Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 6. Al-An'am - The Cattle

  1. Only God Who has created the heavens, the earth, darkness, and light deserves all praise. The disbelievers consider other things equal to Him.

  2. It is He who has created you from clay to live for a life-time and the span of your life is only known to Him. You are still suspicious!.

  3. He is God of the heavens and the earth and He knows whatever you conceal, reveal, or gain.

  4. (The unbelievers) have always turned away from the revelations and the evidence (of the Truth) that has been sent to them from time to time.

  5. They have refused the Truth (Muhammad´s message) that has come to them but they will soon learn the consequences of their mocking.

  6. Why do they not consider how many generations living before them We have destroyed. We established those nations in the land with abilities far beyond those given to you. We sent down plenty of rain from the sky for them and made streams flow therein, but, then, We destroyed them for their sins and established other nations after them.

  7. (Muhammad), had We sent you a Book on paper, the unbelievers would have touched it with their hands but would still have said, "It is no more than plain sorcery".

  8. They have said, "Why has not an angel come to him (Muhammad)?" Had We sent an angel to them, the matter would have inevitably been out of their hands, and they would have been given no more time.

  9. Were We to have made him (Our Messenger) an angel, We would have made him resemble a human being and they would have again complained that the matter was as confusing to them as it is to them now.

  10. They mocked the Messengers who lived before you (Muhammad), but those who received warnings of punishment and mocked the warnings, all suffered their torments accordingly.

  11. (Muhammad), tell them to travel in the land and see what happened to those who rejected the Truth.

  12. Ask them, "Who is the owner of the heavens and the earth besides God, the All-merciful, who will gather you all together on the Day of Judgment? That day will certainly come. Those who have lost their souls will not believe.

  13. To Him belongs all that rests during the night and the day. He is All-hearing and All-knowing."

  14. (Muhammad), ask them, "Should I take a guardian other than God, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, who feeds everyone and who needs no food Himself?" Say, "I have been commanded to be the first Muslim (submitted to the will of God). Thus, people, do not be pagans."

  15. (Muhammad), say, "Because of the torment of the Great Day, I am afraid to disobey my Lord".

  16. One who will be saved from the torment on the Day of Judgment will certainly have received God´s mercy and this will be a manifest triumph.

  17. (Muhammad), if God afflicts you with hardship, no one besides Him will be able to relieve you. If He bestows a favor on you, know that He has power over all things.

  18. He is Wise, Well Aware and Dominant over all His creatures.

  19. (Muhammad), ask them, "What is the greatest testimony? God testifies of my truthfulness to you. He has revealed this Quran to me to warn you and the coming generations (against disobeying God). Do you believe that other gods exist besides God? I solemnly declare that He is the only Lord and that I am not guilty of believing in what the pagans believe."

  20. The People of the Book know him (Muhammad) just as well as they know their own children, but those who have lost their souls will not believe.

  21. Who are more unjust than those who ascribe falsehood to God or reject His revelations? The unjust will certainly have no happiness.

  22. On the Day of Judgment when We will gather all people together, We will ask the pagans, "Where are those whom you believed to be your gods?"

  23. Attempting to answer, they will say, "Lord, we swear by Your Name that we were not pagans".

  24. Consider, how they have lied against their own souls and have lost their gods.

  25. Some of them listen to you, but We have veiled their hearts so that they cannot understand and made them deaf. They disbelieve all the evidence (of Our existence) that they may have seen. They only come to you for the sake of argument and the disbelievers say that (whatever Muhammad says) is no more than ancient legends.

  26. They keep away from the faith and forbid others to accept it. They destroy no one except themselves, yet they do not realize it.

  27. If only you could see them standing in the fire saying, "Would that we could return to the worldly life. We would never reject any of our Lord´s revelations and we would be true believers."

  28. Whatever they had concealed will be revealed to them. If they were to return to (the worldly life), they would again worship idols, for they are liars.

