Literal - Sura: 70. Al-Ma'arij - The Ways of Ascent

  1. (An) asker/questioner asked/questioned with (about) a falling/landing torture.

  2. To the disbelievers (there) is not for it (a) repeller/pusher.

  3. From God, (owner) of the methods of ascent .

  4. The angels and the Soul/Spirit ascend/climb to Him in a day/time its value/estimation/ measure was/is fifty thousand years.

  5. So be patient, beautiful/graceful patience.

  6. That they truly, they see/understand it a distant/far.

  7. And We see/understand it near/close.

  8. A day/time the sky/space becomes as the dead`s puss/melted metal .

  9. And the mountains become like the wool/dyed wool.

  10. And nor (a) concerned (relative/friend) asks/questions (about a) concerned (relative/friend).

  11. They make them see/understand; the criminal/sinner wishes/loves if he ransoms/compensates (sacrifices) with his sons from that day`s torture (to save himself).

  12. And his wife/companion/friend and his brother.

  13. And his closest tribe/relations which shelters him/gives him refuge.

  14. And whom (is) in the earth/Planet Earth all/all together, then (He) saves/rescues him.

  15. No, but that it is blazing/flaming .

  16. Pulling away/removing to the extremities/outer layer of skin .

  17. It calls who gave his back and turned away .

  18. And gathered/collected , so he comprehended/accepted .

  19. That truly the human/mankind was created worrisome/frightened .

  20. If the bad/evil/harm touched him, (he is) worrying/grievous and impatient.

  21. And if the goodness touched him, (he is) often preventing/prohibiting .

  22. Except the praying.

  23. Those who (are) on their prayers continuing/lasting.

  24. And those who in their properties/possessions (is) a known right/share .

  25. For the asker/beggar and the deprived.

  26. And those who believe/confirm with the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day .

  27. And those whom they are from their Lord`s torture, are afraid/guarding/cautious .

  28. That truly their Lord`s torture (is) not trusted/safe .

  29. And those who to their genital parts (they are) protecting/guarding .

  30. Except on (for) their spouses and what their rights owned/possessed (i.e.: care-givers of the sick, elderly and disabled under contract), so then they are not blameworthy/blamed.

  31. So who desired/wished beyond that, so those, they are the transgressors/violators .

  32. And those who, to their deposits/securities and their promise/contracts , (they are) protecting/observing .

  33. And those who, they are with their testimonies (they are) taking care of .

  34. And those who, they are on their prayers (they are) protecting/observing .

  35. Those are in treed gardens/paradises honoured.

  36. So why (is it) those who disbelieved (are) coming, rushing in fear towards/in front of you ?

  37. Groups of people/relations from the right (side), and from the left (side).

  38. Does every/each human from them wish/covet that (E) he enters a treed garden/paradise (of) comfort and ease ?

  39. No but that We created them from what they know .

  40. So I do not swear/make oath with the sun rises`/easts` , and the sunsets`/wests` Lord, that We are capable/able (E) .

  41. On that (E) We exchange/replace better than them, and We are not with being raced/preceded .

  42. So leave them plunge into/engage in conversation and play/amuse until they meet/find their day/time which they are being promised .

  43. A day/time they appear/emerge from the graves quickening/rushing as if they are to monuments/slaughter places running/hurrying .

  44. Their eyesights/understanding (are) humble/submissive , humiliation/disgrace burdens/depresses them ,that (is) the day/time which they were being promised.437


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