Daryabadi - Sura: 6. Al-An'am - The Cattle

  1. All praise unto Allah , who created the heavens and the earth and made the darknesses and the light, yet those who disbelieve equalise others with their Lord.

  2. He it is who created you of clay and then decreed a term - and a term determined is with Him - yet ye waver.

  3. He is Allah in the heavens and the earth; He knoweth your secret and your publishment, and He knoweth that which ye earn.

  4. And not a sign cometh unto them of the signs of their Lord but that therefore they have been backsliders.

  5. Surely they have belied the truth when it came unto them; so presently there cometh unto them the tidings of that whereat they have been mocking.

  6. Observe they not how many a generation before them We have destroyed whom We had established on the earth as We have not established you, and upon whom We had sent the rains of heaven pouring and under whom We had made the rivers flow; yet We destroyed them for their sins and We produced after them a generation of others.

  7. And had We sent down unto thee a Book written upon parchment so that they could have touched it with their hands, those who disbelieve would have said: this is naught but magic manifest.

  8. And they say: wherefore hath not an angel been sent down unto him? Were We to send down an angel, the affair would have been decreed and they would not be respited.

  9. And had We made him an angel, We would still have made him a man, and We would have confounded for them that which they are confounding.

  10. And assuredly mocked were the apostles before thee, wherefore that whereat they scoffed beset these who had been mocking.

  11. Say thou: go about in the earth and then see what wise hath been the end of the beliers.

  12. Say thou: whose is whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth? Say thou: Allah´s. He hath prescribed mercy for Himself. Surely He shall gather you together on the Day of Judgement whereof there is no doubt. Those who have lost themselves shall not believe.

  13. His is whatsoever dwelleth in the night and the day; and He is the Hearer, the Knower.

  14. Say thou: Shall I take for a patron any other than Allah, the Maker of the heavens and the earth! And He feedeth, and is not fed. Say thou: I am commanded that I be the first who submitteth himself, and that: be thou not of the associaters.

  15. Say thou: verily fear, if disobey my Lord, the torment of a Mighty Day.

  16. From whomsoever it is averted on that Day, upon him indeed He has had mercy; that is a supreme achievement.

  17. If Allah touch thee with hurt there is no reverser thereof but he, and if he touch thee with good, then He is over everything Potent.

  18. He is the Supreme above His creatures; and He is the Wise, the Aware.

  19. Say thou: what thing is the greatest in testimony? Say thou: Allah is Witness between me and you, and this Qur´an hath been revealed unto me that I may thereby warn you and whomsoever it may reach. Would ye indeed testify that there is anot her god together with Allah? Say thou: I testify not. Say thou: verily He is the One God, and I am quit of that which ye associate.

  20. Those whom We have vouchsafed the Book recognise him even as they recognise their own children. Yet those who have lost themselves will not believe.

  21. And who is a greater wrong-doer than he who fabricateth a lie against Allah or belieth His signs? Verily the wrong-doers shall not fare well.

  22. And let them beware the Day whereon We shall gather them all together; then We shall say unto those who associated: where are your associate-gods whom ye have been asserting?

  23. Then they will have no excuse but to say: by God our Lord, we have not been associaters.

  24. Behold! how they lied against themselves! and then failed them that which they had been fabricating.

  25. And of them are some who hearken unto thee and We have set over their hearts veils lest they understand it, and in their ears heaviness, and though they see any sign they will not believe therein: in as much as when they come to thee, they dispute with thee. Then who disbelieve say: this is naught but the fables of the ancients.

  26. And they prohibit others therefrom, and they withdraw therefrom, and they destroy not but their own souls while they perceive not.

  27. And couldst thou see what time they shall be held over the Fire, and then they will say: would that we were sent back and now we shall not belie the signs of our Lord and we shall be of the believers.

  28. Yea! manifest hath become unto them that which they were erst wont to hide. And were they sent back they would surely return to that which was prohibited to them, and verily they are perfect liars.

  29. And they say: there is naught but our life of the world, nor are we to be raised.

  30. And couldst thou see what time they shall be held before their Lord? He will say: is this not real? They will say: aye! by our Lord! He will say: taste then the torment for ye have been disbelieving.

