Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 73. Al-Muzzammil - The One Covering Himself

  1. O you that have wrapped yourself up in robes (of Prophethood)!

  2. Stand up (in Prayer) at night except for a small portion of it,

  3. Half of it or you may however reduce it a little,

  4. Or prolong it (a little more) and keep on reciting the Qur´ân distinctly and thoughtfully well.

  5. Verily, We are soon going to charge you with the enormous and important responsibility of (conveying to mankind) the Message (of your Lord).

  6. Verily, getting up at night (for Prayer) is the most effective means of subduing (one´s self), and the most upright way to acquire firm control over one´s actions and speech.

  7. Indeed, you have a long (chain of) engagements during the day.

  8. Therefore extol the name of your Lord and devote (yourself) to Him with exclusive and sincere devotion.

  9. He is the Lord of the east and the west. There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He, therefore take Him as Disposer of (your) affairs (putting your full trust in Him).

  10. And patiently persevere in the face of all that these (enemies) say and withdraw from them in a graceful manner.

  11. Leave Me to (deal with) those who belie (the truth) and who are possessors of ease and plenty. And give them a little respite.

  12. We have (a variety of) fetters ready (to bind them with) and a raging Fire (to throw them into),

  13. And food that chokes and a woeful punishment.

  14. (That punishment will befall them) on the day when the earth and the mountains shall quake and the mountains shall crumble into heaps of sand dunes.

  15. (Mankind!) We have indeed sent a (great) Messenger to you who is a Witness over you just as We sent (Moses as) a Messenger towards Pharaoh.

  16. But Pharaoh disobeyed the Messenger so We seized him with a terrible punishment (so all of you be on your guard against such an attitude!)

  17. But if you also disobey (the Messenger sent to you), how will you then guard yourselves from the (calamity of the) day which will turn (even) children (prematurely) gray-headed.

  18. And because of which the heaven shall be rent asunder. (This is the promise of God,) remember His promise is bound to be fulfilled.

  19. Verily, this (Qur´ân) is a Reminder, therefore, let him, who will, follow the way leading towards his Lord.

  20. Surely, your Lord knows that you remain standing (to say Night Prayers) for nearly two thirds of the night and (sometimes) half or one third of it; and so does a party of those (of your believing Companions) who are with you. And Allâh determines the night and the day (- sometime the nights are long and sometime they are short and sometime the day and the night are equal). He knows that you (- the Muslims in general) will not be able to keep up so long a vigil (to say Night Prayer). He has, therefore, turned to you with mercy. Recite then, as much of the Qur´ân (in your Night Prayer) as is easily possible. He knows that some of you may be taken ill and others may be moving about in the land seeking Allâh´s bounty, and still others who may be fighting for the cause of Allâh, so (O Muslims!) recite as much of it (- the Qur´ân) as is easily possible (for you). You shall, however, observe Prayer (regularly five times a day in all events). And go on presenting Zakât and set apart a goodly portion (of your possessions to give for (the sake of) Allâh. And whatever good you send on before for yourselves, you will find it with Allâh as the best of things meriting the greatest reward. And seek protection of Allâh. Verily, Allâh is All-Protecting, Ever Merciful.


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