Ahmed Ali - Sura: 6. Al-An'am - The Cattle

  1. ALL PRAISE BE to God who created the heavens and the earth, and ordained darkness and light. Yet the unbelievers make the others equal of their Lord.

  2. It is He who created you from clay then determined a term (of life) for you, and a term (is fixed) with Him. Even then you doubt.

  3. He is God in the heavens and the earth. He knows what you hide and bring out into the open, and knows what you earn (of good and evil).

  4. Yet no sign of their Lord comes to them but they turn away from it.

  5. So they disbelieved the truth when it came to them; but they will soon come to know the reality of what they had ridiculed.

  6. Do they not see how many generations We laid low before them, whom We had firmly established in the land as We have not established you, and showered abundant rain on them, and made rivers lap at their feet, yet whom We destroyed for their sins, and raised new generations after them?

  7. Even if We had sent you a transcript on paper which they could feel with their hands, the unbelievers would have said: "This is nothing but clear sorcery."

  8. They say: "How is it no angel was sent down to him?" Had We sent an angel down the matter would have come to end, and they would have had no respite.

  9. Even if We had sent down an angel as messenger he would have appeared in the garb of a man and filled them with confusion, like the one they are filled with.

  10. Surely the apostles have been mocked before you; but what they had mocked rebounded on the mockers themselves.

  11. Say: "Travel in the land and see what happened to those who disbelieved."

  12. And ask: "To whom belongs what is in the heavens and the earth?" Say: "To God." He has prescribed grace for Himself. He will gather you on the Day of Resurrection which is certain to come. Only they who are lost of soul will not come to believe.

  13. Whatsoever dwells in the night and day belongs to Him. He is all-hearing and all-knowing.

  14. Say: "Should I find some other protector besides God the Creator of the heavens and the earth, who nourishes all and is nourished by none? Say: "I am commanded to be the first to submit to Him, and not be an idolater."

  15. Say: "If I disobey my Lord, I fear the punishment of a grievous Day."

  16. Whosoever is spared that Day will surely have mercy shown to him, and this will be a clear triumph.

  17. If God sends you harm, there is no one but He who can take it away; and if He bring you good, surely He has power over everything.

  18. It is He who prevails over His creatures, and He is all-wise and aware.

  19. Ask: "Of all things what is most vital as evidence?" Say: "God (who) is witness between you and me that this Qur´an has been revealed to me that I may warn you on its strength, and those whom it reaches. Do you really bear witness there are other gods with God?" Tell them: "I bear no such Witness." Say: "Verily He is the only God, and I am clear of what you associate (with Him)."

  20. Those to whom We have given the Book know it distinctly as they know their sons; but those who are lost of soul do not believe.

  21. And who is more wicked than he who invents lies about God or denies His revelations? Surely the wicked will not succeed.

  22. The day We shall gather all of them together and say to those who ascribe (partners to God): "Where are the compeers who you claimed (were equal to God)?"

  23. Then their excuse will be but to say: "By God our Lord, we were not idolaters."

  24. You will see how they will lie against themselves, and all their slanderings will be vain.

  25. There are some among them who listen to you; but We have put a covering on their hearts so that they fail to understand it, and a deafness appears in their ears. Even if they saw all the signs they would not believe in them; and even when they come to you to dispute with you, the unbelievers say: "This is nothing but fables of antiquity."

  26. And they forbid others from (believing in) it, and themselves keep away from it. But they ruin none but themselves, and do not understand.

  27. If you should see them when they are stood before the Fire, they will say: "Ah would that we were sent back (to the world)! We shall not deny the signs of our Lord, and be among those who believe."

  28. But no. What they were hiding has now become clear to them. If they were sent back they would surely return to what had been forbidden them, for surely they are liars.

  29. They say: "There is no other life but that of this world, and we will not be raised (from the dead)."

  30. If you see them when they are put before their Lord, He will say to them: "Is not this the truth?" They will answer: "Indeed, by our Lord." He will say: "Then taste the agony of punishment for what you had denied."

  31. They are surely lost who call the meeting with God a lie. When the Hour comes upon them unawares, they will say: "Alas, we neglected it!" and carry their burdens on their backs: How evil the burden they will carry!

  32. As for the life of this world, it is nothing but a frolic and frivolity. The final abode is the best for those who are pious and fear God. Do you not comprehend?

  33. We know what they say distresses you. It is not you in fact they accuse of lies, but the wicked deny the revelations of God!

