eyes.

  23. (Chaste) like pearls, well-guarded and well preserved.

  24. (Such shall be) the reward of their (good) deeds.

  25. There they shall hear no idle-talk, no sinful speech.

  26. But (all that they hear on all sides will be) good and pure words (of salutation) - `Peace be, peace be.´

  27. Those that are blessed - how (lucky) the blessed will be!

  28. They shall abide amidst (the land of thornless) Sidrah (- Lote tree, a symbol of bliss);

  29. And (in the Garden of) clustered bananas;

  30. And (in) extended shades;

  31. And (near) water falling from heights;

  32. And (amidst) abundant fruit;

  33. (The season of) which is not limited, and (they are) never forbidden.

  34. And (they will have) noble spouses.

  35. Verily, We have made them (women) excellent and have raised them into a special new creation;

  36. And have made them virgins, pure and undefiled.

  37. They are the loving ones (of their husbands), suiting to their ages and matching them in every respect.

  38. (They are meant) for the blessed ones.

  39. (This group will consist of) a large party from the earlier people (of Islam);

  40. And a large party from the later ones.

  41. But as for those that are wretched, how (sad) will be the plight of those that are wretched!

  42. (They shall dwell) in the midst of (painfully) scorching winds and scalding water;

  43. And (under) the shadow of black smoke,

  44. (Which is) neither cool (to refresh) nor honourable nor of any good to please at all.

  45. They, of course, lived a life of ease and abundance before this (in the present world).

  46. But (they) persisted in extreme sinfulness.

  47. And they were wont to say, `Is it that when we are dead and reduced to dust and bones we shall then be raised to life (again)?

  48. `And is it that our fathers of yore (shall also be raised to a new life with us)?´

  49. Say, `Most surely, the earlier people and the later ones

  50. `Shall all be gathered together at the fixed time of an appointed day.

  51. `Then, O you that have gone astray and cried lies (to the truth)!

  52. `You will certainly eat of Zaqqûm-tree (a symbol of agony),

  53. `And will fill your bellies with it.

  54. `Then you shall drink over it boiling water;

  55. Lapping it down like the lapping of the camels that suffer from insatiable thirst.

  56. This will be their (of the wretched ones) entertainment on the Day of Requital.

  57. It is We Who have created you (the first time), why do you not then realise the reality (of the Resurrection).

  58. Have you given thought to (the sperm drop, your life-germ) that you emit?

  59. Is it you that create it yourselves, or are We the Creator (of it)?

  60. It is We that have ordained death for all of you. And We cannot be stopped from (it),

  61. From replacing you with beings similar to you, (or from) evolving you into a form which is unknown to you (at present).

  62. And you certainly know of the first evolution. Then, why do you not reflect?

  63. Have you ever given thought to that which you sow?

  64. Is it you that cause it grow or is it We Who are the Growers?

  65. If We (so) pleased We could reduce it to chaff (before it is ripe and ready to be harvested). And then you would remain lamenting and talking bitterly;

  66. (And saying,) `Surely, we have been left indebted,

  67. `Rather we have been left with nothing (indeed we are finished).´

  68. Have you ever given thought to the water that you drink?

  69. Is it you who bring it down from the clouds, or is it We Who rain it?

  70. If We (so) pleased We could make it brackish. Then why do you not give thanks?

  71. Have you given thought to the fire which you kindle?

  72. Is it you who produce the tree for (kindling) it (into fire) or is it We the producer (of it)?

  73. We have made it a source of admonition (for the people) and a means to live upon for the needy and the wayfarer.

  74. Glorify, therefore, the name of your Lord, the Incomparably Great.

  75. As to me, I swear by the places and times of the revelation of the portions of the Qur´ân;

  76. And behold! it is a mighty oath, if you only care to know;

  77. That this is most surely a Holy Qur´ân (bestowing bounteous blessings of God),

  78. In a Book well preserved (in all its purity).

  79. No one can achieve true insight into it except those who are purified (by leading righteous lives).

  80. (It is) a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.

  81. Is it this (Divine) discourse that you are the deniers of?

  82. And do you make the denial of it your lot?

  83. Why, then, when the soul (of the dying person) reaches the throat,

  84. And you are at that time looking on (helplessly),

  85. And (when) We are nearer to him than you, though you do not see.

  86. Why, then, if you are not governed by any authority and are not to be requited,

  87. You do not bring it (- the soul) back (to the body of the dying person), if you are truthful (in your claim of being independent of the supreme authority)?

  88. And if he (the departed person) belongs to those who have attained nearness (to God and are His chosen ones),

  89. Then (he will have) happiness, comfort and plenty and Garden of Bliss.

  90. And if he (- the departed person) belongs to the blessed people,

  91. Then (it will be said to him,) `Peace be upon you ever, (O you) of the blessed people!´

  92. But if he belongs to those who deny the truth and are steeped in error,

  93. Then (he will be offered) boiling water for an entertainment,

  94. And burning in Hell.

  95. Verily, this (fact) is a perfect certainty (not merely a certainty by inference or sight),

  96. Therefore glorify the name of your Lord, the Incomparably Great.


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