Daryabadi - Sura: 72. Al-Jinn - The Jinn

  1. Say thou: it hath been revealed Unto me that a company of the Jinn listened, and said, verily we have listened to a Recitation wondrous.

  2. Guiding Unto rectitude; wherefore we have believed therein, and we shall by no means associate with our Lord anyone.

  3. And He - exalted be the majesty of our Lord!-hath taken neither a spouse nor a son.

  4. And the foolish among us were wont to forge lie against Allah exceedingly.

  5. And verily we! we had imagined that humankind and Jinn would never forge against Allah a lie.

  6. And persons among humankind have been seeking refuge with persons of the Jinn, so that they increased them in evil disposition.

  7. And indeed they imagined, even as ye imagined, that Allah will not raise any one.

  8. And we sought to reach the heaven; then we found it filled with a strong guard and darting meteors.

  9. And we were wont to sit on seats therein to listen; but whosoever listeneth now findeth for him a dartin meteor in wait.

  10. And we know not whether evil is boded for those who are on the earth, or whether their Lord intendeth for them a right direction.

  11. And of us there are some righteous, and of us are some otherwise; we have been following very diverse.

  12. And we known that we cannot frustrate Allah in the earth, nor can we frustrate Him by flight.

  13. And when we heard the Message of guidance, we believed therein; and whosoever believeth in his Lord, he shall fear neither diminution nor wrong.

  14. And of us some are Muslims, and of us some are deviators. Then whosoever hath embraced Islam - such have endeavoured after a Path of rectitude.

  15. And as for the deviators, for Hell they shall be fuel.

  16. And had they kept to the path surely We would have watered them with rain plenteous.

  17. That We might try them there by. And whosoever turneth aside from the remembrance of his Lord, him He shall thrust into a torment vehement.

  18. And the prostrations are for Allah; wherefore call not along with Allah anyone.

  19. And when the bondman of Allah stood calling upon Him, they well nigh pressed on him stifling.

  20. Say thou: I simply call upon Allah, and I associate not with Him any-one.

  21. Say thou: ┬┤verily own not for you power of hurt nor of benefit

  22. Say thou: ┬┤verily none can protect me from Allah, nor can I find beside Him any refuge.

  23. Mine is but the publishing from Allah and His messages; and whosoever disobeyeth Allah and His apostle, his portion verily is the Hell-Fire as abiders therein for evermore.

  24. They shall go on denying until they; behold that which they are promised wherefore then they shall know who were weaker in protectors and fewer in number.

  25. Say thou: know not whather that which ye are promised is nigh, or whether my Lord hath appointed for it a distant term.

  26. He is the Knower of the unseen, and He discloseth not His unseen Unto anyone.

  27. Save Unto an apostle chosen. And then He causeth to go before him and behind him a guard.

  28. That He may know that they have preached the message of their Lord. And He comprehendeth whatever is with them, and He keepeth count of everything numbered.


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