Ali Ünal - Sura: 69. Al-Haqqah - The Sure Truth

  1. The Sure Reality.

  2. What is the Sure Reality?!

  3. And what enables you to perceive what the Sure Reality is?

  4. The (tribes) of Thamud and ‘Ad denied the Sudden, Mighty Strike.

  5. Now as for the (tribe of) Thamud – they were destroyed by the overwhelming (catastrophe).

  6. And the (tribe of) ‘Ad – they were destroyed with a furious, roaring windstorm,

  7. Which God made to prevail against them for seven nights and eight days, uninterruptedly, so that you could have seen people lying overthrown in it, as though they were hollow trunks of palm-trees.

  8. Now do you see any of them remaining?

  9. And there was the Pharaoh, and many other communities before him, and the cities overthrown (where Lot’s people lived): all of them indulged in the unpardonable sins.

  10. And they rebelled against their Lord’s Messenger (sent to each to warn them), and so He took hold of them with a severe seizing.

  11. It was We Who, when the water (of the Flood in the time of Noah) burst beyond limits, carried you (i.e. your believing ancestors) in the on-moving Ark,

  12. So that We might make it a reminder for you (to be transmitted from generation to generation), and that heeding ears might take it in and retain it.

  13. And when (the Last Hour comes and) the Trumpet is blown with a single blast,

  14. And the earth, and the mountains (on it) are removed and burst within, and are crushed with a single crushing.

  15. It is on that Day that the Event to happen will happen.

  16. And the sky split asunder, and so, on that Day it will be most frail,

  17. And the angels will be at its ends; and above them, eight will bear the Throne of your Lord on that Day.

  18. On that Day you will be arraigned for judgment, and no secret of yours will remain hidden.

  19. Then as for him who is given his Record in his right hand, he will say: "Here, take and read my Record!

  20. "I surely knew that (one day) I would meet my account."

  21. And so he will be in a state of life pleasing to him,

  22. In a lofty Garden,

  23. With clusters (of fruit) within easy reach.

  24. "Eat and drink to your hearts’ content for all that you sent ahead in advance in days past (in anticipation of this Day)."

  25. But as for him whose Record is given in his left hand, he will say: "Ah, would that I had never been given my Record,

  26. "And that I had known nothing of my account!

  27. "Oh, would that death had been (and nothing thereafter had followed).

  28. "My wealth has availed me nothing,

  29. "And all my authority (my power over all that I had) has gone from me!"

  30. (And the command will come): "Lay hold of him and shackle him (by the neck, the hands, and the feet)!

  31. "Then in the Blazing Flame let him to roast.

  32. "Then, fasten him with a chain the length of which is seventy cubits."

  33. For he surely did not believe in God, the Supreme,

  34. And did not urge to the feeding of the destitute.

  35. And so, he will have none to befriend him this Day,

  36. Nor any food except foul pus.

  37. None eat it except the sinful (those guilty of denying God or associating partners with Him and oppressing people).

  38. No indeed! I swear by all that you can see,

  39. And all that you cannot see,

  40. It surely is the speech (conveyed to you by) an illustrious, noble Messenger.

  41. And not a poet’s speech (composed in a poet’s mind). How little is what you believe! (It is so limited by the poverty of your souls and hearts.)

  42. Nor is it a soothsayer’s speech (pretending to foretell events). How little it is that you reflect and be mindful! (It is so limited by the poverty of your minds.)

  43. (No indeed!) It is a Revelation being sent down in parts from the Lord of the worlds.

  44. If he (the Messenger) had dared to fabricate some false sayings in attribution to Us,

  45. We would certainly have seized him with might,

  46. Thereafter We would certainly have cut his life-vein.

  47. Then not one from among you could have shielded and saved him from Us.

  48. And it is a sure Reminder (bringing hope and guidance) for the God-revering, pious.

  49. We are most certainly aware that among you are some who deny (it).

  50. It will surely be a bitter regret for the unbelievers.

  51. And this (the whole Qur’an) is surely certain truth.

  52. So glorify the Name of your Lord, the Supreme.


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