Asad - Sura: 78. An-Naba' - The Announcement

  1. ABOUT WHAT do they [most often] ask one another?

  2. About the awesome tiding [of resurrection],

  3. on which they [so utterly] disagree. 1 

  4. Nay, but in time they will come to understand [it]!

  5. And once again: 2  Nay, but in time they will come to understand!

  6. HAVE WE NOT made the earth a resting-place [for you],

  7. and the mountains [its] pegs? 3 

  8. And We have created you in pairs; 4 

  9. and We have made your sleep [a symbol of] death 5 

  10. and made the night [its] cloak

  11. and made the day [a symbol of] life. 6 

  12. And We have built above you seven firmaments, 7 

  13. and have placed [therein the sun,] a lamp full of blazing splendour.

  14. And from the wind-driven clouds We send down waters pouring in abundance,

  15. so that We might bring forth thereby grain, and herbs,

  16. and carders dense with foliage. 8 

  17. VERILY, the Day of Distinction [between the true and the false] 9  has indeed its appointed time:

  18. the Day when the trumpet [of resurrection] is sounded and you all come forward in multitudes;

  19. and when the skies are opened and become [as wideflung] gates; 10 

  20. and when the mountains are made to vanish as if they had been a mirage. 11 

  21. [On that Day,] verily, hell will lie in wait [for those who deny the truth] -

  22. a goal for all who are wont to transgress the bounds of what is right!

  23. In it shall they remain for a long time. 12 

  24. Neither coolness shall they taste therein nor any [thirst-quenching] drink -

  25. only burning despair and ice-cold darkness: 13 

  26. a meet requital [for their sins]!

  27. Behold, they were not expecting to be called to account?

  28. having given the lie to Our messages one and all:

  29. but We have placed on record every single thing [of what they did].

  30. [And so We shall say:] "Taste, then, [the fruit of your evil doings,] for now We shall bestow on you nothing but more and more suffering!" 14 

  31. [But,] verily, for the God-conscious there is supreme fulfilment in store: 15 

  32. luxuriant gardens and vinyards,

  33. and splendid companions well-matched, 16 

  34. and a cup [of happiness] overflowing.

  35. No empty talk will they hear in that [paradise], nor any lie.

  36. [All this will be] a reward from thy Sustainer, a gift in accordance with [His Own] reckoning 17  -

  37. [a reward from] the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the Most Gracious! [And] none shall have it in their power to raise their voices unto Him

  38. on the Day when all [human] souls 18  and all the angels will stand up in ranks: none will speak but he to whom the Most Gracious will have given leave; and [everyone] will say [only] what is right. 19 

  39. That will be the Day of Ultimate Truth 20  whoever wills, then, let him take the path that leads towards his Sustainer!

  40. Verily, We have warned you of suffering near at hand - [suffering] on the Day when man shall [clearly] see what his hands have sent ahead, and when he who has denied the truth shall say, "Oh, would that I were mere dust...!" 21 


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