Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 65. At-Talaq - Divorce

  1. Prophet and believers, if you want to divorce your wives, you should divorce them at a time after which they can start their waiting period. Let them keep an account of the number of the days in the waiting period. Have fear of God, your Lord. (During their waiting period) do not expel them from their homes and they also must not go out of their homes, unless they commit proven indecency. These are the Laws of God. Whoever transgresses against the laws of God has certainly wronged himself. You never know, perhaps God will bring about some new situation.

  2. When their waiting period is about to end, keep them or separate from them lawfully. Let two just people witness the divorce and let them bear witness for the sake of God. Thus does God command those who have faith in Him and the Day of Judgment.

  3. God will make a way (out of difficulty) for one who has fear of Him and will provide him with sustenance in a way that he will not even notice. God is Sufficient for the needs of whoever trusts in Him. He has full access to whatever He wants. He has prescribed a due measure for everything.

  4. If you have any doubt whether your wives have reached the stage of menopause, the waiting period will be three months. This will also be the same for those who do not experience menstruation. The end of the waiting period for a pregnant woman is the delivery. God will make the affairs of one who fears Him easy.

  5. This is the command of God which He has revealed to you. God will expiate the evil deeds of those who fear Him and will increase their rewards.

  6. Lodge them (your wives) where you lived together if you can afford it. Do not annoy them so as to make life intolerable for them. If they are pregnant, provide them with maintenance until their delivery. Pay their wage if they breast-feed your children and settle your differences lawfully. If you are unable to settle them, let another person breast-feed the child.

  7. Let the well-to-do people spend abundantly (for the mother and the child) and let the poor spend from what God has given them. God does not impose on any soul that which he cannot afford. God will bring about ease after hardship.

  8. How many a town has disobeyed its Lord and His Messenger! For them Our questioning was strict and Our punishment severe.

  9. They suffered the consequences of their deeds and their end was perdition.

  10. God has prepared severe retribution for them. People of understanding and believers, have fear of God. God has certainly sent you a reminder,

  11. a Messenger who recites to you the illustrious revelations of God, to bring the righteously striving believers out of darkness into light. God will admit those who believe in Him and act righteously to Paradise wherein streams flow, and they will live therein forever. God will provide them with excellent sustenance.

  12. It is God who has created the seven heavens and a like number of earths. His commandments are sent between them, so that you would know that God has power over all things and that His knowledge encompasses all.


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