  31. Lost surely are those who belie their meeting with Allah, until when the Hour cometh on them on a sudden, and they will say: woe betide us, that we neglected it! - the while they will be bearing their burthens on their backs. Lo! vile is that which they shall bear.

  32. And naught is the life of world but a play and a sport, and surely the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear. Reflect then ye not?

  33. We know indeed that verily that which they say grieveth thee, but it is not thee they belie; it is the signs of Allah the wrong- doers gainsay.

  34. And apostles have assuredly been belied before thee, but they patiently bare that wherefore they were belied, and they were hurt, until Our succour came to them. And none can change the words of Allah; and assuredly there hath come unto thee some tidings of the sent ones.

  35. And if their backsliding is hard unto thee, then seek out, if thou canst, an opening into the earth or a ladder to the heaven that thou mayst bring unto them a sign. And had Allah willed, He would have assembled them unto the guidance; wherefore be not thou of the ignorant.

  36. Only those respond who hearken. And as to the dead, Allah will raise them, and thereafter unto Him they shall be returned.

  37. And they say: wherefore is not a sign sent down upon him from his Lord? Say thou: verily Allah is able to send down a sign, howbeit most of them know not.

  38. And there is not an animal on the earth nor a fowl that flieth with its two wings but are communities like unto you. And We have not been remiss in respect of aught in the Book: then unto their Lord they shall be gathered.

  39. And those who belie our signs are deaf and dumb, in darkness. Whomsoever Allah willeth He sendeth astray, and whomsoever He willeth He putteth on the right path.

  40. Say thou: look ye now, were Allah´s torment to come upon you, or the Hour come upon you, would ye then cry unto other than Allah, if ye are truthful?

  41. Aye! unto Him alone ye would cry, and He would remove that where for ye cried unto Him, if He will, and ye would forget that which ye associate.

  42. And assuredly We sent apostles unto communities before thee; then We laid hold of them with adversity and distress, that haply they may humble themselves.

  43. Wherefore then did they not, when the affliction from us came upon them, humble themselves? But their hearts became hardened, and the Satan made fair-seeming unto them that which they were wont to do.

  44. Then when they forgot that whereof they were reminded We opened upon them the doors of everything, until when they boasted of that which they were given, We laid hold of them on a sudden, and lo! they were dumbfounded.

  45. Then the people who committed wrong were cut off completely. And all praise is unto Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

  46. Say thou: look ye were Allah to take away your hearing and your sight and seal up your hearts, what god, other than Allah, shall bring them unto you? Behold! how variously We propound the signs, yet they turn aside.

  47. Say thou look ye now, were Allah´s torment to come upon you on a sudden or openly, would there be destroyed any but the wrong- doers?

  48. And We send not the sent ones except as bearers of glad tidings and warners. Then whosoever believeth and amendeth, on such shell come no fear nor they shall grieve.

  49. And those who belie Our signs-torment shall touch them for they have been transgressing.

  50. Say thou: I say not unto you, that with me are the treasures of Allah, nor I know the Unseen, nor say unto you that I am an angel; I but follow that which hath been revealed unto me. Say thou: are the blind and the seeing equal? Will ye not then consider?

  51. And warn thou therewith those who fear that they shall be gathered unto their Lord, when there shall be for them no patron nor intercessor beside Him; haply they may become God-fearing.

  52. And drive not away those who call upon their Lord morning and evening, seeking His countenance. Not on thee is aught of their reckoning, nor on them aught of thine reckoning, so that thou mayest drive them away and thus become of the wrong-doers.

  53. And Thus We have tried some of them by means of others, that they might say: are those they whom God hath favoured amongst us? Is not Allah the Best Knower of the thankful?

  54. And when those who believe in Our signs come unto them, say thou: peace be on you; your Lord hath prescribed mercy for Himself; so that whosoever of you doeth an evil through Ignorance, then repenteth thereafter and amendeth, then verily He is Forgiving, Merciful.

  55. And Thus We expound revelations so that the way of the culprits may be shown up.

  56. Say thou: verily I am forbidden to worship those whom ye call upon beside Allah. Say thou: I shall not follow your vain desires, for then I shall be gone astray, and shall not remain of the guided.