  34. Many an apostle has been accused of lies before you. Yet they bore with fortitude the falsehoods and the hurt until our help arrived. There is no changing the word of God: The news of (past) apostles has come to you already.

  35. If their aversion still weighs upon you, seek out a tunnel (going deep) into the earth, or a ladder reaching out to the skies, and bring them a sign: (Even then they will not believe). If God had willed He would have brought them all to the right path. So be not like the pagans.

  36. Only they will respond who can hear. As for the dead, raised they will be by God, then to Him they will be returned.

  37. They say: "How is it no miracle was sent down to him from his Lord?" Say: "God certainly has power to send down a miracle; but most men cannot understand."

  38. There is not a thing that moves on the earth, no bird that flies on its wings, but has a community of its own like yours. There is nothing that We have left out from recording. Then they will all be gathered before their Lord.

  39. Those who deny Our revelations are deaf, dumb, and lost in the dark. God sends whosoever He wills astray, and leads whom He will to the straight path.

  40. Say: "Have you thought if the punishment of God or the Hour (of Doom) came upon you, would you call to any other than God? Answer, if you are men of truth."

  41. No: You will call to Him alone; and He will, if He please, remove (the distress) for which you had called Him; and forget those you associate as compeers (with Him)

  42. We have indeed sent (apostles) to many a people before you, and inflicted upon them hardships and afflictions so that they might submit.

  43. Then why did they not submit when Our punishment came upon them? But their hearts were hardened, and Satan made things they were doing look attractive to them.

  44. When they had become oblivious of what they were warned, We opened wide the gates of everything to them; yet as they rejoiced at what they were given, We caught them unawares, and they were filled with despair.

  45. Thus were the wicked people rooted out of existence to the last. All praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds.

  46. Say: "Imagine if God takes away your hearing and sight, and sets a seal on your hearts, what deity other than God will restore them to you?" See how We inflect Our signs: Even then they turn aside.

  47. Say: "Imagine if the punishment of God were to come unawares, or openly, who will perish but the evil-doers?"

  48. We do not send apostles but to give good tidings and to warn. Then those who believe or reform will have neither fear nor regret.

  49. But those who deny Our messages will be seized by nemesis for being disobedient.

  50. Tell them: "I do not say that I possess the treasures of God, or have knowledge of the Unknown, or that I am an angel. I only follow what is sent down to me." And say: "How can a blind man and a man who can see, be alike? Will you not reflect?"

  51. Warn those who fear, through this (Qur´an), that they will be gathered before their Lord, and they will have none to protect or intercede for them apart from Him. They may haply take heed for themselves.

  52. Do not turn away those who supplicate their Lord morning and evening, seeking His magnificence. You are not accountable for them in the least, nor they for you at all. If you drive them away you will only be unjust.

  53. Thus do We try men through one another so that they may ask: "Are these the ones of all of us who have been favoured by God?" Does God not know who are the grateful?

  54. When those who believe in Our revelations come to you, say to them: "Peace on you." Your Lord has prescribed grace for Himself, so that in case one of you commits evil out of ignorance, then feels repentant and reforms, He may be forgiving and kind.

  55. Thus distinctly do We explain Our signs that the way of sinners may become distinct.

  56. Tell them: "I am forbidden to worship those you invoke apart from God." And say: "I will not follow your wishes. If I do, I shall be lost and not be one of those who follow the right path."

  57. Tell them: "A clear proof has come to me from my Lord, and Him you deny. But what you wish to be hastened is not within my power. The judgement is only God´s. He unfolds the Truth, and is the best of judges."

  58. Say: "If what you wish to be hastened were in my power, all matters between you and me would have been settled; God is cognisant of those who are unjust."

  59. He has the keys of the Unknown. No one but He has knowledge; He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls without His knowledge, nor a grain in the darkest (recess) of the earth, nor any thing green or seared that is not recorded in the open book (of nature).

  60. It is He indeed who sends you to death at night, and knows what you do in the day, then makes you rise with it again in order that the fixed term of life be fulfilled. Then to Him you will be returned when He will tell you what you did.

  61. He has power over His creatures, and appoints guardians to watch over them. When death comes to one of you, Our messengers take away his soul, and do not falter.

