Literal - Sura: 7. Al-A'raf - The Elevated Places

  1. A L M S/C .

  2. A Book was descended to you so no tightness/strain be in your chest (innermost) from it, to warn/give notice with it and a remembrance/reminder to the believers.

  3. Follow what was descended to you from your Lord, and do not follow from other than Him guardians ,little (is) what you remember/glorify .

  4. And how many from a village/urban city We destroyed it , so Our might/power came to it suddenly at night/overnight, or (while) they are saying/relaxing at midday .

  5. So their call/prayer when/if Our might/power came to them was not except that they said: "We were unjust/oppressive ."

  6. So We will ask/question (E) those sent to them, and We will ask/question (E) the messengers.

  7. So We will inform/narrate on (to) them with knowledge and We were not absent.

  8. And the weight/measure that day (is) the correct/deserved/just , so who his (whose) weights/measures became heavy, so those, they are the successful/winners.

  9. And who his (whose) weights/measures were reduced/lightened, so those (are) those who lost themselves because (of) what they were with Our signs/verses/evidences causing injustice/oppression.

  10. And We had strengthened/empowered you in the earth/Planet Earth, and We made for you in it livelihood/sustenance, little (is) what you thank/be grateful .

  11. And We had created you, then We pictured/formed you , then We said to the angels: "Prostrate to Adam." So they prostrated except Satan , was not from the prostrating.

  12. He (God) said: "What prevented/stopped/forbid you, that you not prostrate when/if I ordered/commanded you?" He (the devil)said: "I am better than him, You created me from fire, and You created him from mud/clay ."

  13. He (God) said: "So drop/reduce/decline from it, so (it) was not to be for you that you be arrogant in it, so get out/emerge , that you are from the subservient/humiliated/lowly ."

  14. He (the devil) said: "Give me time/delay me to a day they be sent/resurrected/revived."

  15. He (God) said: "That you are from the given time/delayed ."

  16. He (the devil) said: "So with what you misguided/enticed me , I will sit/remain (E) for them (in) Your straight/direct road/way."

  17. Then I will come to them from between their hands, and from behind them, and from/of/on their rights, and from/of/on their lefts, and You (will) not find most of them thankful/grateful.

  18. He (God) said: "Get out/emerge from it expelled/degraded , expelled/driven away , whom (E) followed you from them, I will fill (E) Hell from you all/all together (E)."

  19. And you Adam, reside/inhabit you and your wife/spouse the Paradise, so you (B) eat from (it) where/when you (B) willed/wanted, and do not approach/near this/that the tree, so you (B) become/will be from the unjust/oppressive.

  20. So the devil talked to/gave evil suggestions and temptations to them (B) to show to them (B) what was hidden/concealed from them (B) from their (B)`s shameful genital private parts, and he said: "Your (B)`s Lord did not prevent you (B) from that/this tree except that you (B) become/be two angels or you (B) become/be from the immortal/eternal ."

  21. And he swore/made oath to them (B): "I am to you (B) from (E) the advisors/counselors."

  22. So he lured/attracted and lowered them (B) , with deceit/temptation so when they (B) tasted/experienced the tree, their (B)`s shameful genital private parts appeared to them (B), and they (B) started and continued (to) stick/tried hard to make do with what they do not have on them (B) from the Paradise`s leaves , and their (B)`s Lord called them (B): "Did I not forbid/prevent you (B) from that the tree, and I said to you (B) that the devil (is) for you (B) an evident enemy?"

  23. They (B) said: "Our Lord, We caused injustice/oppressed ourselves, and if You do not forgive for us, and You have mercy upon us, we will be/become from the losers ."

  24. He said: "Drop/descend/reduce some of you to some (are) an enemy, and for you in the earth/Planet Earth (is) settlement/establishment and long life/enjoyment to a time ."

  25. He said: "In it you live, and in it you die, and from it you are brought out ."

  26. You Adam`s sons and daughters, We had descended on you a cover/dress (that) hides/conceals your shameful genital private parts, and feathers/riches/possessions, and the fear and obedience (of God`s) cover/dress, that (is) better , and that (is) from God`s signs/verses/evidences, maybe/perhaps they remember/glorify .

  27. You Adam`s sons and daughters, (let) not the devil test/misguide/betray you as/like he brought out your parents from the Paradise, he removes/pulls away from them (B) their (B)`s cover/dress to show them (B)/make them (B) understand their (B)`s shameful genital private parts; that he sees you, he and his group/tribe from where/when you do not see them, that We made the devils guardians/allies to those who do not believe.

  28. And if they made/did an enormous/atrocious deed , they said: "We found our fathers on it, and God ordered/commanded us with it." Say: "That God does not order/command with the enormous/atrocious deeds , do you say on (about) God what you do not know?"

  29. Say: "My Lord ordered/commanded with the just/equitable, and stand your faces/fronts at every mosque/place of worshipping God, and call Him faithful/loyal to Him (in) the religion, as/like He started/created you , you return.

