Daryabadi - Sura: 77. Al-Mursalat - Those Sent Forth

  1. By the winds sent forth with beneficence.

  2. And those raging swiftly;

  3. By the spreading winds spreading.

  4. And the scattering wind scattering.

  5. And those winds that bring down the remembrance.

  6. By way of excuse or warning.

  7. Verily that which ye are promised is about to befall.

  8. So when stars are effaced.

  9. And when the heaven is cloven asunder.

  10. And when the mountains are carried away by wind.

  11. And when the apostles are collected at the appointed time,

  12. For what day is it timed?

  13. For the Day of Decision.

  14. And what knowest thou what the Day of Decision is?

  15. Woe on that day Unto the beliers

  16. Destroyed We not the ancients?

  17. Thereafter We shall cause to follow them the latter ones.

  18. In this wise We do with the culprits.

  19. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  20. Created We you not of water despicable,

  21. Which We placed in a depository safe.

  22. Till a limit known?

  23. So We decreed. How excellent are We as decreers!

  24. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  25. Have We not made the earth a receptacle.

  26. Both for the living and the dead,

  27. And have placed therein firm and tall mountains and given you to drink of water fresh

  28. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  29. ´Depart Unto that which ye were wont to belie.

  30. Depart Unto the shadow three branched:

  31. Neither shading nor availing against the flame.

  32. Verily it shall cast forth sparks like Unto a castle.

  33. As though they were camels yellow tawny.

  34. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  35. This is a Day whereon they shall not be able to speak.

  36. Nor shall they be permitted so that they might excuse themselves.

  37. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  38. This is the Day of Decision, We have assembled both ye and the ancients.

  39. If now ye have any craft, try that craft upon Me.

  40. Woe on the day Unto the beliers!

  41. Verily the God-fearing shall be amid shades and springs,

  42. And fruits such as they shall desire.

  43. ´Eat and drink with relish that which ye have been working.

  44. Verily We! in this wise We recompense the well-doers.

  45. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  46. ´Eat and enjoy a little; verily ye are culprits.

  47. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  48. And when it is said Unto them: ´bow down, they bow not down.

  49. Woe on that day Unto the beliers!

  50. In what discourse, then, after it, will they believe?


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