Faridul Haque - Sura: 69. Al-Haqqah - The Sure Truth

  1. The true event!

  2. How tremendous is the true event!

  3. And what have you understood, how tremendous the true event is!

  4. The tribes of Thamud and A’ad denied the event of great dismay. (The Day of Resurrection)

  5. So regarding the Thamud, they were destroyed by a terrible scream.

  6. And as for A’ad, they were destroyed by a severe thundering windstorm.

  7. He forced it upon them with strength, consecutively for seven nights and eight days - so you would see those people overthrown in it, like trunks of date palms fallen down.

  8. So do you see any survivor among them?

  9. And Firaun, and those before him, and the dwellings that were inverted and thrown, had brought error.

  10. They therefore disobeyed the Noble Messengers of their Lord – so He seized them with an intense seizure.

  11. Indeed when the water swelled up, We boarded you onto the ship.

  12. In order to make it a remembrance for you, and in order that the ears that store may remember.

  13. So when the Trumpet will be blown, with a sudden single blow.

  14. And the earth and the mountains will be lifted up and crushed with a single crush.

  15. So that is the day when the forthcoming event will occur.

  16. And the heaven will split asunder - so on that day it will be unstable.

  17. And the angels will be on its sides; and on that day, eight angels will carry the Throne of your Lord above them.

  18. On that day all of you will be brought forth, so none among you wishing to hide will be able to hide.

  19. So whoever is given his book in his right hand - he will say, “Take, read my account!”

  20. “I was certain that I will confront my account.”

  21. He is therefore in the desired serenity.

  22. In a lofty Garden -

  23. The fruit clusters of which are hanging down.

  24. “Eat and drink with pleasure – the reward of what you sent ahead, in the past days.”

  25. And whoever is given his book in his left hand - he will say, “Alas, if only my account were not given to me!”

  26. “And had never come to know my account!”

  27. “Alas, if only it had been just death.”

  28. “My wealth did not in the least benefit me.”

  29. “All my power has vanished.”

  30. It will be said, “Seize him, and shackle him.”

  31. “Then hurl him into the blazing fire.”

  32. “Then bind him inside a chain which is seventy arm-lengths.”

  33. “Indeed he refused to accept faith in Allah, the Greatest.”

  34. “And did not urge to feed the needy.”

  35. “So he does not have any friend here this day.”

  36. “Nor any food except the pus discharged from the people of hell.”

  37. “Which none except the guilty shall eat.”

  38. So by oath of the things you see.

  39. And by oath of those you do not see.

  40. This Qur’an is the speech of Allah with a gracious Noble Messenger.

  41. And it is not the speech of a poet; how little do you believe!

  42. Nor is it the speech of a soothsayer; how little do you ponder!

  43. Sent down by the Lord Of The Creation.

  44. And had he fabricated just one matter upon Us -

  45. We would have definitely taken revenge from him.

  46. Then would have cut off his heart’s artery.

  47. Then none among you would be his saviour.

  48. And indeed this Qur’an is an advice for the pious.

  49. And indeed We know that some among you are deniers.

  50. And indeed it is a despair for the disbelievers.

  51. And indeed it is a certain Truth.

  52. Therefore (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), proclaim the purity of your Lord, the Greatest.


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