  30. A group/party , He guided, and a group/party (it) became fact/deserved/imminent on them the misguidance, that they took the devils (as) guardians/allies from other than God, and they think/suppose that they are guided.97

  31. You Adam`s sons and daughters, take/receive your decoration/beauty at every/each mosque/place of worshipping God, and eat and drink and do not waste/spoil/ignore , that God does not love/like the wasters .

  32. Say: "Who forbid God`s decoration/beauty/ornament which He brought out to (for) His worshippers/slaves, and the enjoyable/goodnesses from the provision/things of benefit or value ?"Say: "It is to those who believed in the life the present/worldly life clearly/purely (in) the Resurrection Day, as/like that We detail/explain/clarify the verses/evidences to a nation knowing."

  33. Say: "But my Lord forbade the enormous/atrocious deeds what is/became visible from it, and what is/was hidden, and the sin/crime, and the oppression/transgression/corruption without the right , and that you share/make partners (with God) what He did not descend with it a proof/evidence , and that you say on (about) God what you do not know.

  34. And to every nation (is) a term/time, so if their term/time came, they do not delay/lag behind an hour, and they do not advance .

  35. You Adam`s sons and daughters, if/whenever messengers from you come to you, they narrate/relay/inform on (to) you My verses/evidences , so who feared and obeyed and corrected/repaired , so no fear/fright on them, and nor they be sad/grieving.

  36. And those who lied/denied/falsified, with Our verses/evidences and they became arrogant from it, those are the fire`s owners/company/friends, they are in it immortally/eternally .

  37. So who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who fabricated on (about) God lies/denials/falsifications or lied/denied/falsified with His verses/evidences , those their share/fortune from The Book takes them until/if/when Our messengers came to them, they make them die, they said: "Where (is) what you were/are calling/wishing/desiring from other than God?" They said: "They were misguided from us, and they witnessed/testified on themselves that they truly, they were disbelieving/disbelievers."

  38. He said: "Enter in (with) nations (that) have past/expired from before you from the Jinns and the human/mankind in the fire, whenever a nation is entered, it cursed its sister until they caught up (to)/overtook/reached each other in it all together, their last said to their first : "Our Lord those (are who) misguided us, so give/bring them a double torture from the fire." He said: "For every/each/all (is) double, and but you do not know."

  39. And their first said to their last: "So (there) was/is not was for you on us from grace/favour/blessing, so taste/experience the torture because (of) what you were gaining/acquiring ."

  40. That those who lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences and became arrogant from/about it, the sky`s/space`s doors/entrances do not be (get) opened for them, and nor they enter the Paradise, until the camel enters/penetrates in the needle`s/sewing needle`s eye/threading hole, and as/like that We reward/reimburse the criminals/sinners.

  41. For them from Hell (is a) bed/crib , and from above them covers/darknesses , and as/like that We reward/reimburse the unjust/oppressors.98

  42. And those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, We do not burden/impose a self except its endurance/capacity , those are the Paradises` owners/company , they are in it immortally/eternally.

  43. And We removed/took away what (is) in their chests (innermosts) from hatred/spite/animosity , the rivers flow from beneath them , and they said: "The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God who guided us to this, and we were not to (be) guided had it not been for that God guided us. Our Lord`s messengers had come with the truth ." And they (those who believed) were called: "That (is) the Paradise you were made to inherit it becuase (of) what you were making/doing/working."

  44. And the Paradises` owners/company called/cried (to) the fire`s owners/company: "That we had found what our Lord promised us truthful/factually , so did you find what your Lord promised truthfully/factually ?" They said: "Yes." So an announcer/informer (from) between them announced/informed : "That God`s curse/torture (is) on the unjust/oppressors ."

  45. Those who prevent/obstruct from God`s way/path and they desire it (be) bent/crookedness , and they are with the end (other life) disbelieving.

  46. And between them (B) (is) a partition/barrier/protection , and on the fence between Heaven and Hell/the highest tip of anything (are) men they know each/all with (by) their marks/identifications/expressions, and they called/cried (to) the Paradises` company/friends : "That a greeting/security/peace on you." They did not enter it and they are coveting/desiring .

  47. And if their eye sights/understanding was diverted towards the fire`s company/friends , they said: "Our Lord do not make/put us with the nation the unjust/oppressive ."

  48. And company/friends (of) the fence between Heaven and Hell/the highest tip of anything called/cried (to) men (that) they know them by their marks/identifications/expressions. They said: "Your gatherings/collecting/group and what you were being arrogant did not enrich/satisfy from you."

  49. Are those, those who you swore/made oath (that) God will not take/receive them with a mercy? Enter the Paradise, no fear/fright on you and nor you be sad/grieving.

  50. And the fire`s company/friends called/cried (to) the Paradises` company/friends : "That spread/flow on us from the water or from what God provided for you." They said: "That God forbade/prohibited them (B) on the disbelievers."

  51. Those who took their religion (as) an amusement/fun and playing/mockery and the life the present/worldly life has deceived/tempted them, so the day/today We forget them as/like they forgot this their day/time, and as long as (because of) what they were with Our verses/evidences disbelieving and denying .

  52. And We had come to them with a Book (that) We detailed/explained it on knowledge ,guidance and mercy to a nation believing.

