Daryabadi - Sura: 73. Al-Muzzammil - The One Covering Himself

  1. O thou enwrapped!

  2. Stay up the night long save a little -

  3. A half thereof, or abate a little thereof,

  4. Or increase thereto. And intone the Qur´an with a measured intontion. s

  5. Verily We! anon We shall cast upon thee a weighty word.

  6. Verily the rising by night! it is most curbing and most conducive to right speech.

  7. Verily there is for thee by day occupation prolonged.

  8. And remember thou the name of thy Lord, and devote thyself to Him with an exclusive devotion.

  9. Lord of the east and the west! No God is there but He! Wherefore take Him for thy trustee.

  10. And bear thou with patience whatsoever they say, and depart from them with a becoming departure.

  11. And let Me alone with the beliers, owners of ease: and respite thou them a little.

  12. Verily with us are heavy fetters and Scorch.

  13. And a food that choketh and a torment afflictive.

  14. On a Day whereon the earth and the mountains shall quake, and the mountains shall become a sand-heap poured forth.

  15. Verily We! We have sent Unto you an apostle, a witness over you, even as We sent Unto Fir´awn an apostle.

  16. Then Fir´awn disobeyed the apostle, wherefore We laid hold of him with a painful hold.

  17. How then, if ye disbelieve, shall ye escape, on a Day which shall make children grey-headed.

  18. And the heaven shall be split there in. His promise needs must be fulfilled.

  19. Verily this is an admonition; let him therefore, who will, choose a way Unto his Lord.

  20. Verily thy Lord knoweth that thou stayest up near two- thirds of the night, Or half thereof, or a third thereof, and also a party of those who are with thee. And Allah measureth the night and the day. He knoweth that ye can compute it not, He hath relented toward you. Wherefore recite now of the Qur´an, so much as is easy. He knoweth that there will be among you some diseased, and others shall be travelling in the land seeking grace of Allah, and others shall be fighting in the way of Allah. Wherefore recite thereof so much as is easy; and establish the prayer and give the poor-rate and lend Unto Allah a goodly loan. Whatsoever good ye shall send on for your souls, ye shall find it with Allah, better and greater in reward. And ask forgiveness of Allah; verily Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.


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