  29. They have said that this life is the only life and that there will be no Resurrection.

  30. Would that you could see them standing before their Lord who would ask them, "Is not the Resurrection true?" They would reply, "Yes, Lord, there is a Resurrection." The Lord would then say, "For your disbelief, suffer the torment."

  31. Those who do not believe in the Day of Judgment have incurred upon themselves a great loss. When the Day of Judgment suddenly comes upon them, they will sink under the burden of their sins in grief for their neglecting that day. Terrible indeed will be their burden!

  32. The worldly life is but useless amusement and sport (compared to) the life hereafter which is far better and is only for the pious. Will you not then understand?

  33. We certainly know that you (Muhammad) are sad about what they (the unbelievers) say. It is not you (alone) who has been accused of lying. The unjust have always rejected God´s revelations.

  34. The Messengers who lived before you were also accused of lying, but they exercised patience. They were cruelly persecuted before We gave them victory. No one can change the words of God. You have already received news about the Messengers.

  35. (Muhammad), if their refusal of the faith is so grievous to you and if you can dig up the earth or ascend into the sky in search of further evidence to inevitably make them believe you, you should have done so, but note that had God wanted, He could have made them all follow the same guidance. Do not ever be unaware (of this fact).

  36. Only those who have understanding will accept your faith. (Those who have no understanding) are like the dead whom God will resurrect and to Him will all return.

  37. They say, "Why have not some miracles been given to him, (Muhammad), from his Lord." Tell them, (Muhammad), "God certainly has the Power to show such miracles but many of them are ignorant."

  38. All the beasts on land and flying birds have different communities, just as you (people) do. Nothing is left without a mention in the Book. They will all be brought into the presence of their Lord.

  39. Those who disbelieve Our revelations are, in fact, deaf and dumb. They wander in darkness. God leads astray or guides to the right path whomever He wants.

  40. (Muhammad), say to them, "Should God afflict you with torment, or should the Day of Judgment arrive, if what you claim is true, could you then seek help from any one other than God?

  41. You will certainly ask Him for help. He will save you from hardship if He decides to do so and you will forget all about your gods."

  42. We had sent (Our guidance) to the nations who lived before you and afflicted them with distress and adversity so that they might submit themselves (to God).

  43. Why did they not submit themselves (to God) when Our torment struck them. Instead, their hearts were hardened and Satan made their evil deeds seem attractive to them.

  44. When they forgot (all) the advice that they had received, We granted them all means of happiness but they were left in despair when We suddenly took Our bounties back from them.

  45. Thus, the transgressing people were destroyed. It is only God, the Lord of creation who deserves all praise.

  46. (Muhammad), ask them, "Have you ever considered that if God was to disable your hearing and vision and veil your hearts, could anyone besides Him restore them?" Look at how plainly We show them the evidence (of the Truth) but they always ignore it.

  47. Tell them, "Have you considered that if God´s torment was to befall you suddenly or in public, would anyone else be destroyed except the unjust?"

  48. We did not send the Messengers for any other reason than to bring (people) the glad news (of God´s mercy) and to warn (them of the torment brought on by disobedience to God). Whoever accepts the faith and lives a righteous life will have nothing to fear, nor will he be grieved.

  49. Those who reject Our revelations will certainly be punished for their evil deeds.

  50. (Muhammad), tell them, "I do not claim to have all the treasures of God in my hands, nor to know the unseen, nor do I claim to be an angel. I follow only what is revealed to me (from God)." Say to them, "Are the blind and the seeing equal?" Why then do you not think?

  51. Preach the Quran to those who are concerned about the Day of Judgment at which time they will be brought before their Lord. Tell them that their only guardian and intercessor is God so that they may become pious.

  52. Do not disregard those who pray to their Lord in the mornings and evenings, seeking their Lord´s pleasure. You will not be held responsible for them nor will they be held responsible for you. Do not disregard them lest you become unjust.

  53. We test some of them by the conditions of the others so that the rich and proud ones (seeing your poor and humble followers) would say, "Are these the ones from among all of us whom God has chosen to favor?" Does not God know those who give thanks (much better than others do).