  53. Do they wait/watch except (for) its interpretation/explanation? (On) a day its interpretation/explanation comes, those who forgot it from before say: "Our Lord`s messengers had come with the truth . So are99(there) for us from mediators, so they mediate for us, or we be returned so we make/do other than what we were making/doing?" They had lost themselves, and what they were fabricating/cutting and splitting (was) misguided/wasted/lost from them.

  54. That your Lord (is) God who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth in six days/times, then He aimed to/sat on/straightened on the throne/royal bed/palace , the daytime covers/darkens the night, it seeks/wants it quickly/urgently , and the sun and the moon and the stars/planets (are) manipulated/subjugated with His order/command, is (it) not to Him the creation and the order/command/matter/affair? Blessed (is) God the creatures all together`s/(universes`) Lord.

  55. Call your Lord humbly and humiliated and hiddenly/secretly, that He does not love/like the transgressors/violators .

  56. And do not corrupt/disorder in the earth/Planet Earth after its correction/repairment, and call Him fearfully/frightfully wishing/coveting , that God`s mercy (is) near/close from the good doers.

  57. And He is who sends the winds/breezes a good news between His mercy`s hand, until when it carried/raised heavy loaded clouds, We drove it to a dead country/land , So We descended with it the water, so We brought out with it from every the fruits, as/like that We bring out/make (to) emerge the deads, maybe/perhaps you mention/remember/glorify .

  58. And the good/pure country/land its plants appear/emerge with its Lord`s permission , and which became (was) bad/spoiled , does not appear/emerge except very little/useless/weak, as/like that We elaborate linguistically (explain in detail) the verses/evidences to a nation thinking/being grateful.

  59. We had sent Noah to his nation, so he said: "My nation worship God, (there) is not a God for you from other than Him, that I, I fear on (for) you a great day`s torture."

  60. The nobles/assembly from his nation said: "We , we are seeing you (E) in evident misguidance."

  61. He said: "My nation, (there) is not misguidance with me, and but I am a messenger from the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord."

  62. I communicate/deliver to you my Lord`s messages, and I advise to you, and I know from God what you do not now.

  63. Are you astonished/surprised that a reminder came to you from your Lord on a man from you to warn/give you notice, and to fear and obey (E), and maybe/perhaps you attain mercy.

  64. So they denied Him , so We saved/rescued him and those with him in the ship , and We drowned/sunk those who denied with Our verses/evidences , that they truly were a blind/confused/misguided nation.

  65. And to Aad/an ancient tribe that could have been Hegaz, (We sent) their brother Hood, he said: "My nation worship God, (there is) no God for you from other than Him, so do you not fear and obey?"

  66. The nobles/assembly , those who disbelieved from his nation said: "That We , we (are) seeing/understanding you (E) in ignorance/stupidity , and (that) we suspect you (E) are from the disbelievers."100

  67. He said: "My nation (there) is no ignorance/stupidity with me, and but I (am) a messenger from the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord."

  68. I communicate/inform you (with) my Lord`s messages, and I am for you (a) faithful/loyal advisor/counselor.

  69. Are you astonished/surprised , that a reminder came to you from your Lord on a man from you to warn/give you notice, and remember when He made/put you (as) successors and replacers/top leaders from after Noah`s nation, and He increased you in the creation`s expansion/abundance/wealth , so remember God`s blessings, maybe/ perhaps you succeed/win.

  70. They said: Did you come to us to worship God alone, and we leave (discard) what our fathers were worship(ping), so come/bring to us with what you promise us, if you were from the truthful.

  71. He said: "Punishment and torture and anger from your Lord had fallen/landed on you, do you argue/dispute with me in (about) names you named it, you and your fathers, (that) God did not descend with it from a proof/evidence ? So wait/watch , that I am with you from the waiting/expecting/watching.

  72. So We saved/rescued him and those with him with a mercy from Us, and We cut off/severed (the) root/remainder (of) those who disbelieved with Our verses/evidences , and they were not believers/believing.

  73. And to Thamud/a pre-Islamic Arab tribe that could have been in Hegaz, (We sent) their brother Saleh, he said: "My nation, worship God, (there) is no God for you from other than Him, an evidence had come to you from your Lord, this (is) God`s female camel for you (as) a sign/evidence , so leave it eat in God`s ground/earth/land, and do not touch it with evil/harm , so (then a) painful torture takes/punishes you."

  74. And remember when He made/put you (as) successors and replacers/top leaders from after Aad/an ancient tribe that could have been in Hegaz, and He settled/established you in the earth/Planet Earth, you take from its plains/flat and level lands castles/palaces/mansions and you carve out/hew the mountains (into) houses/homes, so remember God`s blessings, and do not corrupt in the earth/Planet Earth corrupting/disordering .

  75. The nobles/assembly , those who became arrogant from his nation said to those who were weakened to who believed from them: "Do you know that Saleh is sent from his Lord?" They Said: "We are with what (he) is sent with believing."

