Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 66. At-Tahrim - The Prohibition

  1. Prophet, in seeking the pleasure of your wives, why do you make unlawful that which God has made lawful. God is All-forgiving and All-merciful.

  2. God has shown you how to absolve yourselves of your oaths. He is your Guardian and is All-knowing and All-wise.

  3. The Prophet told a secret to one of his wives telling her not to mention it to anyone else. When she divulged it, God informed His Prophet about this. The Prophet told his wife part of the information which he had received from God and ignored the rest. Then she asked, "Who informed you about this?" He replied, "The All-aware and All-knowing one has told me".

  4. Would that you two (wives of the Prophet) had turned to God in repentance. Your hearts have sinned. If you conspire with each other against him, know that God is his Guardian. Gabriel, the righteous (ones) among the believers and the angels will all support him.

  5. If he divorces you, perhaps his Lord will replace you with better wives, either widows or virgins who will be Muslims: believers, faithful, obedient, repentant, and devout in prayer and fasting.

  6. Believers, save yourselves and your families from the fire which is fueled by people and stones and is guarded by stern angels who do not disobey God´s commands and do whatever they are ordered to do.

  7. Disbelievers (will be told on the Day of Judgment), "Do not make any excuses on this day; you are only receiving recompense for what you have done".

  8. Believers, turn to God in repentance with the intention of never repeating the same sin. Perhaps your Lord will expiate your evil deeds and admit you to Paradise wherein streams flow. On the Day of Judgment, God will not disgrace the Prophet and those who have believed in him. Their lights will shine in front of them and to their right. They will say, "Our Lord, perfect our light for us and forgive our sins. You have power over all things".

  9. Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be stern against them. Their dwelling will be hell fire, the most terrible fate.

  10. God has told the disbelievers the story of the wives of Noah and Lot as a parable. They were married to two of Our righteous servants but were unfaithful to them. Nothing could protect them from the (wrath) of God and they were told to enter hell fire with the others.

  11. To the believers, as a parable, God has told the story of the wife of the Pharaoh who said, "Lord, establish for me a house in Paradise in your presence. Rescue me from Pharaoh and his deeds and save me from the unjust people.

  12. He has also told, as a parable, the story of Mary, daughter of Imran who preserved her virginity and (into whose womb) We breathed Our spirit. She made the words of her Lord and the predictions in His Books come true. She was an obedient woman.


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