Literal - Sura: 76. Al-Insan - The Man

  1. Did (it) come on the human/mankind (a) period of time from the long time he was not a mentioned/remembered thing?

  2. That We, We created the human/mankind from a drop/male`s or female`s secretion mixtures (of secretions), We test him, so We made/created him hearing/listening, seeing/knowing .

  3. That We, We guided him the way/path , either (he is) thankful/grateful and either (an insistent) disbeliever.

  4. That We prepared/made ready for the disbelievers chains/successions, and leather or iron collars or handcuffs and blazing/inflaming (punishment).

  5. That truly the righteous/charitable drink from a cup its mixture/blend was camphor .

  6. A water well/spring God`s worshippers/slaves drink by it, they cause it to flow bursting/flowing .

  7. They fulfill/complete with the vow/duty (on oneself) , and they fear a day/time its evil/harm was spread and scattered .

  8. And they feed the food on (inspite of) its love/like (to it to) a poorest of poor/poor oppressed and an orphan ,and a captive/prisoner.

  9. (They say): "Truly we feed you for God`s sake , we do not want from you a reward/reimbursement ,and nor thankfulness/gratefulness.

  10. We (E), fear from our Lord a severe (gloomy) difficult/evil day/time."

  11. So God protected/preserved them (from) that the day`s/time`s bad/evil/harm, and He made them meet/find beauty and goodness and delight/happiness.

  12. And He rewarded/reimbursed them because (of) what they were patient (by) treed gardens/paradises and silk.

  13. Resting/reclining in it on the luxurious beds/couches, they do not see in it sun and nor severe cold/anger.

  14. And its shades/shadows (are) near on them, and its fruit harvests was manipulated/dangled low dangling/manipulating.

  15. And (they are) being circled around on them with drinking cups from silver and cups (that) were/are clear glass/mirrors .

  16. Clear glass/mirrors from silver, they predestined/evaluated it predestination/evaluation.

  17. And they be given drink in it (in) a cup its mixture/blend was ginger/wine.

  18. A water spring/well in it, it is named Salsbeelan/fresh, smooth and pleasant water fountain.

  19. And immortal/eternal children/new borns circle/walk around them, if you saw/understood them you thought/supposed them (that) they (are) scattered/sprinkled pearls.

  20. And if you saw/understood, then you saw/understood comfort and ease/blessing and a great ownership/kingdom .

  21. Their tops (covers them) clothes/garments (from) green sarcenet (certain type of silk or brocade) and brocade (silk and gold fabric), and they were bejeweled/ornamented (with) bracelets from silver, and their Lord gave/made them drink a pure/clear drink.

  22. That truly that was for you a reward/reimbursement , and your striving/endeavor was/is thanked.

  23. That We, We descended on you the Koran descent.

  24. So be patient for your Lord`s judgment/rule, and do not obey a sinner/criminal (insistent) disbeliever from them.

  25. And remember/mention your Lord (at) daybreaks/early mornings and (at) evening to sunset .

  26. And from the night, so prostrate to Him, and praise/glorify Him at night/nightly long.

  27. That truly those love/like the worldly life/present, and they leave behind them a heavy day/time.

  28. We, We created them and We strengthened/supported their bone structure/ties and joints/(strengths) , and if We willed/wanted/intended We exchanged/replaced their equivalent (by) an exchange/replacement .

  29. That truly this (is) a reminder, so who wanted took/received a way/path to his Lord.

  30. And you do not will/want except that (E) God wills/wants/intends, that truly God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious.

  31. He enters whom He wills/wants in His mercy, and the unjust/oppressive, He prepared for them a painful torture.450


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