  76. Those who became arrogant said: "We are with what you believed with it disbelieving."

  77. So they wounded/slaughtered/made the female camel infertile and they became arrogant/disobedient from their Lord`s order/command, and they said: "You Saleh, come/bring to us with what you promise us if you are from the messengers."

  78. So the tremble and shake/quake punished/took them, so they became/became in the morning in their home/country/place stuck to the ground (dead).101

  79. So he turned away from them and he said: "My nation, I had communicated/informed (to) you my Lord`s message, and I advised to you, and but you do not love/like the advisors/counselors."

  80. And Lot when he said to his nation: "Do you commit the enormous/atrocious deed , (that) not from one/anyone from the creations all together/(universes) did not precede you with it?"

  81. That you are coming/doing the men (with) lust/desire/craving from other than the women, but you are a nation (of) spoilers/wasters/extravagators."

  82. And His nation`s answer/replay was not except that they said: "Bring/drive them out from your village/urban city, that they truly are people purifying ."

  83. So We saved/rescued him and his family/people except his woman (wife) was from the remaining behind."

  84. And We rained on them rain, so see/wonder about how was the criminals`/sinners` end/turn (result).

  85. And to Madya/an ancient city, that could have been by the Red Sea, (We sent) their brother Shu`aib, he said: "My nation, worship God, (there is) no God for you from other than Him, an evidence had come to you from your Lord, so fulfill/complete the measuring/weighing device, and the scale/measuring instrument , and do not reduce/cheat the people (from) their things, and do not corrupt/disorder in the earth/Planet Earth, (from) after its correction/repairment, that (is) better for you, if you were believing."

  86. And do not sit/remain with every road/way, you promise and you object/prevent/obstruct who believed with it from God`s way/road and you wish/desire it (be) bent/crookedness/indirectness, and remember when/where you where little/few , so He increased you, and see/wonder about how was the corruptings`/disorderings` end/turn (result).

  87. And if (there) was a group of people from you (that) believed with what I was sent with it and a group of people did not believe, so be patient until God judges/rules between us, and He is the judges`/rulers` best .

  88. The nobles/assembly, those who became arrogant from his nation said: "We will bring/drive you out (E) you Shu`aib and those who believed with you from our village/urban city or you return (E) in our religion/faith." He said: "Or even if we were hating (it)?"

  89. We had fabricated on God lies/falsification , if we returned in your religion/faith after when God saved/rescued us from it, and (it) is not to be for us that we return in it except if that God, our Lord, wills/wants, our Lord extended/spread (over) every thing (in) knowledge, on God We relied/surrendered to ; our Lord judge between us and between our nation with the truth , and you are the victoriors`/defeators`/judges` best .

  90. And the nobles/assembly, those who disbelieved from his nation said: "If (E) you followed Shu`aib, that you are then losers (E) ."

  91. So the tremble/shake/quake punished/took them so they became/became in the morning in their home/country/place stuck to the ground (dead).102

  92. Those who denied Shu`aib were as if/as though they did not inhabit it/enrich/avail in it, those who denied Shu`aib were, they were the losers .

  93. So he turned away from them, and he said: "My nation, I had communicated/informed you my Lord`s messages, and I advised to you, so how (do) I grieve/sorrow for on a nation disbelieving?"

  94. And We did not sent in a village/urban city from a prophet except We took its people with the misery/hardships , and the calamity/disastrous distress, maybe/perhaps they become humble and humiliate themselves .

  95. Then We exchanged/substituted (in) place/position (of) the sin/crime the good/goodness, until they cure/forgave/pardoned, and they said: "The calamity/disastrous distress and the prosperity had touched our fathers." So We took/punished them suddenly/unexpectedly, and (while) they are not feeling/knowing/sensing.

  96. And if that the villages`/urban cities` peoples believed and feared and obeyed, We would have opened/eased on them blessings from the sky/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and but they denied/falsified , so We took/punished them because (of)what they were acquiring/gathering .

  97. Did the villages`/urban cities` people trust that Our might/power comes to them overnight and (while) they are sleeping/slumbering ?

  98. Or did the villages`/urban cities` people trust that Our might/power comes to them at sunrise/daybreak/forenoon and (while) they are playing/amusing ?

  99. Did they secure God`s scheme/deceit ? So no(one) trusts God`s scheme/deceit except the nation the losers .

  100. Or did He not guide to those inheriting the earth/Planet Earth from after its people , that if We will/want, We struck/marked them because of their crimes, and We stamp/cover/seal on their hearts/minds , so they do not hear/listen?

  101. Those are the villages`/urban cities`, We narrate/inform on (to) you from its information/news, and their messengers had come to them with the evidences, so they were not to believe with what they denied/falsified from before, as/like that God stamps/covers/seals on the disbelievers` hearts/minds .

  102. And We did not find to most of them from a promise/contract , and that truly We found most of them debauchers (E) .

  103. Then We sent from after them Moses with Our verses/evidences , to Pharaoh, and his nobles/assembly, so they caused injustice/oppression with it, so see/wonder about how was the corruptings`/disrepairings` end/turn (result).

