Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 78. An-Naba' - The Announcement

  1. What do they quarrel about?

  2. They quarrel about the great news

  3. concerning which they have disputes.

  4. (What they think is certainly despicable!). They will soon come to know (the reality).

  5. Yes, indeed, before long they will learn all about it.

  6. Have We not made the earth as a place to rest

  7. and the mountains as pegs (to anchor the earth)?

  8. Have We not created you in pairs,

  9. made sleep for you to rest,

  10. made the night as a covering,

  11. and the day as time for you to make a living?

  12. Have We not made seven strong heavens above you,

  13. (the sun) as a shining torch

  14. and sent down heavy rains from the clouds

  15. to make the seeds, plants,

  16. and thick gardens grow?

  17. The Day of Judgment will certainly be the final appointment.

  18. On that day the trumpet will be sounded and you will come (to Us) in huge groups.

  19. The heavens will have openings like doors.

  20. The mountains will be driven away and become like mirages.

  21. Hell will lie in wait (for its prey).

  22. It will be a place of return

  23. for the rebellious ones and they will live therein for ages.

  24. They will not feel cold nor taste any drink

  25. except boiling water and pus,

  26. as a fitting recompense for their deeds.

  27. They did not expect such a Judgment

  28. and persistently rejected Our revelations.

  29. However, We have recorded everything in a book.

  30. (They will be told), "Suffer, We shall only increase the torment for you".

  31. The pious ones will be triumphant.

  32. They will have gardens and vineyards,

  33. maidens with pears-shaped breasts who are of equal age (to their spouses)

  34. and cups full of wine.

  35. They will not hear therein any unnecessary words or lies.

  36. This will be their reward from your Lord, a favor from Him and a recompense for their deeds.

  37. He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He is the Beneficent God and no one will be able to address Him.

  38. On that day, the Spirit and the angels who stand in lines will not speak except those whom the Beneficent God has permitted, and he will speak the right words.

  39. That will be the Day of the Truth. So let those who want seek refuge from their Lord.

  40. We have warned you of the approaching torment. On that day, a person will see what his hands have committed. A disbeliever will say, "Would that I had been dust".


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