Faridul Haque - Sura: 59. Al-Hashr - The Banishment

  1. All whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth proclaims the Purity of Allah; and He only is the Most Honourable, the Wise.

  2. It is He Who expelled the disbelievers among the People given the Book(s) from their homes, for their first gathering; you did not expect them to leave, whereas they assumed that their fortresses would save them from Allah, so Allah’s command came to them from a place they had not imagined; and He instilled awe in their hearts, so they ruin their own houses by their own hands and at the hands of the Muslims; therefore learn a lesson, O those who can perceive!

  3. And had Allah not decreed exile for them, He would have surely punished them in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is the punishment of the fire.

  4. This is because they remained opposed to Allah and His Noble Messenger; and whoever remains opposed to Allah, (and His Noble Messenger) - then indeed Allah’s punishment is severe.

  5. The trees you had cut down or left standing on their roots was all by Allah’s permission, and in order to disgrace the sinners.

  6. And from them, the booty which Allah gave to His Noble Messenger – so you had not raced your horses or camels against them, but it is Allah Who gives whomever He wills within the control of His Noble Messengers; and Allah is Able to do all things.

  7. The booty which Allah gave to His Noble Messenger from the people of the townships, is for Allah and His Noble Messenger, and for the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy and the travellers – so that it does not become the wealth of the rich among you; and accept whatever the Noble Messenger gives you; and refrain from whatever he forbids you; and fear Allah; indeed Allah’s punishment is severe.

  8. And (the booty is) also for the poor migrants who were expelled from their homes and their wealth, seeking Allah’s munificence and His pleasure, and aiding Allah and His Noble Messenger; it is they who are the truthful.

  9. And those who accepted this city as their home and accepted faith before them, befriend those who migrated towards them, and in their breasts do not find any need for what they have been given, and prefer the migrants above themselves even if they themselves are in dire need; and whoever is saved from the greed of his soul – it is they who are the successful.

  10. And those who came after them say, “O our Lord! Forgive us, and our brothers who accepted faith before us, and do not keep any malice in our hearts towards the believers – O our Lord! Indeed You only are the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.”.

  11. Did you not see the hypocrites, that they say to their disbelieving brothers among the People given the Book(s), “If you are expelled, then we will definitely go out with you, and we will not listen to anyone in your matters, and if you are fought against we will surely help you”; and Allah testifies that they are indeed liars.

  12. If they are expelled, the hypocrites will not go out with them; and if they are fought against they will not help them; and even if they were to help them, they would turn their backs and flee; and then they will not be helped.

  13. Indeed in their hearts is a greater fear of you than that of Allah; this is because they are a people who do not understand.

  14. They will not fight you even if they all come together, except in barricaded cities or from behind walls; they are severe fighters among themselves; you will assume them to be one, whereas their hearts are divided; this is because they are a people who do not have any sense.

  15. Like the example of those who were before them not long ago - they tasted the evil result of their deeds; and for them is a painful punishment.

  16. The example of the devil - when he said to man “Disbelieve”; so when he has rejected faith, he says, “I am unconcerned with you - indeed I fear Allah, the Lord of The Creation.”

  17. So the fate of them both is that they are both in the fire, to remain in it forever; and this is the proper punishment for the unjust.

  18. O People who Believe! Fear Allah, and every soul must see what it has sent ahead for tomorrow; and fear Allah; indeed Allah is Aware of your deeds.

  19. And do not be like those who forgot Allah – He therefore put them into hardship making them forget themselves; it is they who are the sinners.

  20. The People of hell and the People of Paradise are not equal; it is only the People of Paradise who have succeeded.

  21. Had We sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have then surely seen it bowed down, blown to bits by the fear of Allah; and We illustrate such examples for people, for them to ponder.

  22. It is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the Knowing of all – the hidden and the evident; He only is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

  23. It is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the King, the Pure, the Giver of Peace, the Bestower of Safety, the Protector, the Most Honourable, the Compeller, the Proud; Purity is to Allah from all what they ascribe as partners (to Him)!

  24. It is Allah only, Who is the Creator, the Initiator, the Designer of all – His only are all the good names; all whatever is in the heavens and in the earth proclaims His Purity; and He only is the Most Honourable, the Wise.


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