  104. And Moses said: "You Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord."

  105. Truthful (careful/faithful) on (that) I do not say on (about) God except the truth , I had come to you with an evidence from your Lord, so send with me Israel`s sons and daughters.103

  106. He said: "If you were came (you had come) with an evidence/sign , so come with it, if you were from the truthful."

  107. So he threw away/threw his stick/cane, so then it is (an) evident/clear snake.

  108. And he removed/pulled his hand, so then it is white to the lookers/watchers . (DOES THIS MEAN THAT MOSES WAS A BLACK MAN?)

  109. The nobles/assembly from Pharaoh`s nation said: "That truly that (is a) knowledgeable magician/sorcerer (E)."

  110. He wants that he brings you out from your land , so what (do) you order/command?

  111. They said: "Delay/postpone him and his brother and send in the cities/towns gatherers."

  112. They come to you with every knowledgeable magician/sorcerer.

  113. And the magicians/sorcerers came (to) Pharaoh, and they said: "That truly for us (is) a reward/fee (E) if we, we were the defeators ."

  114. He said: "Yes, and that you are from (E) the neared/closer."

  115. They said: "You Moses, either that you throw/throw away, or we, we be the throwing/throwing away."

  116. He said: "Throw/throw away." So when they threw/threw away, they bewitched/enchanted the people`s eyes/sights and they terrorized/terrified them, and they came with great magic/sorcery. (IF GOD REFEREED TO THE MAGIC AS "GREAT" THEN IT MUST REALLY HAVE BEEN EXTRAORDINARY BY ANY STANDARD)

  117. And We inspired/transmitted/signaled to Moses, that throw/throw away your stick/cane, so then it snatches/swallows quickly what they lie/falsify.

  118. So the truth fell/happened , and what they were making/doing (was) wasted/canceled .

  119. So they were defeated/overcome at that place and time, and they turned (became) submissive/subservient .

  120. And the magicians/sorcerers were thrown/thrown away prostrating.

  121. They said: "We believed with the creations all together`s/(universes`) Lord ."

  122. Moses` and Aaron`s Lord .

  123. Pharaoh said: "You believed with Him, before that I permit for you? That, that (is) cheatery/deceit (E) you schemed/cheated/deceived it in the city/town to bring out from it its people , so you will/shall know."

  124. I will cut off/amputate (E) your hands and your feet from opposites , then I will crucify you/place you on crosses all/all together. ("OPPOSITES" MEANS A RIGHT HAND AND A LEFT FOOT, OR A LEFT HAND AND A RIGHT FOOT)

  125. They said: "We are to our Lord returning ."

  126. And you do not revenge/hate/criticize from us except that we believed with our Lord`s evidences/verses/signs, when (it) came to us, our Lord pour on us patience, and make us die (as) Moslems/submitters/surrenderers.104

  127. And the nobles/assembly from Pharaoh`s nation said: "Do you leave Moses and his nation to corrupt/disorder in the earth/Planet Earth, and he leaves you and your gods?" He said: "We will kill their sons and shame/keep alive their women, and we are above/over them defeating/conquering."

  128. Moses said to his nation: "Seek help/support/assistance by (from) God, and be patient, that the earth/land/Planet Earth (is) to God, He makes whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves inherit it, and the end (result is) to the fearing and obeying (God)."

  129. They said: "We were mildly harmed from before that you came to us, and from after what you came to us." He said: "Maybe/perhaps (hopefully) your Lord, that He destroys/perishes your enemy and He makes you successors in the earth/Planet Earth/land, so He sees/watches how you do/work ."

  130. And We had taken Pharaoh`s family with the years (drought), and reduction (deficiency) from the fruits, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember .

  131. So if the good/goodness came to them, they said: "This (is) for us." And if a sin/crime hits/strikes them , they get (have) a bad omen with Moses and whom (is) with him. Is it not, but their bad omen (is) at God, and but most of them do not know.

  132. And they said: "whatever you come/bring to us with it, from an evidence/sign/verse to bewitch/enchant us with it, so we are not to you with believing."

  133. So We sent on them the deadly/great flood/excess , and the grasshoppers/locusts and the lice, and the frogs and the blood, explained/clarified evidences/signs for them, so they became arrogant, and they were a nation (of) criminals/sinners .

  134. And when the filth/torture fell on them, they said: "You Moses, call for us your Lord, with what He promised/pledged at you, if (E) you removed/uncovered (relieved) the filth/torture from us, we will believe (E) to you, and we will send (E) with you Israel`s sons and daughters."

  135. So when We removed/uncovered (relieved) from them the filth/torture to a term/time they, they are reaching it, then they are breaching/violating .

  136. So We revenged/punished from them, so We drowned/sunk them in the body of water (river/sea/lake) because they denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences , and they were from it ignoring/disregarding .

  137. And We made the nation, those who were being weakened inherit the earth`s/Planet Earth`s sun rises/easts, and its sunsets , that We blessed in it, and your Lord`s word/expression the good (is) completed on Israel`s sons and daughters because (of) what they were patient, and We destroyed what Pharaoh and his nation were making/producing , and what they were building of trellised or wooden buildings/raising/supporting/inhabiting .

