Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 71. Nuh - Noah

  1. We sent Noah to his people (saying), `Warn your people before a grievous punishment comes upon them.´

  2. He said, `O my people! I am a plain Warner to you.

  3. `(I say to you,) that you should worship Allâh and take Him as a shield and obey me.

  4. `(If you do so,) He will protect you from (the commitment of sins and also the punishment of) your sins. And (by prolonging your lives) He will grant you reprieve till an appointed term. Verily, the time (of the divine decree) appointed by Allâh cannot be held back once it falls due. If only you had been possessor of true knowledge (you would have known this).´

  5. (Then seeing his people´s persistent denial) he (-Noah) said (at long last), `My Lord! I have called my people (to You) day in and day out,

  6. `But the more I call them the more they flee (from me).

  7. `As often as I called them to You so that You might protect them (against the commitment of further sins and also against the evil consequences of their sins) they plugged their ears with their fingers, and drew their cloaks around them (and thus covered their hearts), and persisted (in their stubbornness and denial) and behaved in an extremely insolent manner.

  8. `Then I invited them (to You) openly.

  9. `Then I spoke to them in public as well as in private (to make them understand the truth somehow).

  10. `And I said, "Seek the protection of your Lord for He is Great Protector as ever.

  11. "(If you listen to me) He will send upon you clouds raining over and over again, in abundance.

  12. "He will add to you wealth and children. He will provide for you gardens and will place streams at your disposal (to make you prosperous)".´

  13. (And so did Prophet Muhammad said,) `People! what is wrong with you that you have no (faith in the Majesty of Allâh and no) hopes for (being granted) honour and greatness from Allâh.

  14. `Whereas He has created you by (passing you through) various stages (and endowed you with different qualities).

  15. `Do you not consider how Allâh created the seven heavens one upon another in (perfect) conformity with one another.

  16. `And He has set the moon in their midst for light and the sun He has made as a glorious lamp.

  17. `It is Allâh Who germinated you from the earth in a (wonderful) growth,

  18. `Then will He return you to it and then raise you to (a new) life (on the Day of Awakening).

  19. `Allâh has made the earth a vast expanse for you,

  20. `That you may traverse its spacious paths (for the development of civilization and also to attain spiritual perfection).´

  21. Noah said, `My Lord! they (- my people) have disobeyed me. They follow (such leaders) whose wealth and children only add to their loss.´

  22. They have devised a mighty and heinous plan (against the Prophet),

  23. And they say (one to another), `Never abandon your gods; neither abandon Wadd (their idol in the form of man), nor Suwâ` (- in that of a woman), nor (should you abandon) Yaghûth (- in that of a lion), and Ya`ûq (- in that of a horse) and Nasr (- in that of an eagle).

  24. (Thereupon the Prophet prayed, `(Lord!) and indeed they have led many people astray, and add to the disappointment of these wrongdoers.´

  25. (Accordingly) these people were drowned and made to enter the Fire because of their wrong doings. They found none against Allâh who could help them.

  26. And Noah had prayed (to his God), `My Lord! do not leave a single dweller from among the disbelievers on the land.

  27. `For if you leave them (thus) they will (only) lead Your servants astray and will beget only immoral and ungrateful (children).

  28. `My Lord! protect me and my parents and those who enter my house bearing true faith and all the believing men and believing women. (Lord!) as for the wrongdoers grant them no increase except in perdition.´


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