Literal - Sura: 63. Al-Munafiqun - The Hypocrites

  1. If/when the hypocrites came to you, they said: "We testify/witness, that you are God`s messenger (E)." And God knows that you are His messenger (E), and God witnesses/testifies that truly the hypocrites (are) liars/deniers/ falsifiers (E).

  2. They took their rights/oaths (as) a cover (shield) so they prevented/obstructed from God`s way/path , that they truly are bad/evil/harmful what they were making/doing .

  3. That (is) because they (E) believed, then they disbelieved, so (it) was stamped/sealed on their hearts/minds , so they do not understand/learn .

  4. And if you saw them , their bodies pleases/marvels you, and if they say (talk), you hear/listen to their statement/word as if they are supported wood (logs), they think/suppose each/ every loud strong cry/torture raid is on (against) them, they are the enemy, so be warned/cautious (of) them , God fought them , (so) where/how (do) they be turned away ?

  5. And when/if (it) was said to them: "Come, God`s messenger asks for forgiveness for you." They twisted/turned/ bent their heads, and you saw them preventing/obstructing , and they are arrogant.

  6. (It is) equal/alike on (for) them (if) you asked for forgiveness for them, or you did not ask for forgiveness for them, God will never/not forgive for them, that truly God does not guide the nation, the debauchers .

  7. They are those who say: "Do not spend on whom (is) at God`s messenger, until they scatter/separate And to God (are) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s safes/storages (treasures), and but the hypocrites do not understand/learn .

  8. They say: "If (E) we returned to the city/town, the more dignified/honoured will bring out (exile) the most humiliated/weakest ." And to God (is) the glory/might/power , and to His messenger, and to the believers, and but the hypocrites do not know.

  9. You, you those who believed, (let) not your properties/possessions/wealths and nor your children distract/preoccupy you from mentioning/remembering God, and who makes/does that, so those, they are the losers/misguided .

  10. And spend from what We provided for you, from before that the death/lifelessness comes (to) one of you, so he says: "My Lord, if only You delayed me to a near/close term/time, so I will give charity and I will be from correct, righteous."

  11. And God will never/not delay a self if its term/time came, and God (is) expert/experienced with what you make/do


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