  138. And We made with Israel`s sons and daughters cross/pass through the large body of water (sea/ocean) , so they came/passed by on a nation occupying themselves/adhering on (to) idolized or worshipped idols/statues for them, they said: "You Moses, make/create for us a god, as/like (there are) gods for them." He said: "That you are a nation being lowly/ignorant/foolish ."105

  139. That those what they are in it (is) destroyed/ruined/broken, and what they were making/doing is being wasted/annulled .

  140. He said: "Is other than God a god I wish/desire (for) you, and He preferred/favoured you over the creations all together/(universes)?"

  141. And if We saved/rescued you from Pharaoh`s family, they humiliate/impose upon you the punishment`s evil/harm , they kill your sons and they shame/keep alive your women, and in that (is) a great test from your Lord.

  142. And We promised Moses thirty nights, and We completed it with ten, so his Lord`s appointed time/appointed time or place completed forty nights, and Moses said to his brother Aaron, "Be my successor in my nation, and correct/repair/reconciliate and do not follow the corrupting`s way/path ."

  143. And when Moses came to Our appointed time/appointed time or place, and his Lord conversed/spoke (to) him, he said: "My Lord show me/make me understand, I look/see to you." He said: "You will never/not see me, and but/however look to the mountain , so if it settled/established/affixed (in) its place/position, so you will/shall see me." So when his Lord uncovered/revealed/shined to the mountain, He made it crushed/destroyed/leveled/flattened, and Moses fell down fainting from thunderous noise/thunderstruck, so when he recovered/woke up, he said: "Your praise/glory, I repented to you, and I am first (of) the believers."

  144. He said: "You Moses, that I, I chose/purified you, over the people with My messages, and with My speech/conversation/languages, so take/receive what I gave/brought you, and be from the thankful/grateful."

  145. And We wrote/decreed for him in the tablets/sheets from every thing a sermon/advice/warning and detailing/explaining to every thing, so take/receive it with power/strength and order/command your nation (to) take/receive with its best, I will show you/make you understand the debauchers` home/house .

  146. I will send away/divert/misguide from My verses/evidences those who are being arrogant in the earth/Planet Earth, without the right , and if they see/understand every verse/evidence, they do not believe with it, and if they see/understand the correct/right guidance way/path , they do not take it (as) a way/path, and if they see/understand the misguidance`s/failure`s way/path they take/receive it (as) a way/path, that (is) because they (E), they lied/denied (rejected) with Our evidences/verses, and they were from it ignoring/neglecting/disregarding.

  147. And those who denied with Our verses/evidences, and the end`s (other life`s) meeting, their deeds (were) wasted; are they being rewarded/reimbursed except (for) what they were making/doing?

  148. And Moses` nation took/received from after him from their jewel/ornament/decoration a calf`s body, for him (a) moo/bellow; do they not see/understand that it does not converse/speak/talk (to) them, and nor guide them a way/road/path ? They took/received it, and they were unjust/oppressive.

  149. And when it was wronged/confused/regretted in their hands, and they saw/understood that they had been misguided, they said: "If (E) our Lord does not have mercy upon us, and forgive for us we will be/become (E) from the losers ."106

  150. And when Moses returned to his nation angry sorrowfully/angrily, he said: "How bad you succeeded/followed me from after me, did you hurry/hasten/rush your Lord`s order/command?" And he threw the tablets/sheets , and he took with his brother`s head/top pulling/dragging him to him, he said: "Son (of my) mother, that the nation weakened me, and they were about to/almost (to) kill me, so do not make the enemies rejoice at my misfortune, and do not make me with the nation the unjust/oppressive."

  151. He said: "My Lord, forgive for me and to my brother and enter us in Your mercy, and You are most merciful (of) the merciful."

  152. That those who took/received the calf, anger from their Lord will take/receive/obtain them, and humiliation/disgrace in the life the present/worldly life, and like that We reward/reimburse the fabricators .

  153. And those who made/did the sins/crimes, then they repented from after it, and they believed, that your Lord (is) from after it forgiving (E), merciful.

  154. And when the anger quietened from Moses, he took/received the tablets/sheets , and in its transcription/duplicate/print (is) guidance and mercy to those who to their Lord they are awed/terrified/monastic/monkish.

  155. And Moses chose (from) his nation seventy men, to Our appointed time/appointed time or place, so when the tremble and shake/quake/agitation took/punished them, he said: "My Lord, if you willed/wanted you made them die/destroyed them from before and (as well as) me, do you make us die/destroy us because (of) what the ignorant/foolish from us make/did? That it is except Your test , You misguide with it whom You will/want, and You guide whom You will/want, You are our guardian/patron , so forgive for us, and have mercy upon us, and You are best (of) the forgiving."

  156. And decree for us in this the present world goodness and in the end (other life), we have, we repented/guided to You. He said: "My torture, I strike/mark who I will/want with it, and My mercy extended/enriches every thing, so I will decree to those who fear and obey, and give/bring the charity/purification and those who, they are with Our verses/evidences believing."

