Literal - Sura: 69. Al-Haqqah - The Sure Truth

  1. The disaster/catastrophe/reality .

  2. What is the disaster/catastrophe/reality ?

  3. And what makes you know what (is) the disaster/catastrophe/reality ?

  4. Thamud and Aad lied/denied/falsified with the Resurrection/disaster/calamity .

  5. So but (for) Thamud , so they were made to die/destroyed with a wind blowing/frosty (and) violent .

  6. And but (for) Aad , so they were made to die/destroyed by a violent blowing/frosty wind .

  7. He manipulated/subjugated it on them seven nights and eight days ominously/severing goodness (uprooting), so you see the nation in it lying flat/mad, as if they are palm tree`s fallen/destroyed ends.

  8. So do you see for them from a remainder/remnant?

  9. And Pharaoh came, and who (is) before him, and the overturned/destroyed cities with the sin .

  10. So they disobeyed their Lord`s messenger, so He punished them an increased spellbinding (devastating) punishment .

  11. We (E) when the water became elevated (over flowed)/violent , We carried/lifted you in the ship/flowing .

  12. To make/put it for you (as) a reminder, and comprehending/perceiving ears accept/understand it .

  13. So when (it) was blown in the horn/bugle/instrument, one blow.

  14. And the earth/Planet Earth and the mountains were carried/lifted , so they (B) were leveled/flattened one crunch/destruction .

  15. So that day, the Resurrection/Event landed/happened .

  16. And the sky/space split away/cut open , so it is (on) that day cracked/weak .

  17. And the angels (are) on its boundaries/vastness , and that day eight carries/lifts your Lord`s throne above them .

  18. That day, you are being exhibited/displayed , not a hidden (thing) hides from you.

  19. So but who was given/brought his book/judgment with his right (hand), so he says: "Take (here take this) read my Book/judgment ."

  20. That I, I thought/assumed that I am receiving/meeting my account/calculation (punishment).

  21. So he is in (an) acceptable/approved life/quality of life.

  22. In an elevated/dignified treed garden/paradise.

  23. Its fruit harvests (are) near.

  24. Eat and drink pleasurable/wholesome/tasty because (of) what you advanced in the days/times, the past/expired .

  25. And but who was given/brought his Book/judgment with his left (hand), so he says: "I wish I would have not been given my book/judgment ."

  26. And I did not know what my account/calculation (is).

  27. Oh,. if only it was the end/death.

  28. My property/possession/wealth did not enrich/suffice (help) from (for) me.

  29. My authority/power perished from me.

  30. Take/punish him , so chain/tie him.

  31. Then (in) the Hell roast/burn him .

  32. Then in a chain its measure (length is) seventy arm/ells/cubit , so enter/pass/thread/(tie) him.

  33. That he truly was not believing with (in) God, the great.

  34. And nor urges/insights/influences on feeding the poorest of poor/poor oppressed.

  35. So here, here (a) concerned (relative/friend) is not for him the day/today.

  36. And nor food except from ghesleen (could be Hell`s occupants` flesh, skin and blood) .

  37. None eat it except the mistaken/erroneous .

  38. So I do not swear/make oath with what you see .

  39. And what you do not see .

  40. That it truly is an honoured/noble messenger`s word/saying (E) .

  41. And it is not with a poet`s word/saying , little (is) what you believe.

  42. And nor with a fortune teller`s/altar priests word/saying , little (is) what you mention/remember .

  43. Descent from the creations all together`s/(universe`s) Lord.

  44. And if (the messenger) made false statements on Us (on Our behalf) some (of) the sayings/beliefs .

  45. We would have punished/taken from him by the right (hand).

  46. Then We would have severed/cut off from him the aorta/heart`s main artery.

  47. So (there) is not from anyone from you preventing/hindering from (for) him.

  48. And that it truly is a reminder for the fearing and obeying.

  49. And We (E), We know (E) that (E) from you (are) liars/deniers/falsifiers.

  50. And that it truly is grief/sadness (E) , on the disbelievers.

  51. And that it truly is true/real (E) the assurance/certainty.

  52. So praise/glorify with your Lord`s name the great.434


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