  54. When the faithful come to you, say to them, "Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreed for Himself to be All-merciful. Anyone of you who commits a sin out of ignorance, then repents, and reforms himself will find that God is All-forgiving and All-merciful."

  55. Thus do We explain Our revelations so that the sinful way can be plainly discerned.

  56. (Muhammad), tell them, "I am commanded not to worship the idols instead of God. I do not follow your desires lest I go astray and miss the true guidance"

  57. Say, "I have received enough authoritative evidence from my Lord but you have rejected it. Whatever (torment that God has threatened you with for your disbelief) and that which you insist on to experience without delay, is not in my hands. The (final) Judgment is in the hands of God. He reveals the Truth and He is the best Judge.

  58. Say, "If I had in my hands what you demand to experience without delay, the matter would have been ended all together. God knows best about the unjust."

  59. He has with Him the keys to the unseen which no one knows besides Him. He knows all that is in the land and the sea. Not a single leaf falls which He would not know. No single seed exists even in the darkest places of the land, nor anything in the world either wet or dry, that is not kept recorded in the self-evident Book (the tablet preserved in the heavens).

  60. It is He who keeps you alive in your sleep at night and knows all that you do during the day. He wakes you up from your sleep to complete your worldly life, after which you will all return to Him. He will let you know all about what you had done in your worldly life.

  61. He is Dominant over all His creatures and He sends guards to watch over you until death approaches you. Then His angelic Messengers will, without fail, take away your souls.

  62. (After death) you will all be returned to God, your true Guardian. Know that judgment will be in His Hands and that His reckoning is swift.

  63. (Muhammad), ask them, "Who would save you from the darkness of the land and sea if you were to pray humbly and secretly saying, ´Would that we were saved from this, for we would certainly then give thanks".

  64. Say, "It is God who always saves you from (such hardship) and from all kinds of distress. Even then, you consider idols equal to God."

  65. Say, "God has the power to send torment on you from above or below your feet, or to divide you into different groups quite hostile to one another, and make you suffer from each other´s animosity." Consider how plainly We show them a variety of evidence (of the Truth) so that they may have understanding.

  66. (Some of) your people have rejected the Quran, although it is the Truth. Tell them that you are not their guardian

  67. and that for every prophecy (about you which comes from God) there is an appointed time (to come true) and that they will soon experience it.

  68. When you see people mocking Our revelations, turn away from them so that they may change the subject. If Satan causes you to forget this, do not sit with the unjust people when you remember.

  69. But those who observe piety (commit no sin) by sitting with the (unbelievers) in order to preach (the Truth) so that they, too, may become pious.

  70. (Muhammad), leave alone those to whom their religion is no more than a useless plaything and who are deceived by the lure of the worldly life. Remind them of Our revelation so that a soul will not bring about its own destruction because of its deeds. No one besides God will be its guardian or intercessor, nor will any kind of ransom be accepted from it. Those who have entangled themselves in their evil deeds will drink boiling water and live in painful torment for their hiding the Truth.

  71. Say to them, "Should we, instead of asking for God´s help, seek help from that which can neither benefit nor harm us, but would only turn us back to disbelief after God had granted us guidance? To do so would be to act like (those who have been) seduced by Satan, leaving them wandering aimlessly here and there, even though their friends call them, ´Come to the right guidance that has come to us.´ " Say, "God´s guidance is the only true guidance and we are commanded to submit ourselves to the Lord of the Universe.

  72. Be steadfast in prayer and have fear of God; before Him alone you will all be brought together.

  73. It is He Who has created the heavens and the earth for a genuine purpose. When He commands the Day of Judgment to take place, it will come into existence. His Word is the Truth. The kingdom will be His alone on the day when the trumpet will be sounded. He has all knowledge of the unseen as well as the seen. He is All-wise and All-aware.

  74. Consider when Abraham asked his father, Azar, "Why do you believe idols to be your gods? I find you and your people in absolute error".