  157. Those who follow the messenger, the prophet the illiterate/belonging to a nation, whom they find him written at them in the Torah/Old Testament, and the New Testament/Bible , He orders them with the kindness/goodness , and forbids/prevents them from the obscenity , and He permits/allows for them the pure/allowed/permitted , and forbids/prohibits on them the bad/spoiled/wicked , and lays/raises from them their weight/crime/burden, and the leather or iron collars or handcuffs which was on them, so those who believed with him and supported/aided him , and gave him victory/aid and followed the light which was descended with him, those are the successful/winners.

  158. Say: "You, you the people, I am God`s messenger to you all/all together, which for him (is) the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s ownership , no God except Him, He revives/makes alive , and He makes die, so believe by God, and His messenger the prophet the illiterate/belonging to a nation who believes by God, and His words/expressions, and follow him, maybe/perhaps you be guided."107

  159. And from Moses` nation, a nation/generation guiding with the truth , and with it they are being just/equitable .

  160. And We separated/divided them (into) twelve (F) branches/Jewish tribes nations, and We inspired/transmitted to Moses, when his nation asked him for drink, that strike/move the stone with your stick/cane, so twelve (F) water springs/water wells flowed/gushed/spouted from it, every/each people had known their drinking place, and We shadowed/overshadowed on them the clouds, and We descended on them the manna/sap , and the quail/amusement, eat from goodnesses what We provided for you, and they did not cause injustice to Us/oppress Us, and but they were causing injustice/oppression (to) themselves .

  161. And if (it) was said to them: "Reside/inhabit this the village/urban city, and eat from it where/when you willed/wanted, and say humility/humbleness , and enter the door/entrance prostrating, We forgive for you your sins/mistakes , We will increase the good doers."

  162. So those who were unjust/oppressive exchanged/replaced/substituted a saying/opinion and belief other than which was said to them, so We sent on them filth/torture from the sky/space because (of) what they were causing injustice/oppression.

  163. And ask/question them about the village/urban city that was present (near) the sea/ocean , when they transgress/violate in the Saturday/Sabbath, when the fishes/large fishes/whales comes to them raised high/clearly showing (on the) day of their Sabbath/Saturday, and (the) day they do not observe the Sabbath by resting and worshipping (it) does not come to them, as/like that We test them because (of) what they were debauching .

  164. And when a nation from them said: "Why/for what (do) you preach/advise/warn a nation God (is) making them die/destroying them or torturing them, a strong (severe) torture." They said: "An apology/excuse to your Lord and maybe/perhaps they fear and obey."

  165. So when they forgot what they were reminded with it, We saved/rescued those who forbid/prevent from the bad/evil/harm, and We took those who were unjust/oppressive with strong/severe torture because (of) what they were debauching .

  166. So when they became arrogant/disobedient from what they were forbidden/prevented from it, We said to them: "Be/become despised/diminished apes/monkeys."

  167. And when your Lord announced/informed he will send (E) on them to the Resurrection Day who burdens/imposes upon them the torture`s evil/harm , that your Lord (is) quick/fast (E) (in) the punishment, and that He (is) forgiving (E), merciful.

  168. And We separated/divided them in the earth/Planet Earth (into) nations, from them the correct/righteous people, and from them other than that, and We tested them with the goodnesses and the sins/crimes, maybe/perhaps they return.

  169. So from after them succeeded/followed successions, they inherited The Book , they take/receive that enjoyable accessories/non-essentials/vanities the nearer , and they say: "(It) will be forgiven for us."108And if enjoyable accessories/non-essentials/vanities similar/equal to it comes to them they take/receive it, was not The Book`s promise/covenant being taken on (from) them, that they not say on God except the truth ? And they studied/memorized what is in it, and the home/house (of) the end (other life is) better/best , to those who fear and obey, so do you not reason/understand ?

  170. And those who hold fast/grasp with The Book , and kept up the prayers, that We do not loose/waste the correctings`/repairings` reward/wage .

  171. And if We shook off/rose/spread the mountain above them as if/though it (is) shade and they assumed/suspected that it (is) falling/landing with (on) them, take/receive what We gave/brought you with power/strength and mention/remember what (is) in it, maybe/perhaps you fear and obey.

  172. And when/if your Lord took/received from Adam`s sons and daughters from their backs their descendants, and He made them witness/testify on themselves. "Am I not your Lord (E)?" They said: "Yes/certainly, We witnessed/testified." That You say (on) the Resurrection Day: "That We were about this ignoring/disregarding ."

  173. Or you say: "But our fathers shared/made partners (with God) from before, and we were descendants from after them, do you perish us/destroy us because (of) what the wasters/cancellors made/did ?"

  174. And as/like that We detail/explain the evidences/verses , and maybe/perhaps they return.

  175. And read/recite on them whom We gave/brought him Our verses/evidences , so he broke away/separated from it, so the devil followed him, so he was from the misguided .

  176. And if We wanted/willed, We would have risen him with it, and but he (wanted to) perpetuate/immortalize/eternalize the earth/Planet Earth, and he followed his self attraction for desire/love and lust , so his example/proverb (is) like the example (of) the dog, if you burden/load on it, it pants , and if you leave it, it pants, that is (the) example/proverb (of) the nation those who lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences , so narrate/relay the narration/information ,maybe/perhaps they think.

