Literal - Sura: 72. Al-Jinn - The Jinn

  1. Say: (It) was inspired/transmitted to me that it is a group (3 - 10) from the Jinn heard/ listened, so they said: `We (E) heard/listened (to) an astonishing/amazing/marvelous Koran .`"

  2. `It guides to the correct/right guidance, so we believed with it, and we will never/not share/make partners with our Lord anyone.`

  3. `And that He truly is our Lord, high, mighty exalted and dignified (owner of) majestic greatness, (He) did not take a wife/companion/friend and nor a child/children.`

  4. `And that he, our ignorant/stupid/foolish was saying on (about) God excess of the limit .`

  5. `And that we, we thought/assumed that (E) the human/mankind and the Jinns will never/not say on (about) God lies/denials/falsifications .`

  6. `And that it was men from the human/mankind they seek protection with men from the Jinns , so they increased them oppression/sin/foolishness .`

  7. `And that they thought/assumed as/like you thought/assumed , that (E) God will never/not send/resurrect/revive anyone.`

  8. `And that we, we touched the sky/space, so we found it filled (with) strong guards, and all lights from a fire source/stars/planets (shooting stars) .`

  9. `And that we, we were sitting/remaining (in position) from it (in) seats/sitting places (positions) for the hearing/listening, so who hears/listens now finds for him a light from a fire source/star/flame (shooting star) watching/observing (ambushing) (him).`

  10. `And that we, we do not know is (it) bad/evil/harmful (is) wanted/intended with who (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, or their Lord wanted/intended correct/right guidance with (for) them .`

  11. `And that we from us (are) the correct/righteous, and from us (are) other than that, we were stages/layers fragments/pieces.`

  12. `And that we, we thought/assumed that (E) we will never/not disable/frustrate God in the earth/Planet Earth, and we will never/not disable/frustrate Him (by) escaping/fleeing .`

  13. `And that we, when we heard/listened (to) the guidance, we believed with (in) it, so who believes with (in) his Lord, so (he) does not fear reduction/injustice , and nor oppression/burden .`

  14. `And that we, from us (are) the Moslems/submitters , and from us (are) the deviators/ hardened , so who submitted/surrendered , so those searched/pursued correct/right guidance.`

  15. `And but the deviators/hardened , so they were/are to/for Hell fire wood/fuel .`

  16. `And that if they became straight/direct on the way/path , we would have given them drink (from) water plentifully/abundantly.`

  17. `To test them in it, and who opposes/turns away from his Lord`s reminder , He enters/passes him a severe torture.`

  18. `And that (E) the mosques (are) to God, so do not call anyone with God.`

  19. `And that he when God`s worshipper/servant stood/started calling Him, they were about to/almost to be interlocked/plenty on (with) him .`

  20. Say: "Truly I call my Lord, and I do not share/make partners with Him anyone."

  21. Say: "That I do not own/possess harm, and nor correct/right guidance for you."

  22. Say: "That I, anyone will never/not protect/defend me from God, and I will never/not find from other than Him a shelter/refuge."

  23. Except an information/communication from God and His messenger, so who disobeys God and His messenger, so then Hell`s fire (is) for him, immortally/eternally in it (for) ever (E).

  24. Until when they saw/understood what they are being promised, so they will know who (is) a weaker victorior/savior and less numerous.

  25. Say: "I do not know what you are being promised, (if it) is nearer/closer or my Lord makes/puts for it (extended) time."

  26. Knower (of) the unseen/absent , so He does not reveal (to) anyone on His unseen/supernatural (secret) .

  27. Except whom He accepted from a messenger so that He truly, He enters/passes from between his hands (present) and from behind him (past), watching/observing observation.

  28. (It is for God) to know that (E) they had communicated/informed their Lord`s messages, and He surrounded/enveloped with what (is) at them, and He counted/controlled every thing numerous.441


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