  75. Also, We showed (Abraham) the kingdom of the heavens and the earth to strengthen his faith.

  76. When it became dark at night, he (Abraham) saw a star and said, "This is my lord." But when it disappeared, he said, "I do not love those who fade away".

  77. When Abraham saw the rising moon, he said, "This is my lord." But when it faded away, he said, "If my Lord does not guide me I shall certainly go astray."

  78. When he saw the rising sun, he said, "This is my Lord for it is greater (than the others)." But when this too faded away, (Abraham) said, "My people, I disavow whatever you consider equal to God.

  79. I have up-rightly submitted myself to the One who has created the heavens and the earth and I am not an idol worshipper."

  80. In an argument with his people, (Abraham) asked them, "Why do you argue with me about God who has given me guidance? Your idols can do no harm to me unless God wills. God knows all things. Why, then, do you not consider this?

  81. Why should I be afraid of your idols when you are not afraid of worshipping them without any authority from heaven? Would that you knew which of us is more deserving to receive amnesty".

  82. Those who have accepted the faith and have kept it pure from injustice, have achieved security and guidance.

  83. Such was the authoritative reasoning that We gave Abraham over his people. We raise whomever We want to a higher rank. Your Lord is All-wise and All-knowing.

  84. We gave (Abraham) Isaac and Jacob. Both had received Our guidance. Noah received Our guidance before Abraham and so did his descendants:David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron. Thus is the reward for the righteous people.

  85. We also gave guidance to Zacharias, John, Jesus, and Elias, who were all pious people,

  86. and Ishmael, Elisha, Jonah, and Lot whom We exalted over all people.

  87. From their fathers, descendants, and brothers, We chose (certain) people and guided them to the right path.

  88. Such is the guidance of God by which He guides whichever of His servants He wants. If people worship idols, their deeds will be turned devoid of all virtue.

  89. These were the people to whom We gave the Book, Authority, and Prophesy. If some people do not accept Our guidance, it should not grieve you, (Muhammad), for We have made others who accept and protect Our guidance.

  90. We had guided the Prophets. (Muhammad), follow their guidance and say (to the people), "I do not ask any reward for what I have preached to you. It is my duty to awaken the world."

  91. They have no true respect of God when they say, "God has not sent anything to a mortal being." (Muhammad), tell them, "Who revealed the Book containing a light and guidance for the people which Moses brought? You wrote down only some parts of the original on paper and hid much, even after having learnt from it, that which neither you nor your fathers knew." Tell them, "God has (revealed the Quran)," and then leave them alone to pursue their useless investigations.

  92. We have blessed this Book (the Quran) and revealed it to confirm that which was revealed to the Prophets who lived before you and to warn the people of the mother land (Mecca) and those living around it. Those who believe in the Day of Judgment accept this and are steadfast in their prayers.

  93. Who are more unjust than those who ascribe lies to God or say that God has sent them revelations when nothing has been sent to them, or those who say that they can also bring down (from heaven) a book like that which God has revealed? Would that you could see the unjust in the agonies of death when the angels will come forward with their hands outstretched to take their souls out of their bodies and say, "This is the day when you will face humiliating torment for the falsehood that you ascribed to God and for your contemptuously disregarding of His revelations."

  94. God will say, "You have come to Us alone just as We created you at first. You have left behind all those whom We made your friends and We do not see with you any of the intercessors whom you believed to be your partners. Your relations with them have certainly been destroyed and your belief in them has left you (in the dark)."

  95. It is God who makes all kinds of seeds grow, brings forth the living from the dead, and the dead from the living. It is God who does such things, so how can you turn away from Him?

  96. It is He who kindles the light of dawn, and has made the night for you to rest, and the sun and moon as a means of calculation. This is the design of the Majestic and All-knowing God.

  97. It is God who created the stars so that you could find your way thereby in the darkness of the land and sea. We have explained Our evidence to the people of knowledge.

  98. It is He who has created you from a single soul. Some of you are settled (on earth) and some are still in the depository system of (their parents). We have shown the evidence (of Our existence) to the people who understand.

