Daryabadi - Sura: 70. Al-Ma'arij - The Ways of Ascent

  1. There hath asked an asker for the torment about to befall.

  2. The infidels, of which there is no averter.

  3. From Allah, Owner of the ascending steps.

  4. Whereby the angels ascend Unto Him and also the spirit, On a Day whereof the measure is fifty thousand years.

  5. Wherefore be thou patient with a becoming patience.

  6. Verily they behold it afar off.

  7. And We behold it nigh.

  8. It shall befall on a Day whereon the heaven shall become like Unto dregs of oil.

  9. And then the mountains shall become like Unto wool dyed.

  10. And not a friend shall ask a friend,

  11. Though they shall be made to see one another. Fain would the guilty ransom himself from the torment of that Day by his children.

  12. And his spouse and his brother.

  13. And his kin that sheltered him.

  14. And all who are on the earth; so that this might deliver him.

  15. By no means! Verily it is a Flame.

  16. Flaying off the scalp-skin.

  17. It shall calll him who turneth back and backslideth.

  18. And masseth and then hoardeth.

  19. Verily man is formed impatient.

  20. When evil toucheth him, he is bewailing.

  21. And when good toucheth him he is begrudging.

  22. Not so are the prayerful.

  23. Who are at their prayer constant.

  24. And those in whose riches is a known right.

  25. For the beggar and the destitute.

  26. And those who testify to the Day of Requital.

  27. And those who are fearful of their Lord´s torment -

  28. Verily the torment of their Lord is not a thing to feel secure from.

  29. And those who of their private parts are guards.

  30. Save in regard to their spouses or those whom their right hands own; so verily they are not blameworthy -

  31. And whosoever seeketh beyond that, then it is those who are the trespassers

  32. And those who of their trusts and their covenant are keepers.

  33. And those who stand firm in their testimonies.

  34. And those who of their prayer are observant.

  35. Those shall dwell in Gardens, honoured.

  36. What aileth those who disbelieve, toward thee hastening.

  37. On the right and on the left, in companies?

  38. Coveteth every man of them, that he shall enter the Garden of Delight?

  39. By no means! veriiy We! We have created them from that which they know.

  40. I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests, that, vierly We are Able.

  41. To replace them by others better than they; and We are not to be outrun.

  42. Wherefore let thou them alone plunging in vanity and sporting until they meet their Day which they are promised.

  43. The Day whereon they shall come forth from the sepulchres hastily, as though they were to an altar hurrying.

  44. Downcast shall be their looks; abjectness shall overspread them. Such is the Day which they are promised.


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