Daryabadi - Sura: 56. Al-Waqi'ah - The Event

  1. When there happeneth Event.

  2. There is about its happening no lie.

  3. Abasing exalting.

  4. This will happen when the earth is shaken, shaken

  5. And the mountains are crumbled, crumbled.

  6. So that they become dust seattered.

  7. And ye are classes three.

  8. Those on the right hand; how happy shall those on the right hand be!

  9. And those on the left hand; how miserable shall those on the left hand be!

  10. And the preceders are the pre-ceders.

  11. Those! they shall be the brought nigh,

  12. In Gardens of Delight.

  13. A multitude from the ancients.

  14. And a few from the later generations.

  15. On couches in wrought with gold.

  16. Reclining thereon facing each other.

  17. There shall go round Unto them youths ever-young.

  18. With goblets and ewers and a cup of limpid drink.

  19. Whereby there shall be neither headiness nor will they be inebriated.

  20. And with fruit from that which they choose.

  21. And with flesh of fowls from that Which they desire.

  22. And there will be fair ones large eyed.

  23. The likes Unto pearls hidden.

  24. A recompense for that which they have been working.

  25. Therein they hear no vain or sinful discourse.

  26. Nought but the saying: peace! peace!

  27. And the fellows on the right hand; how be happy shall the fellows on the right hand be!

  28. Midst lote-trees thornless.

  29. And plantains laden with fruit.

  30. And a shade ever-spread.

  31. And water everflowing.

  32. And fruit abundant.

  33. Neither ending nor forbidden.

  34. And carpets raised.

  35. Verily We! We have created those maidens by a creation.

  36. And have made them virgins.

  37. Loving, of equal age.

  38. For the fellows on the right hand.

  39. A multitude from the ancients.

  40. And a multitude from the later generations.

  41. And the fellows on the left hand; how miserable Shall the fellows on the left hand be!

  42. Amidst scorching wind and scalding water.

  43. And the shade of black smoke.

  44. Neither cool nor pleasant.

  45. Verily they have been heretofore affluent.

  46. And they have been persisting in the heinous offence.

  47. And they were wont to say: when we have died and become dust and bones, shall we, then, verily be raised?

  48. We and our fathers of old?

  49. Say thou: verily the ancients and those of later generations:

  50. Are going to be assembled on the appointed time of a Day Known.

  51. Then verily ye, O ye erring, denying people.

  52. Shall surely eat of the tree of Az-Zqqum.

  53. And shall fill therewith your bellies.

  54. And shall be drinkers thereon of boiling water.

  55. Drinkers even as the drinking of thirsty camels.

  56. This shall be their entertainment on the Day of Requital.

  57. We! it is We Who created you: wherefore confess ye not?

  58. Behold! - that which ye emit.

  59. Create him ye, or are We the Creator?

  60. We! it is We Who have decreed death Unto you all. And We are not to be outrun.

  61. That We may substitute others like Unto you and produce you into that which ye know not.

  62. And assuredly ye have fully known the first Production Wherefore heed ye not?

  63. Behold! - that which ye sow.

  64. Cause it ye to grow, or are We the Grower?

  65. If We willed, surely We would make it chaff, so that ye would be left wondering.

  66. Verily we are undone.

  67. Aye! we are deprived!

  68. Behold! - the water which ye drink:

  69. Send it down ye from the raincloud, or are We the Sender down?

  70. If We willed, surely We would make it brackish. Wherefore give ye not thanks?

  71. Behold! - the fire which ye strike out:

  72. Produce ye the tree thereof, or are We the Producer?

  73. We! it is We Who made it a reminder and a provision Unto the campers.

  74. Wherefore hallow thou the name of thy Lord, the Mighty.

  75. I swear by the setting of the stars -

  76. And verily that is a mighty oath, if ye but knew!

  77. That it is a Recitation honourable.

  78. In a Book Hidden.

  79. Which none can touch except the purified.

  80. It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.

  81. Is it this discourse that ye hold lightly?

  82. And make it your provision that ye should belie it?

  83. Wherefore then - when the soul cometh up to the wind-pipe -

  84. And ye are then looking on.

  85. And We are nigher Unto him than ye are, but ye behold not-

  86. Wherefore then, if ye are not to be requited

  87. Cause ye it not to return, if ye say sooth?

  88. Then if he be of the broughtnigh.

  89. For him shall be comfort, and fragrance and a Garden of Delight.

  90. And if he be of the fellows on the right hand,

  91. Then: peace Unto thee, for thou art of those on the right hand.

  92. And if he be of the beliers, the erring,

  93. Then an entertainment of boiling water.

  94. And roasting in a Blaze.

  95. Verily this! this is the very truth.

  96. Wherefore hallow thou the name of thy Lord, the Mighty!


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