  57. Say thou: verily stand upon an evidence from my Lord, and ye belie it; not with me is that which ye fain would hasten on. The judgement is not but of Allah. He counteth the truth, and He is the Best of deciders.

  58. Say thou: if that which ye fain would hasten on be with me, the affair would have been decided between me and you; and Allah is the Best Knower of you the wrong-doers.

  59. And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knoweth them but he. And He knoweth whatsoever is in the land and the sea. Not a leaf falleth but he knoweth it, nor a seed-grain groweth in the darkness of the earth, nor aught of fresh or dry but is in a Book luminous.

  60. And He it is who taketh your souls by night, and knoweth that which ye earn by day. Then He raiseth you therein, that there may be fulfilled the term allotted. Thereafter unto Him shall be your return; and then He shall declare unto you that which ye have been working.

  61. And He is the supreme over His creatures, and He sendeth guardians over you until when death cometh unto one of you Our messengers take his soul, and they fail not.

  62. Then they all shall be taken back unto Allah, their true Master. Lo! His shall be the judgement. And he is the Most Swift of reckoners.

  63. Say thou: who delivereth you from the darknesses of the land and the sea, when ye cry unto Him in humility and in secrecy: if He delivered us from this, we shall surely be of the thankful?

  64. Say thou: Allah delivereth you therefrom and from every pain, yet ye thereafter associate.

  65. Say thou: He is Able to stir up torment on you from above you or from beneath your feet or to confound you by factions and make you taste the violence of one anot her. Behold! how variously We propound the signs that haply they may understand.

  66. And thy people belie it, while it is certain to befall. Say thou: I am not over you a trustee.

  67. For every announcement is a set time; and presently ye shall know.

  68. And when thou seest those who plunge in Our revelations keep away from them until they plunge in a discourse other than that; and if the Satan causeth thee to forget, then sit not thou, after the recollection, with the wrong-doing people.

  69. And naught on their account shall be on those who fear but admonition that haply they also may become God-fearing.

  70. And let those alone who have taken their religion as a play and a sport and whom the life of the world hath beguiled. And admonish thou them therewith lest a soul be given up to perdition for that which it hath earned, when for him there shall be no friend or intercessor beside Allah, and when if he offer every equivalent it shall not be accepted of him. Those are they who are given up to perdition for that which they have earned. For them shall be drink of boiling water and a torment afflictive, for they were wont to disbelieve.

  71. Say thou: shall we call upon, beside Allah, that which can neither profit us nor hurt us, and shall we turn on our heels after Allah hath guided us, like unto one whom the Satans have be guiled to wander bewildered in the land, his : fellows calling him unto the right path: come unto us? Say thou: verily the guidance of Allah, that is the Guidance, and we are commanded to submit ourselves to the Lord of the worlds.

  72. And that: establish prayer and fear Him; and it is He unto whom ye shall be gathered.

  73. And it is He who hath created the heavens and the earth in truth. And the Day when He saith: be, it shall become. His saying is the Reality. And His will be the dominion the Day the Trumpet will be blown. Knower of the Unseen and the seen, is the Wise, the Aware.

  74. And recall what time Ibrahim said unto his father Azar: takest thou idols for gods! Verily I see thee and thy people in error manifest.

  75. And in this wise We showed unto Ibrahim the governance of the heavens and the earth, and that he might become of the convinced.

  76. Then when the night darkened on him, he beheld a star. He said: this is mine Lord. Then when it set, he said. I love not the setting ones.

  77. Then when he beheld the moon uprise, he said: this is mine Lord. Then when it set, he said: were it not that my Lord kept me guiding, surely I must have been of the erring people.

  78. Then when he beheld the sun uprise, he said: this is mine Lord; this is the greatest. Then when it set, he said: O my people! verily I am quit of that which ye associate.

  79. Verily I have set my countenance towards Him who hath created the heavens and the earth, upright, and am not of the associaters.

