Literal - Sura: 71. Nuh - Noah

  1. That We sent Noah to his nation, that (E) warn/give notice (to) your nation from before that (E) a painful torture comes to them.

  2. He said: "My nation, that I am for you a clear/evident warner/giver of notice."

  3. That (E) worship God and fear and obey Him, and obey me.

  4. He forgives for you from your crimes, and He delays you to a named/identified (specified) term/time, that truly God`s term/time if (it) came (it) does not be delayed, if you were knowing .

  5. He said: "My Lord, that I , I called my nation at night/nightly and day time."

  6. So my call did not increase them except escape/fleeing .

  7. And that I, whenever I called them (for You) to forgive for them, they made/put their fingers in their ears, and they covered/darkened themselves (with) their clothes/garments , and they persisted/insisted, and they became arrogant, arrogantly.

  8. Then, that I, I called them publicly .

  9. Then, that I, I declared/publicized for them, and I confided for them secretly.

  10. So I said: `Ask for forgiveness (from) your Lord, that He truly was/is a forgiver/often, forgiving.`

  11. `He sends the sky/space on you flowing/pouring abundantly.`

  12. `And He extends/spreads you with properties/possessions , and sons and daughters, and He makes/puts for you treed gardens/paradises, and He makes/puts for you rivers/waterways.`

  13. `Why for you, you do not hope/expect for God a glory/respect ?`

  14. `And He had created you (in) parallels/varieties/stages .`

  15. `Do you not see, understand how God created seven skies/space(s) (in) stages/layers/plates ?`

  16. `And He made/put the moon in them (as) a light, and He made/put the sun (as) a lamp .`

  17. `And God sprouted/grew you from the earth/Planet Earth (as) plants/growth.`

  18. Then He returns/repeats you in it, and He brings you out bringing out .`"

  19. `And God made/put for you the earth/Planet Earth outstretched/widened .`

  20. To pass/thread from it wide mountain paths roads/paths ."`

  21. Noah said: "My Lord, that they truly disobeyed me, and they followed who his properties/possessions , and his children/child did not increase him except loss ."

  22. And they cheated/deceived , a great/magnified cheatery/deceit .

  23. And they said: "Do not leave (E) your gods, and do not leave (E) Waddan (could be an idol god), and nor Sowa`an (a female idol god, worshipped by Hothail tribe of Arabs in pre-Islam), and nor Yaghootha (an idol god), and Yaooka (an idol god), and Nasran (an idol god)."

  24. And they had misguided many, and (my Lord), do not increase the unjust/oppressive except misguidance.

  25. From what their sins/wrongs they were drowned/sunken, so they were made to enter fire , so they did not find for them from other than God victoriors/saviors .

  26. And Noah said: "My Lord, do not leave on the earth/Planet Earth from the disbelievers a resident/inhabitant."

  27. That You, if You leave them, they misguide Your worshippers/servants , and they do not give birth except (to a) debaucher/corrupter, disbeliever.

  28. My Lord forgive for me and to my parents, and to who entered my house/home believing, and to the believers (M), and the believers (F), and do not increase the unjust/oppressive except destruction/ruin


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