  62. Then they are taken to God, their real lord and master. His indeed is the judgement; and He is swift at reckoning.

  63. Ask: "Who is it who comes to your rescue in the darkness of the desert and the sea, and whom you supplicate humbly and unseen: ´If You deliver us from this, we shall indeed he grateful?´

  64. Say: "God delivers you from this and every calamity. Even then you ascribe compeers (to Him)!"

  65. Say: "He has power to send you retribution from the skies above, or the earth beneath your feet, or confound you with divisions among you, and give one the taste of the vengeance of the other." See, how distinctly We explain Our signs that they may understand.

  66. This (Book) has been called by your people a falsehood though it is the truth. Say: "I am not a warden over you."

  67. A time is fixed for every prophecy; you will come to know in time.

  68. When you see them argue about Our messages, withdraw from their company until they begin to talk of other things. In case the Devil makes you forget, leave the company of these unjust people the moment you remember this.

  69. As for the heedful and devout, they are not accountable for them, but should give advice: They may haply come to fear God.

  70. Leave those alone who have made a sport and frolic of their faith, and have been seduced by the life of this world. Remind them hereby lest a man is doomed for what he has done. He will have none to help him, or intercede for him, other than God; and even if he offer all the ransoms they will not be accepted from him. They are those who will be destroyed by their own acts. There will be scalding water to drink for them and painful punishment, for they had disbelieved.

  71. Say: ´Should we call in place of God one who can neither help nor do us harm, and turn back after having been guided by God, like a man beguiled by the devils who wanders perplexed in the wilderness while his friends call him back to the right path, saying: ´Come to us, this way?´ Say: "God´s guidance is (true) guidance, and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of all the worlds.

  72. Observe (your) devotional obligations and fear (God), for it is He before whom you will be gathered (in the end)."

  73. It is He who created the heavens and the earth with a definite purpose. The day He will say "Be, " it will be. His word is the truth, His alone the power on the Day when the blast of the trumpet will be sounded. He knows the hidden and the visible. He is all-prudent and all-knowing.

  74. Remember when Abraham said to Azar, his father: "Why do you take idols for God? I certainly find you and your people in error."

  75. Thus We showed to Abraham the visible and invisible world of the heavens and the earth, that he could be among those who believe.

  76. When the night came with her covering of darkness he saw a star, and (Azar, his father) said: "This is my Lord." But when the star set, (Abraham) said: "I love not those that wane."

  77. When (Azar) saw the moon rise all aglow, he said: "This is my Lord." But even as the moon set, (Abraham) said: "If my Lord had not shown me the way I would surely have gone astray."

  78. When (Azar) saw the sun rise all resplendent, he said: "My Lord is surely this, and the greatest of them all." But the sun also set, and (Abraham) said: "O my people, I am through with those you associate (with God).

  79. I have truly turned my face towards Him who created the heavens and the earth: I have chosen one way and am not an idolater."

  80. His people argued, and he said: "Do you argue with me about God? He has guided me already, and I fear not what you associate with Him, unless my Lord wills, for held within the knowledge of my Lord is everything. Will you not reflect?

  81. And why should I fear those you associate with Him when you fear not associating others with God for which He has sent down no sanction? Tell me, whose way is the way of peace, if you have the knowledge?

  82. They alone have peace who believe and do not intermix belief with denial, and are guided on the right path."

  83. This is the argument We gave to Abraham against his people. We exalt whosoever We please in rank by degrees. Your Lord is wise and all-knowing.

  84. And We gave him Isaac and Jacob and guided them, as We had guided Noah before them, and of his descendants, David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron. Thus We reward those who are upright and do good.

  85. Zachariah and John We guided, and guided Jesus and Elias who were all among the upright.

  86. We gave guidance to Ishmael, Elisha and Jonah and Lot; And We favoured them over the other people of the world,

  87. As We did some of their fathers and progeny and brethren, and chose them, and showed them the right path.

  88. This is God´s guidance: He gives among His creatures whom He will. If they had associated others with Him, surely vain would have been all they did.

  89. Those were the people to whom We gave the Book and the Law and the Prophethood. But if they reject these things We shall entrust them to a people who will not deny.

  90. Those were the people who were guided by God; so follow their way. Say: "I ask no recompense of you for this. It is but a reminder for all the people of the world."

  91. But they failed to make a just estimation of God when they said: "He did not reveal to any man any thing." Ask them: "Who then revealed the Book that Moses brought, -- a guidance and light for men, -- which you treat as sheafs of paper, which you display, yet conceal a great deal, though through it you were taught things you did not know before, nor even your fathers knew?" Say: "God," and leave them to the sport of engaging in vain discourse.