  80. And his people contended with him. He said; contend ye with me concerning Allah when He hath surely guided me? I fear not that which ye associate with Him save aught that mine Lord may will. My Lord comprehendeth everything in His Knowledge. Will ye not then be admonished?

  81. And how should I fear that which ye have associated, while ye fear not to have associated with Allah that for which He hath sent down unto you no warranty? Which, then, of the two parties, is more worthy of security, if ye but knew?

  82. It is those who believe and confound not their belief with wrong doing. These! theirs is the security and they are the guided.

  83. And this was Our argument which We vouchsafed unto Ibrahim against his people. We raise in degrees whomsoever We list; verily thy Lord is Wise, Knowing.

  84. And We bestowed upon him Is-haq and Ya´qub: each one We guided. And Nuh We had guided afore, and of his progeny Da-ud and Sulaiman and Ayyub and Yusuf and Musa and Harun. And thus We recompense the well-doers.

  85. And also Zakariyya and Yahya and Isa and llyas: each one was of the righteous.

  86. And Ismai´l and Alyas´a and Yunus and Lut: each one of them We preferred above the worlds.

  87. And also some of their fathers and their progeny and their brethren: We chose them and guided them onto the right path.

  88. This is the guidance of Allah whereby He guideth whomsoever of His bondmen He listeth. And if they had associated, to naught would have come all that they were wont to work.

  89. Those are they unto whom We vouchsafed the Book and judgement and prophethood. Wherefore if those disbelieve therein, We have surely entrusted its unto a people who are not disbelievers therein.

  90. Those are they whom Allah had guided, so follow thou their guidance, Say thou: no hire I ask therefor; it is but an admonition unto the worlds.

  91. And they estimated not Allah with an estimation due unto Him when they said: on no human being hath God sent down aught. Say thou: who sent down the Books wherewith Musa came, a light and a guidance unto mankind, which ye have made into separate parchments. Some of it ye disclose and much thereof ye conceal. And ye were taught that which ye knew not: neither ye nor your fathers. Say thou: Allah, and let them alone, sporting in their vain discourse.

  92. And this is a Book We have sent down, blest, and confirming that which hath been before it. And it is sent that thou mayest warn thereby the mother of towns and those around it. And those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and they guard their prayer.

  93. And who is a greater wrong-doer than one who fabricateth a lie against Allah, or saith: a Revelation hath came to me, whereas no Revelation hath come to him in aught, and one who saith: I shall send down the like of that which God hath sent down? Would that thou souldst see what time the wrong-doers are in the pangs of death while the angels are stretching forth their hands saying: yield up your souls; to-day ye will be awarded a torment of ignomity for that which ye have been saying of Allah other than the truth, and against His signs ye were wont to be stiff-necked.

  94. And now ye are come unto us singly even as We had created you for the first time, and ye have left behind your backs that which We had granted unto you, and We see not along with you your intercessors who ye fancied were Our associates in respect of you as ye asserted. Now are the ties betwixt you severed and strayed from you is that which ye were wont to assert.

  95. Verily Allah is the Cleaver of the seed-grain and the date- stone. He bringeth forth the living from the lifeless, and He is the Bringer-forth of the lifeless from the living. Such is Allah: whither away then are ye deviating?

  96. The Cleaver of the dawn; and He hath appointed the night as a rest, and appointed the sun and the moon according to a reckoning that is the disposition of the Mighty, the Knowing.

  97. And it is He who hath appointed for you the stars that ye may be guided thereby in the darknesses of the land and the sea. Surely We have expounded the signs unto a people who know.

  98. And it is He who hath produced you from one person, and thenceforth provided for you an abode and a depository. Surely We have expounded the signs unto a people who understand.

  99. And it is He who hath sent down rain from heaven and We have thereby brought forth growth of every kind, and thereout We have brought forth green stalks from which We bring forth close-growing seed- grain. And from the date-stone: from the spathe thereof come forth clusters of dates lowhanging; and gardens of grapes, and the olive, and the pomegranate, like unto one anot her and unlike. Look at the fruit thereof when it fruiteth and the reforming thereof. Verily therein are signs unto a people who believe.

  100. And they have set up the genii as associates unto Allah, whereas He hath created them and they impute unto Him falsely without knowledge, sons and daughters. Hallowed be He, far above that which they ascribe!

