Daryabadi - Sura: 75. Al-Qiyamah - The Resurrection

  1. I swear by the Day of Resurrection.

  2. And I swear by the self-reproaching soul.

  3. Deemest man that We shall not assemble his bones?

  4. Yea! WE are Able to put together evenly his finger-tips.

  5. Aye! man desireth that he may sin before him.

  6. He asketh: when will the Day of Resurrection be?

  7. When, then, the sight shall be confounded.

  8. And the moon shall be ecliped.

  9. And the sun and the moon shall be joined.

  10. On that Day shall man say: whither is the fleeing.

  11. By no means! NO refuge!

  12. Unto thy Lord that Day is the recourse.

  13. To man will be declared on that Day that which he hath sent on and left behind.

  14. Aye! man against himself shall be an enlightenment.

  15. Although he may put forth his pleas.

  16. Move not thy tongue therewith that thou mayest hasten therewith.

  17. Verily upon us is the collecting thereof and the reciting thereof.

  18. Wherefore when We reciteit, follow thou the reciting thereof.

  19. And thereafter verily upon us is is the expounding thereof.

  20. By no means! Verily ye love the Herein.

  21. And leave the Hereafter.

  22. Countenances on that Day shall be resplendent,

  23. Looking toward their Lord.

  24. And countenances on that Day shall be scowling.

  25. Imagining that there will befall them a waiste-breaking calomity.

  26. By no means! When it cometh up to he collar-bone.

  27. And it is cried. who can charm?

  28. And he bethinketh that it is the time of parting.

  29. And one shank is entangled with the other shank.

  30. Unto thy Lord that Day is the drive.

  31. He neither believed nor prayed,

  32. But he belied and turned away.

  33. Then he departed Unto his house hold conceitedly.

  34. Woe Unto thee; woe!

  35. Again, woe Unto thee, woe!

  36. Deemest man that he is to be left uncontrolled?

  37. Was he not a sperm of emission emitted?

  38. Then he became a clot; then He created him and formed him.

  39. And made of him the two sexes, male and female.

  40. Is not That One then Able to quicken the dead?


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