  92. And this (Qur´an) is another Book that We have revealed, blessed, affirming the earlier (revelations), so that you may warn the people of (Makkah) the town of towns, and those who live around it. Those who believe in the life to come shall believe in it and be watchful of their moral obligations.

  93. Who is more vile than he who slanders God of falsehood, or says: "Revelation came to me," when no such revelation came to him; or one who claims: "I can reveal the like of what has been sent down by God?" If you could see the evil creatures in the agony of death with the angels thrusting forward their hands (saying): "Yield up your souls: This day you will suffer ignominious punishment for uttering lies about God and rejecting His signs with arrogance."

  94. "You have come before Us all alone," (God will say), "as when you were created first, leaving behind all that We had bestowed on you. We do not see your intercessors with you who, you imagined, had partnership with you. Shattered lie your ties with them now, and gone are the claims you made."

  95. Indeed it is God who splits up the seed and the kernel, and brings forth the living from the dead, the dead from the living. This is God: So whither do you stray?

  96. He ushers in the dawn, and made the night for rest, the sun and moon a computation. Such is the measure appointed by Him, the omnipotent and all-wise.

  97. It is He who made the stars by which you reckon your way through the darkness of the desert and the sea. Distinct have We made Our signs for those who recognise.

  98. It is He who produced you from a single cell, and appointed a place of sojourning, (the womb of the mother), and a place of depositing, (the grave). How clear have We made Our signs for those who understand.

  99. It is He who sends down water from the skies, and brings out of it everything that grows, the green foliage, the grain lying close, the date palm trees with clusters of dates, and the gardens of grapes, and of olives and pomegranates, so similar yet so unlike. Look at the fruits, how they appear on the trees, and they ripen. In all these are signs for those who believe.

  100. Yet they ascribe to jinns a partnership with God, although He created them; and they ascribe to Him sons and daughters, without possessing any knowledge. All praise be to Him. He is much too exalted for things they associate (with Him).

  101. Creator of the heavens and the earth from nothingness, how could He have a son when He has no mate? He created all things, and has knowledge of all things.

  102. This is God, your Lord; there is no god but He, the creator of all things. So pay homage to Him, for He takes care of everything.

  103. No eyes can penetrate Him, but He penetrates all eyes, and He knows all the mysteries, for He is all-knowing.

  104. To you have come signs from your Lord, (and the light of understanding). So any one who sees (and understands) does so for himself, and any one who turns blind shall suffer the consequences alone. (Say:) "I am not a guardian over you (to make you understand)."

  105. Thus in varied ways We explain Our signs so that they may say: "You have been instructed," and that We might make it clear to those who understand.

  106. So follow what is sent down to you by your Lord, for homage is due to no one but God, and turn away from idolaters.

  107. Had He willed they would not have been idolaters. We have not appointed you their guardian, nor are you their pleader.

  108. Do not revile those who invoke others apart from God, lest they begin to revile God out of malice and ignorance. We have made attractive their deeds to every people. They have to go back to their Lord, when He will tell them what they used to do.

  109. They solemnly swear by God: "If a sign comes to us we shall certainly believe in it." Tell them: "The signs are with God." Yet for all you know they will not believe if the signs came to them.

  110. We shall turn their hearts and their eyes, for they did not believe them at the very first, and leave them to wander perplexed in bewilderment.

  111. Even if We send down the angels to them, and the dead should speak to them, and We gather all things before their eyes, they will not believe, unless God should will, for most of them are ignorant.

  112. That is how We have made for each apostle opponents, the satans among men and jinns, who inspire one another with deceitful talk. But if your Lord had willed they would not have done so. Pay no attention to them and to what they fabricate.

  113. Let those who do not believe in the life to come, listen to it and be pleased with it, and let them gain what they may gain.

  114. (Say): "Then should I seek (the source of) law elsewhere than God, when it is He who has revealed this Book to you, which distinctly explains (everything)?" Those to whom We have given the Book know it has been sent by your Lord in truth. So be not a sceptic.

  115. Perfected are the laws of your Lord in truth and justice, and there is no changing His laws. He is all-hearing and all-knowing.

  116. If you follow the majority of people on the earth, they will lead you astray from the path of God, for they follow only conjecture and surmise.