  99. It is He who has sent water down from the sky to let all kinds of plants grow; the vegetables with accumulated grains; palm-trees from which appear clusters of dates within easy reach; vineyards, olive groves, and pomegranates of all types. See the fruits when they are growing and when they are ripe. This, too, is evidence (of the existence of God) for those who believe.

  100. (Some) people considered the jinn to be equal to God even though God created them and they unknowingly ascribed to Him children, both boys and girls. God is too glorious to have the attributes which they ascribe to Him.

  101. How could the One Who is the Originator of the heavens and the earth and who has no companion, have a son? He created all things and has absolute knowledge of all things.

  102. He is God your Lord. There is no God but He. He has created all things. Worship Him for He is the Guardian of all things.

  103. No mortal eyes can see Him, but He can see all eyes. He is All-kind and All-aware.

  104. (Muhammad), tell them, "Clear proofs have certainly come to you from your Lord. Whoever tries to understand it will gain much but those who ignore it will only harm themselves. I am not (supposed) to watch over you (all the time)".

  105. Thus do We explain Our revelations to them. Let them say,"You have learned (those statements) from other people." We want to explain Our revelations only to those who have knowledge.

  106. (Muhammad), follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord; there is no God but He, and stay away from pagans.

  107. Had God wanted, they would not consider anything equal to Him. God has not appointed you to watch over them nor are you their guardian.

  108. Believers, do not say bad words against the idols lest they (pagans) in their hostility and ignorance say such words against God. We have made every nation´s deeds seem attractive to them. One day they will all return to their Lord who will inform them of all that they have done.

  109. The unbelievers solemnly swear by God that if they were to be shown some miracle, they would certainly believe. (Muhammad), tell them, "Only with God are all the miracles." Even if a miracle was to take place, they still would not believe.

  110. We will turn their hearts and vision away (from a miracle); they did not have faith (in miracles) at the first time, and We will leave them blind in their rebellion.

  111. Had We sent the angels to them, made the dead speak to them, and resurrected all things before their very eyes, they still would not believe unless God willed it to be so. But, in fact, most of them ignore (the evidence).

  112. We have made devilish enemies for every Prophet from among people and jinn. They whisper attractive but and deceitful words to each other. Had your Lord wanted, the devils would not have seduced people. Keep away from them and the falsehood which they invent.

  113. Let those who do not believe in the Day of Judgment listen to the deceitful words with pleasure and indulge in whatever sins they want.

  114. (Muhammad), say, "Should I seek any judge other than God? It is He Who has revealed this Book (Quran) to you with all its intricate details." Those to whom We have given the Bible know that the Quran has been revealed to you from your Lord in all Truth. Thus, you (people) must have no doubts about it.

  115. (After having revealed the Quran to you) in all truth and justice, your Lord´s Word has been completed. No one can change His Words. He is All-hearing and All-knowing.

  116. Most of the people in the land will lead you away from God´s guidance if you follow them; they only follow their own conjecture and preach falsehood.

  117. Your Lord knows best those who have gone astray from His path and those who are rightly guided.

  118. If you have faith in God´s revelations, eat the flesh of the animal which has been slaughtered with a mention of His Name.

  119. Why should you not eat such flesh when God has told you in detail what is unlawful to eat under normal conditions. Most people, out of ignorance, are led astray by their desires. Your Lord knows best those who transgress.

  120. Stay away from both public and secret sins for a sinner will suffer for whatever he has committed.

  121. Do not eat the flesh of an animal which has been slaughtered without a mention of the Name of God; it is a sinful deed. Satan teaches his friends to argue with you. If you obey them, you will certainly be idol worshippers.

  122. Can the dead to whom We have given life and light so that they may walk among the people, be considered equal to those who can never come out of darkness? The deeds of the unbelievers are made to seem attractive to them.

  123. In every town We have placed some sinful leaders who always make evil plans. These plans will only work against their own souls but they do not realize this.

