Literal - Sura: 57. Al-Hadid - Iron

  1. Praised/glorified to God what is in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and He is the glorious/mighty ,the wise/judicious.

  2. For Him (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership/kingdom , He revives/makes alive, and He makes die, and He is on every thing capable/able .

  3. He is the first/beginning and the last/end, and the apparent/visible, and the hidden/inside, and He is with every thing knowledgeable.

  4. He is who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth in six days/times, then He aimed/tended to on the throne , He knows what enters/penetrates in the earth/Planet Earth, and what gets out/emerges from it, and what descends from the sky/space, and what ascends/climbs in it, and He is with you wherever you were, and God (is) with what you make/do seeing/ knowing .

  5. For Him (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership/kingdom , and to God the matters/affairs are returned.

  6. He makes the night to enter/penetrate in the daytime, and He makes the daytime to enter/penetrate in the night, and He is knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts).

  7. Believe by God and His messenger, and spend from what He made you successors in it, so those who believed from you, and they spent, for them (is) a great reimbursement.

  8. And why not for you (is it that) you do not believe by God? And the messenger calls you to believe with your Lord, and He had taken your promise/covenant, if/when you were believing.

  9. He is who descends on His slave/worshipper verses/signs evidences, to bring you out from the darknesses to the light, and that truly God (is) with you merciful/compassionate (E), merciful.

  10. And why not for you (is it) that you do not spend in God`s way/path ? And to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s inheritance, (it did) not become equal/alike, from you who spent from before the opening/victory and fought , those are a step/degree/stage greater than those who spent from after (the opening/victory) and they fought , and (to) each, God promised the best/goodness , and God (is) with what you make/do, expert/experienced.

  11. Who that which lends/advances God a good/beautiful loan/advance, so He doubles/multiplies it for him, and for him (is a) generous reimbursement.

  12. A day/time you see/understand the believers (M) and the believers (F), their light strives/hastens between their hands and at their rights ; your good news the day/today, (is) treed gardens/paradises the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, immortally/eternally in it , that (is) the success/triumph , the great.

  13. A day/time the hypocrites (M) and the hypocrites (F) say to those who believed: "Give us time we learn/benefit from your light." (It) is/was said: "Return behind you , so feel/seek a light." So it wasseparated between them with a fence/wall, for it (is) a door/entrance its interior/ secret in it (is) the mercy, and its exterior from its direction/front (is) the torture.

  14. They call them: "Where we not being with you?" They said: "Yes/certainly and but you, you tested/misguided yourselves, and you waited/remained , and you became doubtful/suspicious, and the wishes/desires have deceived/tempted you until God`s order/command came, and the deceit/temptation deceived/tempted you with God."

  15. So the day/today no ransom/compensation (will) be taken from you, and nor from those who disbelieved, and your shelter/refuge (is) the fire , it is your guardian/ally , and how bad (is) the end/ destination?

  16. Is it not time/did not time near to those who believed, that their hearts/minds submit/humble to God`s remembrance/reminder, and what descended from the truth , and they not be as/like those who were given/brought The Book from before, so (it) became/lasted long on them the time, so their hearts/minds became cruel/hardened/merciless, and many of them (are) debauchers .

  17. Know that God revives/makes alive the earth/Planet Earth after its death/lifelessness, We had clarified/explained for you the verses/evidences , maybe/perhaps you reason/comprehend.

  18. That truly the charity givers (M) and the charity givers (F) , and (if) they lent/advanced God a good/beautiful loan/ advance, (it) be doubled/multiplied for them, and for them (is) an honoured/generous reimbursement .

  19. And those who believed by God and His messengers, those they are always very truthful, and the witnesses/ estifiers/present/(martyrs) at their Lord, for them (is) their reimbursement and their light, and those who disbelieved and lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences , those are the Hells` owners/company/friends.

  20. Know that the life the present/worldly life (is) playing/amusement and a play thing/amusement , and decoration/ornament , and competing in pride/arrogance/glory between you, and multiplication in the properties/possessions and the children, as/like rain (that) its plants pleased the disbelievers, then (it) dries and yellows , so you see it yellow/yellowish, then (it) becomes broken/debris/fragments , and in the end (other life is) a strong (severe) torture, and a forgiveness from God, and acceptance/approval ; and the life the present/worldly life is not except the deceits`/temptation`s long life/enjoyment .

  21. Race/surpass to forgiveness from your Lord, and a treed garden/paradise its width/expanse/broadness (is) as/like the sky`s/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s width/expanse/broadness, (it) was prepared to those who believed by God and His messengers, that (is) God`s grace/favour/blessing, He gives/brings it (to) whom He wills/wants/intends, and God (is owner) of the grace/favour/blessing, the great.

  22. (That there is) none from a disaster (that) struck/hit in the earth/Planet Earth, and nor in yourselves except (that it is) in a Book from before that We create it of nothing, that truly that (is) on God easy/little/small.

  23. In order that you not grieve/sadden/sorrow for what passed/missed your permanently, and do not rejoice/delight with what He gave you, and God does not love/like every/each conceited/arrogant, proud/ arrogant (person).405

  24. Those who are being stingy/miser and order/command the people with the stinginess/miserliness, and who turns away, so then God He is the rich, the praiseworthy/commendable.

  25. We had (E) sent Our messengers with the evidences, and We descended with them The Book , and the scale/measuring instrument , (for) the people to keep up/take care of with the just/equitable, and We descended the iron, in it (is) strong (severe) power/might , and benefits/uses for the people, and (it is for) God to know who gives Him victory/aid and His messenger with the unseen/hidden , that truly God (is) strong, glorious/mighty .

  26. And We (E) had sent Noah and Abraham, and We made/put in their (B)`s descendants the prophethood and The Book , so from them (who) is guided and many from them (are) debauchers .

  27. Then We sent after/made to follow on their tracks with Our messengers, and We sent after/made to follow with Jesus Mary`s son, and We gave/brought him the Bible/New Testament , and We made/put in (the) hearts/minds (of) those who followed him mercy/compassion, and mercy and monkhood/monasticism they invented/innovated it , We did not order/ dictate it on them except (their) wishing/desiring God`s acceptance/ approval , so they did not tend/protect it its deserved/just protection/keep , so We gave/brought those who believed from them their reimbursement ; many/much from them (are) debauchers .

  28. You, you those who believed, fear and obey God, and believe with (in) His messenger, He gives/bring to you two portions/doubles/equals from His mercy, and He makes/puts for you a light you walk with (in) it , and He forgives for you, and God (is) forgiving, merciful.

  29. For that The Book`s people not know that they not be capable/able on a thing from God`s grace/favour , and that (E) the grace/favour (is) with God`s hand, He gives/brings it (to) whom He wills/wants/intends, and God (is owner) of the grace/favour/blessing, the great. (Jews and Christians all claim to be God`s favourite, this verse states that God`s mercy and blessing is to whomever He intends, and not exclusively to Jews or Christians).406


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