  117. Your Lord surely knows those who have strayed from his path, and knows those who are rightly guided.

  118. Eat only that over which the name of God has been pronounced, if you truly believe in His commands.

  119. And why should you not eat of that over which the name of God has been pronounced, when He has made it distinctly clear what is forbidden, unless you are constrained to do so. Surely many (men) mislead others into following their vain desires through lack of knowledge. Your Lord certainly knows the transgressors.

  120. Discard both the visible and invisible sin. For those who sin will be punished for what they have done.

  121. Do not eat of that over which God´s name has not been pronounced, for that would amount to exceeding the limits of law. Certainly the devils inspire their proteges to dispute with you: If you obey them, you will surely become an idolater.

  122. Can he who was lifeless, to whom We gave life, and gave him a light in whose glow he walks among men, be like him who is used to darkness from which he can never emerge? Thus have been their doings made attractive to unbelievers.

  123. And thus have We placed in every city the greatest of the sinners to contrive and deceive; yet they contrive against no one but themselves even though they do not know.

  124. Every time a sign comes to them they say: "We shall never believe till what God´s apostles had been given comes to us." God knows best where to direct His messages. A degradation will befall the sinners and chastisement from God for deceiving.

  125. Thus God guides whomsoever He please by opening wide his breast to surrender; and Straitens the breasts of those He allows to go astray, (who feel suffocated) as if they were ascending the skies. Thus will God punish those who do not believe.

  126. This is the straight path of your Lord. Distinct have We made Our signs for those who reflect.

  127. For them is an abode of peace with their Lord. He will be their defender as reward for what they did.

  128. On the day He will gather them together, (He will say:) "O you assembly of jinns, you made great use of men." But their proteges among men will say: "O our Lord, we lived a life of mutual gain, but have now reached the term You ordained for us." "Your abode is Hell," He will say, "where you will dwell for ever, unless God please otherwise." Verily your Lord is wise and all-knowing.

  129. Thus do We place some sinners over others as requital for their deeds.

  130. O you assembly of jinns and men, did not apostles come to you from among you, communicating My signs to you, bringing warnings of this your day (of Doom)?" They will answer: "We bear witness to our sins." They were surely deluded by the life of the world, and bore witness against themselves because they were unbelievers.

  131. And this (so that it may be clear) that your Lord does not destroy towns and cities arbitrarily while the citizens remain unaware.

  132. Every one has his place according to his deeds, for your Lord is not negligent of what you do.

  133. Your Lord is all-sufficient and full of benevolence. He can take you away if He please, and make whom He will succeed you, as He had raised you from the progeny of others.

  134. The promise that was made to you is bound to be fulfilled. It is not in your power to defeat it.

  135. Tell them: "O my people, go on acting on your part, I am acting on mine. You will soon know whose is the guerdon of life to come." The wicked will not succeed.

  136. They allocate a share from God´s own created fields and cattle to God, and they say: "This is God´s" -- or so they think -- "and that, of the compeers of God," so that what belongs to the compeers does not reach God, but that which is God´s may reach the compeers (set up by them). How bad is the judgement that they make!

  137. In the same way have their companions shown many unbelievers the killing of their children as desirable in order to ruin them and falsify their faith. If God had so willed they would never have done so. Leave them to their falsehoods.

  138. They also say: "These cattle and these crops are consecrated. None may eat of them other than those we permit," -- so they assert. "And the use of these cattle is forbidden for carrying burden." They do not pronounce the name of God on certain animals, inventing lies against Him. He will punish them for what they fabricate.

  139. And they say: "Whatever is in the wombs of these cattle is only meant for men and forbidden our women; but in case it should be still-born both could eat it." God will punish them for what they assert. He is all-wise and all-knowing.

  140. They will surely perish who kill their offspring in ignorance foolhardily, and forbid the food that God has given them by fabricating lies against God. Misguided are they surely, and will never come to guidance.

  141. It is He who grew the gardens, trellised and bowered, and palm trees and land sown with corn and many other seeds, and olives and pomegranates, alike and yet unlike. So eat of their fruit when they are in fruit, and give on the day of harvesting His due, and do not be extravagant, for God does not love those who are prodigal.

  142. He has created beasts of burden and cattle for slaughter. So eat of what God has given you for food, and do not walk in the footsteps of Satan who is surely your declared enemy.

  143. There are eight pairs, two of the species of sheep and two of goats. Ask them which has He forbidden, the two males or the two females, or what the females carry in their wombs? Produce the sanction if you are truthful.