  124. When a miracle is shown to them, they say, "We will not believe unless we are shown a miracle like that shown to the messengers of God." God knows best whom to appoint as His Messenger. The sinful ones are worthless in the sight of God and they deserve a severe punishment for their evil plans.

  125. God will open the hearts of whomever He wants to guide to Islam, but He will tighten the chest of one whom He has led astray, as though he was climbing high up into the sky. Thus, God places wickedness on those who do not accept the faith.

  126. This is the path of your Lord and it is straight. We have explained Our revelations to those who take heed.

  127. They will live in peace with God. God protects them as a reward for their deeds; He is their Guardian.

  128. On the day when every one will be resurrected and the jinn will be told that they have made many people go astray, their friends from among people will say, "Lord, we benefitted from each other until death approached us." They will be told that their dwelling will be fire wherein they will live forever unless God wills it to be otherwise. Your Lord is All-wise and All-knowing.

  129. Thus do We make the unjust friends of one another because of their evil deeds.

  130. When people and jinn are asked, "Did not Messengers from your own people come to you to convey Our revelations and to warn you of the Day of Resurrection?" They will reply, "(Yes indeed)." The worldly life deceived them. They will testify that they were unbelievers.

  131. Your Lord did not want to destroy the towns, unjustly, without informing their inhabitants (of His guidance).

  132. People´s deeds are of different degrees and your Lord is not unaware of what people do.

  133. Your Lord is Self-sufficient and Merciful. Had He wanted, He could have destroyed you and replaced you by other people, just as He had created you from the offspring of others.

  134. Whatever you are promised will inevitably come true and you can do nothing to prevent it.

  135. (Muhammad), tell your people, "I shall do whatever I can and you may do whatever you want, but you will soon know who will be victorious. It is certain that the unjust will never have happiness."

  136. They set aside a share of the left-overs of their farming produce and cattle saying, "This is for God and that is for the idols." God does not receive the share of the idols but the share of God is given totally to the idols. How terrible is their decision!

  137. To many of the pagans, the murder of their children was made to seem attractive by the idols. This led them (the pagans) to confusion in their religion and to face their own destruction. Had God wanted, they would not have murdered their children. Keep away from them and their evil gains.

  138. They, (the pagans), have said that their cattle and farms are dedicated to private idols and that no one can consume (the produce) except those whom We wanted, in their opinion. They prohibited the riding of certain animals and they ate the flesh of certain animals slaughtered without a mention of the Name of God. Instead, they ascribed falsehood to Him. They will all be given an evil recompense for their sinful invention.

  139. They have also said, "Whatever exists in the wombs of these animals belongs to our people alone and it is not lawful for our women." However, if they are born dead, then everyone will have a share. God will give them what they deserve for (their unjust laws). God is All-merciful and All-knowing.

  140. Those who foolishly and ignorantly murdered their children, ascribed falsehood to God and made unlawful what He had given to them for their sustenance, have certainly lost much. They had gone far away from the right guidance.

  141. It is He who has created all kinds of gardens, those raised on trellises and those without, palm-trees and the crops of different seasons, and olives and pomegranates of all types. You may eat their fruits that they produce but pay God´s share on the harvest day. Do not be excessive for God does not love those who are excessive.

  142. God has created animals, both small and large. Eat from what God has given you for your sustenance and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is your sworn enemy.

  143. (Supposing) that there are eight pairs of cattle, two pairs of sheep, and two pairs of goats. Tell Me (which is lawful and which is not)? Are the two males unlawful (to eat) or the two females or those that are in the wombs of the females? If you are truthful, then, answer Me exactly.

  144. Of the two pairs of camels and cows, are the males unlawful (to eat) or the females or that which exists in the wombs of the females? Were you present when God commanded you to do this? Who are more unjust than those who ascribe falsehood to God and out of ignorance make others go astray? God does not guide the unjust.