  101. Originator of the heavens and the earth! How should He have a son when there is for Him no spouse? And He hath created everything and He is Knower of everything.

  102. Such is Allah, your Lord, There is no god but He, the Creator of everything: so worship Him. And He is unto everything a Trustee.

  103. Sights comprehend Him not, and He comprehendeth all sights. And He is the Subtle, the Aware.

  104. Surely there hath come unto you enlightenment from your Lord. Whosoever then shall see shall do so for his own soul, and whosoever blindeth himself shall do so to his own hurt. And say thou I am not over you a guardian.

  105. And Thus We variously propound the revelation, and this is in order that they may say: thou hast studied, and that We may expound it to a people who know.

  106. Follow thou that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord: no god is there but He; and turn thou away from the associaters.

  107. And had Allah willed, they had not associated. And We have not made thee a guardian over them nor art thou unto them a trustee.

  108. Revile not those whom they invoke besides Allah, lest they may spitefully revile Allah without knowledge. Thus fair-seeming unto every community We have made their work. Then unto their Lord is their return, and then He will declare unto them that which they were wont to work.

  109. And they swear by God with thee their solemn oaths that if there came unto them a sign they would surely believe therein. Say thou: signs are but with Allah; and what will make ye perceive that even if it came they will not believe?

  110. And We shall turn aside their hearts and their eyesights, even as they believed not therein for the first time and We shall let them wander in their exorbitance perplexed.

  111. And even thou We had sent down angels unto them, and the dead had spoken to them, and We had gathered together about them everything face to face, they were not such as could believe, unless Allah had so willed, but most of them speak ignorantly.

  112. And in this wises have we appointed unto every prophet an enemy-- Satans of men and of genii inspiring to each other gilded speech as a delusion. And had thy Lord willed, they could not have done so; wherefore let thou alone if them and that which they fabricate.

  113. And it is in order that the; hearts of those who believe not in the Hereafter might incline thereto, and that they might be pleased therewith, and that they might do that whereof they are the doers.

  114. Say thou: shall I then seek as judge other than Allah, when it is He who hath sent down toward you the Book detailed? And those whom We vouchsafed the book know that it hath been revealed by thy Lord in truth; so be thou not of the doubters.

  115. And perfected is the word of thy Lord in veracity and in justice. And none can change His words. And He is the Hearer, the Knower.

  116. And if thou obeyedest most of those on the earth, they would lead thee astray from the way of Allah; they follow not but their fancy, and they only conjecture.

  117. Verily thy Lord; He knoweth best whosoever strayeth from His path and He knoweth best the guided ones.

  118. Wherefore eat of that whereon the name of Allah hath been pronounced, if ye are believers in His revelations.

  119. And what aileth you that ye should not eat that whereon the name of Allah hath been pronounced while He hath surely detailed unto you that which He hath forbidden you, unless ye are driven thereto? Verily many lead others astray by their desires without knowledge. Verily thy Lord! He knoweth best the transgressors.

  120. And leave the outside of sin and the inside thereof; verily those who earn sin, anon will they be requited for that which they were wont to do.

  121. And eat not of that whereon the name of Allah hath not been pronounced; for verily that is a departure. Verily the Satans are ever inspiring their friends that they may wrangle with you; and were ye to obey them, verily ye shall become associaters indeed.

  122. Is he who was dead, and We quickened him and appointed for him a light whereby he walketh among mankind, like unto him whose similitude is that he is in darknesses forth from which he cannot come? Even so is made fair-seeming to the infidels that which they are wont to do.

  123. And even so we set up in every town the great ones as its sinners, that they may plot therein. And they plot not but against themselves, and they perceive not.

  124. And whensoever there cometh unto them a sign, they say: we shall not believe until we are vouchsafed the like of that which is vouchsafed unto the apostles of Allah. Allah knoweth best wheresoever to place His apostleship. Anon shall befall those who have sinned vileness before Allah and severe chastisement for that which they were wont to plot.

