Ali Ünal - Sura: 76. Al-Insan - The Man

  1. Did there pass (– and surely there did pass –) over human a stretch of time when he was a thing not mentioned and remembered (as human)?

  2. We have surely created human from a small quantity of mingled fluids, moving him from one state to another, and (finally) We have made him one hearing and seeing (so that he may hear God’s Message and see His signs).

  3. And We have shown him the right way, whether he be grateful (and follow this way) or ungrateful (and follow the way opposed to the right one).

  4. We have surely prepared for the thankless unbelievers chains, and fetters, and a Blaze.

  5. The virtuous and godly will surely drink from a cup with heavenly wine flavored with heavenly additives.

  6. A spring from which God’s (virtuous and godly) servants will drink (their fill), causing it to gush abundantly.

  7. (They are those who) fulfill the vow (the promises and responsibilities that they undertake), and who fear a Day whose evil is extensive and encompassing (everyone that deserves it).

  8. They give food, however great be their need for it, with pleasure to the destitute, and to the orphan, and to the captive, (saying):

  9. "We feed you only for God’s sake; we desire from you neither recompense nor thanks (we desire only the acceptance of God).

  10. "We are surely fearful of a Day from our Lord, (a Day) of frowning and severity (toward the guilty)."

  11. So God will surely preserve them from the evil of that Day and enable them to find radiance and joy.

  12. He will reward them for all that they endure: a Garden (of Paradise) and garments of silk.

  13. Reclining therein on thrones. They will find therein neither (burning) sun nor severe cold.

  14. And its shade will come down low over them, and its clusters of fruit hang down low within their reach.

  15. And they will be served with vessels of silver and goblets like crystal,

  16. Crystal-clear, made of silver – they themselves determine the measure of the drink (as they wish.)

  17. And there they will be given to drink of a cup flavored with ginger (of Paradise),

  18. (Filled from) a spring therein called Salsabil (as it flows smoothly and continuously as they wish).

  19. There will go round them youths of perpetual freshness; when you see them you would think them scattered pearls.

  20. And wherever you have a look therein, you will see unimaginable delight and a great kingdom.

  21. Upon those (servants) will be garments of fine green silk and brocade, and they will be adorned with armbands of silver; and their Lord will favor them with the service of a pure drink.

  22. "This is what has been (prepared) for you as a reward, and your endeavor has been recognized and accepted."

  23. It is We Who send down the Qur’an on you (O Messenger) in parts,

  24. So wait patiently for your Lord’s judgment, and pay no heed to (the desires and caprices of) any of them who is a willful sinner or a thankless unbeliever.

  25. And remember and mention the Name of your Lord (in worship) in the early morning and in the afternoon.

  26. And during part of the night prostrate to Him, and glorify Him a long part of the night.

  27. Those (sinful unbelievers) love and prefer that which is in advance (the present, worldly life), and neglect a grievous Day ahead of them.

  28. It is We Who have created them and made firm their composition, and whenever We will, We can change their structure and character entirely.

  29. All this is an admonition and reminder, and so let him who wills, take a path to his Lord.

  30. You cannot will unless God wills. Surely God is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

  31. He admits whom He wills into His mercy; and as to the wrongdoers, He has prepared for them a painful punishment.


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