  145. (Muhammad), tell them, "I do not find anything which has been made unlawful to eat in what has been revealed to me except carrion, blood flowing from the body, pork [for pork is absolutely filthy] and the flesh of the animals slaughtered without the mention of the name of God. However, in an emergency, when one does not have any intention of rebelling or transgressing against the law, your Lord will be All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  146. We made unlawful for the Jews all the claw-footed animals, fat of the cows, sheep and goats except what is found on their backs, intestines and whatever is mixed with their bones. Thus, did We recompense them for their rebellion and We are certainly truthful.

  147. They reject you. (Muhammad), tell them, "Your Lord´s mercy is completely overwhelming, but no one can save the sinful from His wrath."

  148. The pagans will say, "Had God wanted, we would not have worshipped idols, nor would our fathers, nor would we have made anything unlawful." Others before them had also spoken such lies until they experienced the severity of Our wrath. (Muhammad), ask them, "Do you possess any knowledge? If so, tell us about it. You follow only conjectures and preach falsehood."

  149. Say, "Final authority belongs only to God. Had He wanted, He would have given you all guidance".

  150. Ask them to call their witness who will testify that God has made certain things unlawful. Even if they do testify, do not testify with them. Do not follow the desires of those who have rejected Our revelations and the pagans who do not believe in the Day of Judgment.

  151. (Muhammad), say, "Let me tell you about what your Lord has commanded: Do not consider anything equal to God; Be kind to your parents; Do not murder your children out of fear of poverty, for We give sustenance to you and to them. Do not even approach indecency either in public or in private. Take not a life which God has made sacred except by way of justice and law. Thus does He command you that you may learn wisdom.

  152. Do not handle the property of the orphans except with a good reason until they become mature and strong. Maintain equality in your dealings by the means of measurement and balance. No soul is responsible for what is beyond it´s ability. Be just in your words, even if the party involved is one of your relatives and keep your promise with God. Thus does your Lord guide you so that you may take heed.

  153. This is My path and it is straight. Follow it and not other paths which will lead you far away from the path of God. Thus does God guide you so that you may become pious.

  154. We gave Moses the Book to complete (Our favor) for the righteous ones, the Book that contained a detailed explanation of all things, a guide and a mercy so that perhaps they would have faith in the Day of Judgment.

  155. This Book (Quran) which We have revealed is a blessed one. Follow its guidance and have piety so that you perhaps may receive mercy

  156. and will not say that the Book was revealed only to two groups of people before you, or that you were ignorant of its knowledge,

  157. or proclaim, "Had the Book been revealed to us, we would have followed its guidance better than the (Jews and Christians). Evidence, guidance, and mercy have already come to you from your Lord. Who are more unjust than those who reject God´s revelations and turn away from them? We will give an evil recompense to those who turn away from Our revelations and a terrible torment for their disregard (of Our guidance)

  158. Are they waiting until the angels or your Lord come to them or for some miracles to take place? On the day when some miracles of God will take place, the belief of any soul will be of no avail to it unless some good deeds have been done with it, or it has been formed before the coming of such a day. (Muhammad), tell them, "Wait and we, too, are waiting."

  159. Some of those who have divided their religion into different sects are not your concern. Their affairs are in the hands of God Who will show them all that they have done.

  160. For a single good deed, one will be rewarded tenfold. But the recompense for a bad deed will be equal to that of the deed and no injustice will be done to anyone.

  161. (Muhammad), tell them, "My Lord has guided me to the right path, a well established religion and the upright tradition of Abraham who was not a pagan".

  162. Say, "My prayer, sacrifice, life, and death are all for God, the Lord of the Universe.

  163. Nothing is equal to Him. Thus are the commandments which I have received and he is the first Muslim (submitted to the will of God)."

  164. (Muhammad), tell them, "Should I take a lord besides God when He is the Lord of all things?" All one´s evil deeds are against one´s own soul. No one will be considered responsible for another´s sins. You will all be returned to your Lord who will tell you what is right and wrong in disputed matters among you.

  165. On earth, We have made each of your generations the successors of their predecessors; We have made some of you do good deeds of a higher degree than others. He will test you in this way through what He has revealed to you. Your Lord´s retribution is swift and He is certainly All-forgiving and All-merciful.


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