  125. So whomsoever Allah willeth that he shall guide, He expoundeth his breast for Islam; and whomsoever He willeth that he shall send astray, He maketh his breast strait, narrow, as if he were mounting up into the sky, thus Allah layeth the abomination on those who believe not.

  126. And this is the path of thine Lord, straight. We have surely detailed the revelations unto a people who would be admonished.

  127. For them is an abode of peace with their Lord; and He shall be their patron for that which they have been doing.

  128. On the Day whereon He will gather them all together: O ye race of genii! surely much ye have gotten out of mankind. And their friends among mankind will say: our Lord! much use some of us made of others, and now we have reached the appointed term which Thou appointedest for us. He will say: the Fire shall be your habitation, therein ye shall be as abiders, save as Allah may will. Verily thy Lord is Wise, Knowing.

  129. And thus We shall keep some of the wrong-doers close to others for that which they were wont to earn.

  130. O ye race of genii and mankind came there not apostles unto you from amongst you recounting unto you My signs and warning you of your meeting of this Day? They will say: we bear witness against ourselves. The life of the world hath deluded them, and they shall bear witness against themselves that verily they had been infidels.

  131. This is because thy Lord is not one to destroy a town for its wrong-doing while its people are unaware.

  132. For all there will be degrees in accordance with that which they did, and thy Lord is not unaware of that which they do.

  133. And thine Lord is Self-sufficient, the Owner of mercy. If He will, He can take you away, and make those succeed you, after you, whomsoever He will, even as He raised you from the seed of anot her people.

  134. Verily that which ye are promised is sure to arrive, and ye cannot escape.

  135. Say thou. O my people! go on acting in your way, verily I am going to act in my way, presently ye shall know whose will be the happy end of the abode; and verily the wrong-doers will not fare well.

  136. And they´ll appoint for Allah, of the tilth and cattle He hath produced, a portion, they say according to their fancy: this is for Allah, and: this for our associate-gods. Then, that which is for their associate-gods reacheth not Allah, while that which is for Allah reacheth their associate-gods; vile is the way they judge!

  137. And even so their associate-gods have made fair seeming unto many of the associaters the slaying of their offspring, so that they may cause them to perish and that they may confound unto them their religion. And had Allah so willed, they would not have done it. Wherefore let thou alone them and that which they fabricate.

  138. And they say according to their fancy: such cattle and tilth are taboo none shall eat thereof save whom we allow, and there are cattle whose backs are forbidden, and cattle over which they pronounce not the name of Allah : a fabrication against Him Anon He shall requite them for that which they were wont to fabricate.

  139. And they say: whatsoever is in the bellies of such cattle is for our males alone and is forbidden unto our wives, and if it be born dead, then they all are partakers thereof. Anon He shall requite them for their attribution verily He is Wise, Knowing.

  140. Surely lost are they who slay their offspring foolishly and without knowledge, and have forbidden that which Allah had provided for them: a fabrication against Allah: surely they have strayed and have not become guided ones.

  141. And it is He who hath produced gardens, trellised and untrellised, and the date-palm and the corn of varied produce, and the olives and the pomegranates alike and unlike. Eat of the fruit thereof when it fruiteth, and give the due thereof on the day of its harvesting; and waste not; verily He approveth not the wasters.

  142. And of the cattle He hath created beasts of burden and small ones. Eat of that which Allah hath provided for you; and follow not the foot-steps of the Satan; verily he is unto you a manifest foe.

  143. He hath created eight pairs of the sheep a twain, and of the goats a twain. Say thou: is it the two males He hath forbidden or the two females, or that which the wombs of the two females contain? Declare unto me with knowledge, if ye are truth-tellers.

  144. And of the camels He hath created a twain and of the oxen a twain. Say thou: is it the two males He hath forbidden or the two females, or that which the wombs of the two females contain? Were ye present when Allah enjoined this on you? Who then doth greater wrong than he who fabricateth a lie against Allah that he may lead people astray; verily Allah shall not guide a wrong-doing people.

  145. Say thou: I find not in that which hath been revealed unto me aught forbidden unto an eater that eateth thereof, except it be carcass, or blood poured forth, or flesh of swine, for that verily is foul, or an abomination over which is invoked the name of other than that of Allah. Then whosoever is driven thereto, neither lusting nor transgressing, verily thy Lord is Forgiving, Merciful.

