Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 67. Al-Mulk - The Kingdom

  1. Blessed is He in whose hands is the Kingdom and who has power over all things.

  2. It is He who has created death and life to put you to the test and see which of you is most virtuous in your deeds. He is Majestic and All-forgiving.

  3. It is He who has created seven heavens, one above the other. You can see no flaw in the creation of the Beneficent God. Look again. Can you see faults?

  4. Look twice (and keep on looking), your eyes will only become dull and tired.

  5. We have decked the lowest heavens with torches. With these torches We have stoned the devils and We have prepared for them the torment of hell.

  6. For those who have disbelieved in their Lord, We have prepared the torment of hell, the most terrible place to return.

  7. When they are thrown into hell, they will hear its roaring while it boils.

  8. It almost explodes in rage. Whenever a group is thrown into it, its keepers will ask them, "Did no one come to warn you?"

  9. They will say, "Yes, someone did come to warn us, but we rejected him saying, ´God has revealed nothing. You are in great error".

  10. They will also say, "Had We listened or used our minds, we would not have become the dwellers of hell".

  11. They will confess to their sins, but the dwellers of hell will be far away from God´s (mercy).

  12. Those who fear their Lord in secret will receive forgiveness and a great reward.

  13. Whether you conceal what you say or reveal it, God knows best all that the hearts contain.

  14. Does the One Who is Subtle, All-aware, and Who created all things not know all about them?

  15. It is He who has made the earth subservient to you. You walk through its vast valleys and eat of its sustenance. Before Him you will all be resurrected.

  16. Do you feel secure that the One in the heavens will not cause you to sink into the earth when it is violently shaking?

  17. Do you feel secure that the One in the heavens will not strike you with a sandstorm? You will soon know, with the coming of the torment, how serious Our warning was.

  18. Those who lived before them had also rejected Our warning, and how terrible was Our retribution!

  19. Did they not see the birds above them, stretching out, and flapping their wings. No one keeps them up in the sky except the Beneficent God. He certainly watches over all things.

  20. Do you have any armies who will help you against the Beneficent God? The disbelievers are certainly deceived (by satan).

  21. Is there anyone who will provide you with sustenance if God were to deny you sustenance? In fact, they obstinately persist in their transgression and hatred.

  22. Can one who walks with his head hanging down be better guided that one who walks with his head upright?

  23. (Muhammad), say, "It is God who has brought you into being and made ears, eyes, and hearts for you, but you give very little thanks".

  24. Say, "It is God who has settled you on the earth and to Him you will be resurrected".

  25. They say, "When will this torment take place if what you say is true?"

  26. Say, "God knows best. I am only one who gives warning".

  27. When they see the torment approaching, the faces of the disbelievers will blacken and they will be told, "This is what you wanted to (experience)".

  28. (Muhammad), say, "Have you not considered that regardless whether God forgives me and my followers or grants us mercy, but who will protect the disbelievers from a painful torment?

  29. Say, "He is the Beneficent One in whom we have faith and trust. You will soon know who is in manifest error".

  30. Say, "Have you not thought that if your water was to dry up, who would bring you water from the spring?"


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