  144. And there are two of camels and two of oxen. Ask them: "Which has He forbidden, the two males or the two females, or what the females carry in their wombs?" Were you present at the time God issued this command?" Who then could be more wicked than he who fabricates a lie and ascribes it to God to mislead men, without any knowledge? God does not guide the miscreants.

  145. You tell them: "In all the commands revealed to me I find nothing which men have been forbidden to eat except carrion and running blood and flesh of the swine for it is unclean, or meat consecrated in the name of some other than God, which is profane. But if one is constrained to eat of these without craving or reverting to it, then surely your Lord is forgiving and kind."

  146. We made unlawful for the Jews all animals with claws or nails, and the fat of the oxen and sheep, except that on their backs or their intestines, or which remains attached to their bones. This was the punishment for their insubordination; and what We say is true.

  147. If they call you a liar, tell them infinite is the mercy of your Lord; but His vengeance will not be turned back from the sinners.

  148. But the idolaters say: "If God had so willed we would not have associated (others with Him), nor would have our fathers, nor would we have forbidden any thing." So had others denied before them, and had to taste Our punishment in the end. Ask them: "Have you any knowledge? Then display it. You follow nothing but conjecture, and are nothing but liars."

  149. Say: "To God belongs the consummate argument. Had He willed He would surely have guided all of you aright."

  150. Tell them: "Bring your witnesses to testify that God has forbidden this (and this)." Then even if they testify, you should not testify with them; and do not follow the wishes of those who deny Our signs and believe not in the Hereafter, and make others the equal of their Lord.

  151. Tell them: "Come, I will read out what your Lord has made binding on you: That you make none the equal of God, and be good to your parents, and do not abandon your children out of poverty, for We give you food and We shall provide for them; and avoid what is shameful, whether open or hidden, and do not take a life which God has forbidden, unless for some just cause. These things has God enjoined on you. Haply you may understand.

  152. Do not spend the belongings of the orphans but for their betterment, until they come of age; and give in full measure, and weigh justly on the balance. God does not burden a soul beyond capacity. When you say a thing, let it be just, even though the matter relate to a relative of yours, and fulfil a promise made to God. These are the things that He has enjoined that you may take heed.

  153. (He has further commanded:) ´This is My straight path, so walk along it, and do not follow other ways, lest you should turn away from the right one.´ All this has He commanded. You may perhaps take heed for yourselves."

  154. To that end We gave the Book to Moses, a perfect law, distinctly explaining all things, and a guidance and grace, so that they should believe in the meeting with their Lord.

  155. Blessed is this Book We have revealed; so follow it and preserve yourself from evil that you may qualify for grace,

  156. Lest you say: "The Book that was sent before was meant only for two groups; we were not aware of their teachings;"

  157. Or that: "Had the Book been sent down to us we would surely have been guided better than they." So you have now received from your Lord a clear proof and a guidance and grace. Then who is more wicked than he who denies the signs of God and turns away from them? We shall punish those severely who turn away: A requital indeed for having turned aside.

  158. What are the people waiting for? For the angels to come down, or your Lord to appear, or some signs from your Lord? The day when certain signs appear from your Lord, the embracing of faith shall not be of any avail to one who did not come to belief at first, or who did not perform good deeds by virtue of his faith. Tell them: "Wait on, we are waiting too (for the good and evil to become distinct)."

  159. As for those who have created schisms in their order, and formed different sects, you have no concern with them. Their affair is with God. He will tell them the truth of what they were doing.

  160. He who does a good deed will receive ten times its worth; and he who does evil will be requited to an equal degree; and no one will be wronged.

  161. Tell them: "My Lord has directed me to a path that is straight, a supreme law, the creed of Abraham the upright who was not an idolater."

  162. Tell them: "My service and sacrifice, my life and my death, are all of them for God, the creator and Lord of all the worlds.

  163. No equal has He, I am commanded (to declare), and that I am the first to submit."

  164. Say: "Shall I search for another lord apart from God when He is the only Lord of all and everything?" Each soul earns (what it earns) for itself, and no man shall bear another´s burden. You have to go back to your Lord in the end when He will tell you about the things you disputed.

  165. It is He who made you trustees on the earth, and exalted some in rank over others in order to try you by what He has given you. Indeed your Lord´s retribution is swift, yet He is forgiving and kind.


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