  146. And unto those who are Judaised We forbade every animal with cloven hoof; and of the bullock and the goats We forbade unto them the fat thereof, save that which is borne on their backs or entrails or that which sticketh to the bone. Thus We requited them for their rebellion, and verily We are the Truthful.

  147. So if they belie thee, say thou: Your Lord is Owner of extensive mercy, and His wrath shall not be turned aside from the guilty people,

  148. Anon will those who associate had God willed, we would not say: have associated, nor our fathers; neither could we have forbidden aught. Even so belied those before them, until they tasted Our wrath. Say thou: is there with you any authority, that ye may bring unto us? ye but follow your fancy, and only conjecture.

  149. Say thou: with Allah resteth the argument evident. Wherefore, had He so willed, He would have guided you all.

  150. Say thou: here with your witnesses, those who will testify that Allah hath forbidden all this. Then even if they testify, testify thou not with them. And follow thou not the desires of those who belie Our signs and those who believe not in the Hereafter while they equalise others with their Lord.

  151. Say thou: come, I shall recite that which your Lord hath forbidden unto you: associate not aught with Him, and shew kindness unto the parents, and slay not your offspring for fear of want - We it is who shall provide for you and them -and approach not indecencies, whatsoever is open thereof and whatsoever is concealed, and slay not anyone whom Allah hath forbidden except for justification. Thus He enjoineth you that haply ye may reflect.

  152. And approach not the substance of an orphan save with that which is best until he attaineth his age of strength, and fill up the measure and balance with equity- We burthen not a soul except according to its capacity and when ye speak, be fair, even though it be against a kinsman; and the covenant of Allah fulfil. Thus He enjoineth you that haply ye may be admonished.

  153. And that: verily this is my path, straight; follow it then, and follow not other ways; that will deviate you from His way. Thus He enjoineth you, that haply ye may fear God.

  154. Then unto Musa We vouchsafed the Book perfect for him who would do well and detailing every thing and a guidance and a mercy, that haply in the meeting of their Lord they would believe.

  155. And this is a Book We have sent down, blest, follow it then and fear God, haply ye may be shewn mercy.

  156. Lest ye should say: the Book was only sent down to the two sects before us, and we in sooth were unaware of their readings.

  157. Or lest ye should say. if only the Book had been sent down to us, we should surely have been better guided than they. So now surely there hath come unto you an evidence from Your Lord and a guidance and a mercy. Who then doth greater wrong than he who belieth the signs of Allah and shunneth them? Anon We will requite those who shun Our signs with an evil torment in as much as they were wont to shun them.

  158. They await indeed that the angel should come unto them, or that thy Lord should come or that certain of the signs of thy Lord should come. On the Day whereon certain of the signs of thy Lord will come, belief will not profit any person who had not believed theretofore or had not earned any good by his belief. Say thou: so wait ye verily we also are waiting.

  159. Verily those who have split their religion and become sects, thou art not amongst them in aught: their affair is only with Allah. Then He will declare unto them that which they were wont to do.

  160. Whosoever will come with a virtue for him shall be then like thereof, and whosoever will come with a vice shall not be requited save with the like thereof; and they shall not be wronged.

  161. Say thou as for me, my Lord hath guided me unto a straight path, a right religion, the faith of Ibrahim, the upright, and he was not of the associaters.

  162. Say thou: verily my prayer and my rites and my living and my dying are all for Allah, Lord of the worlds.

  163. No associate hath He. And to this I am bidden, and I am the first of the Muslims.

  164. Say thou: shall seek a Lord other than Allah, while He is the Lord of everything? And no person earneth aught save against himself, and no bearer of burden shall bear anot her´s burden. Thereafter Unto your Lord shall be your return, and He will declare unto you that wherein ye have been disputing.

  165. And He it is Who hath made you successors in the earth, and hath raised some of you over others in degrees, that he might prove you by that which He hath vouchsafed unto you. Verily thy Lord is swift in chastising, and verily He is Forgiving, Merciful.


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