Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 66. At-Tahrim - The Prohibition

  1. Prophet! why do you forbid yourself the things which Allâh has made lawful to you? You seek the pleasure (of Allâh) for your wives. And Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

  2. Allâh has indeed sanctioned to you (- the Muslims) the expiation of your (expiable) oaths. And Allâh is your Patron and He is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

  3. (Recall the time) when the Prophet confided to one of his wives (-Hafsah) a certain (secret) matter. When she divulged it (to another of his wives âishah), and Allâh informed him (- the Prophet) of this, he then made known (to her) a part of it (to reprove her for what she had done) and avoided mentioning the other part. So when he told her about it she said, `Who has informed you of this?´ He (- the Prophet) said, `The All-Knowing, the All-Aware (God) has informed me.´

  4. If both of you women (-âishah and Hafsah) turn to Allâh repentant, (He will accept your repentance,) for your hearts are already inclined (to God). But if you abet (each other) against him (- the Prophet), (then bear in mind) Allâh is his helper as also Gabriel and the righteous among the believers and further more all the angels are also his helpers.

  5. It may be that in case he divorces you, his Lord will give him instead wives better than yourselves; (wives who will be) submissive (to Allâh), faithful, obedient, penitent, devout (worshippers of God), given to fasting. (And they may consist of) divorced, widows and virgins.

  6. O you who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire of which (ordinary) human beings and stone (- hearted people) are fuel and over which angels are appointed, fierce and ferocious, who never disobey the command of Allâh and who do as they are told.

  7. O you who disbelieve! (now when you are cast into the Fire) make no excuses this day. You are only requited for what you used to do.

  8. O you who believe! turn to Allâh in sincere repentance, may be that your Lord will acquit you of your evil deeds and admit you to Gardens served with running streams. On that day Allâh will not disgrace the Prophet nor those who have believed with him. Their light will advance swiftly (radiating) in front of them and on their right hands while they will go on (praying and) saying, `Our Lord! perfect our light for us and protect us (against our lapses). Verily You are Possessor of prudential power to do every desired thing.´

  9. Prophet! strive hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be stern with them; their resort is Gehenna. What an evil destination!

  10. Allâh compares those who disbelieve to the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were both under (the wedlock of) two of Our righteous servants but acted treacherously towards them both. So they (- Noah and Lot) could do nothing to save them from (the punishment of) Allâh. And it was said to them, `Enter you both into the (Hell) Fire along with those (of your category) who enter therein.

  11. And Allâh compares those who believe to the wife of Pharaoh. Behold! she said, `My Lord! make for me an abode in the Garden (of Paradise) close to You and deliver me from Pharaoh and his work and deliver me from the wrongdoing people.

  12. And Allâh (next compares the believers to) Mary, the daughter of Amrân, she who took care to guard her chastity, so we breathed into him (the believer who is exemplified here) Our inspiration, while she declared her faith in the revelations of her Lord and His Scriptures and she became of the devoted ones to prayers and obedient to Him.


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