  177. It became bad/evil an example/proverb (of) the nation those who lied/denied/falsified with Our verses/evidences, and were causing injustice/oppression (to) themselves.

  178. Who God guides, so he is the guided, and who He misguides, so those (are) the losing/misguiding and perishing.

  179. And We had created/seeded to Hell many from the Jinns , and the human/mankind, for them (are) hearts/minds they do not understand/learn with it, and for them (are) eyes/sights they do not see/look/understand with it, and for them (are) ears they do not hear/listen with it, those are as the camels/livestock, but they are more misguided, those are the ignoring/neglecting .

  180. And to God (are) the good names, so call Him by it, and leave those who deviate/insult and defame God/argue in His names, they will be reimbursed what they were making/doing .

  181. And from whom We created (is) a nation/generation guiding with the truth , and with it they (are) being just/equitable .109

  182. And those who denied/falsified with Our evidences/verses , We will lead them gradually from where/when they do not know.

  183. And I extend to them in time/life/enjoyment, that My plotting/conspiring (is) solid/tough .

  184. Did they not think (that there is) no insanity/madness with their companion/friend, that he (is) except (a) clear/evident warner/giver of notice?

  185. Do they not look/wonder about in the skies`/space`s and the earth`s/Planet Earth`s might and power , and what God created from a thing, and that maybe/perhaps their term/time had neared/approached? So with which information/speech after it (do) they believe?

  186. Who God misguides, so (there is) no guide to him, and He leaves them in their tyranny/arrogance being confused/puzzled .

  187. They ask/question you about the Hour/Resurrection , when (is) its anchor/landing , say: "But its knowledge (is) at my Lord, not (no one) uncovers/reveals it to its time except He, (it) became heavy in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, (it) does not come to you except suddenly/unexpectantly." They ask/question you, as (though) you (are) well acquainted/asking persistently (knowledgeable) about it, say: "But its knowledge (is) at God, and but most of the people do not know ."

  188. Say: "I do not own/possess benefit/usefulness and nor harm to myself, except what God willed/wanted, and if I were (to) know the unseen/absent/supernatural , I would have increased from the good/wealth , and the bad/evil/harm would not (have) touched me, that I am except (a) warner/giver of notice and (an) announcer of good news to a nation believing."

  189. He is who created you from one (F) self , and He made/created from it/her its spouse/husband to be tranquil/settle/secure to it/her, so when he covered/had sexual intercourse with her she carried/bore a light weight/pregnancy , so she passed with it, so when she became heavy, they (B) called God their (B)`s Lord: "If (E) You gave us correct/righteous, we will be/become (E) from the thankful/grateful."

  190. So when He gave them (B) correct/righteous, they (B) made/created for Him partners in what He gave them (B), so God (is) high, mighty, exalted and dignified from what they share/make partners (with Him).

  191. Do they share/make partners (with God in) what does not create a thing, and they are, they are being created?

  192. And they are not being able (to give them) a victory and nor give victory/aid (to) themselves?

  193. And if you call them to the guidance, they do not follow you, (it is) equal/alike on you, if you called them, or you are silent.

  194. That those who you call from other than God (are) worshippers/God`s slaves similar/equal to you ,so call them so they should answer/reply to you, if you were truthful.

  195. Are for them feet (legs) they walk with it, or (are) for them hands they destroy/attack violently with it, or (are) for them eyes/sights they see/understand with it, or (are) for them ears, they hear/listen with it? Say: "Call your partners (with God) then plot/conspire against me , so you (will) not delay me/give me time ."110

  196. That my guardian/patron (is) God who descended The Book , and He appoints/enables the correct/righteous.

  197. And those who you call from other than Him, they are not able (to) give you victory/aid, and nor give victory/aid (to) themselves.

  198. And if you call them to the guidance, they do not hear/listen, and you see them looking/watching to you, and they are not seeing/understanding .

  199. Take/receive the grace/goodness , and order/command with the kindness/known , and oppose/turn away from the lowly/ignorant .

  200. And if an urge to spoil evil from the devil spoils/urges you to evil (E), so seek protection by God, that He (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable.

  201. That those who feared and obeyed, if a circler/walker from the devil touched them, they mentioned/remembered , so then they are seeing/understanding .

  202. And their brothers extend/spread them in the misguidance/failure, then they do not lag/fall behind/neglect .

  203. And if you did not bring them with a verse/evidence , they said: "If only you chose/purified it." Say: "But I follow what (is) inspired/transmitted to me from my Lord, those (are) visions/evidences from your Lord, and guidance, and mercy to a nation believing."

  204. And if the Koran is read, so hear/listen to it and listen quietly, maybe/perhaps We have mercy upon you.

  205. And remember/mention your Lord in your self humbly and humiliated, and hiddenly/secretly and other than the publicized/declared from the saying/opinion and belief at the early morning , and the evenings to sunsets , and do not be from the ignoring/disregarding.

  206. That those at your Lord are not being arrogant about worshipping Him, and they praise/glorify Him, and to Him they prostrate.111


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