Literal - Sura: 66. At-Tahrim - The Prohibition

  1. You, you the prophet, why/for what (do) you forbid/prohibit what God permitted/allowed for you, you wish/desire your wives` approvals/satisfactions , and God (is) forgiving, merciful.

  2. God had commanded/made a duty for you, expiation/oath dissolution dues (of) your oaths , and God is your ally/master , and He is the knowledgeable, the wise/judicious.

  3. And when the prophet confided to some (of) his wives an information/speech, so when she informed with it (others) and God made it apparent/visible on (to) him, he made some of it known and he opposed from some, so when he informed her with it, she said: "Who informed you (of) this?" He said: "The knowledgeable, the expert/experienced informed me."

  4. If you (B) repent to God, so your (B)`s hearts/minds had inclined/listened, and if they (B) cooperated/supported each other on (against) him, so then God, He is his guardian/ally , and Gabriel, and (the) correct/righteous (of) the believers, and the angels after that (are) a supporter/helper.

  5. Maybe/perhaps his Lord if he divorced you (F) that He exchanges/replaces for him wives better than you, Moslems/submitters , believers, worshipping humbly, , repentant, worshipping , fasting and secluded in mosques (devout) , divorced/widowed/non-virgin , and first borns/virgins .

  6. You, you those who believed, protect your selves and your families/people (from) a fire, its fuel (is) the people and the stones, on it (are) angels hard/rough , strong (severe), they do not disobey God what He ordered/commanded them, and they make/do what they are ordered/commanded.

  7. You, you those who disbelieved, do not apologize/excuse yourselves the day/today, but/truly you are being reimbursed what you were making/doing .

  8. You, you those who believed, repent to God, a sincere/honest (E) repentance, maybe/perhaps your Lord that He covers/substitutes from you your sins/crimes, and He makes you enter treed gardens/paradises, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, a day/time God does not shame/scandalize (disappoint) the prophet and those who believed with Him, their light strives/moves quickly between their hands, and at their rights , they say: "Our Lord complete for us our light, and forgive for us, that You are on every thing capable/able ."

  9. You, you the prophet, do your utmost/struggle (against) the disbelievers and the hypocrites , and be hard/strong on them, and their shelter/refuge (is) Hell , and how bad (is) the end/destination?

  10. God gave an example/proverb to those who disbelieved, Noah`s woman (wife), and Lot`s woman (wife), they (B) were under (at) two worshippers (B) from Our worshippers (the) correct/righteous, so they (B) betrayed/were unfaithful to them (B), so they (B) did not enrich/avail from them (B) from God a thing, and (it was) said: "Enter (B) the fire with the entering."

  11. And God gave an example/proverb to those who believed, Pharaoh`s woman (wife) when she said: "My Lord build/construct for me at You a house/home in the Paradise and save/rescue me from Pharaoh and his deed, and save/rescue me from the nation the unjust/oppressive ."

  12. And Mary Amran`s daughter who remained chaste (protected) her genital parts between her legs, so We blew in it from Our Soul/Spirit , and she confirmed/was truthful with her Lord`s words/expressions, and His Books , and she was from the worshipping humbly 427


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