Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 79. An-Nazi'at - Those Who Yearn

  1. I call to witness those groups of beings, who perform their duties (towards their Lord and mankind and themselves) with intense zeal and to the best of their capacity,

  2. And those who exert themselves vigorously,

  3. And those who steer their course swiftly and skillfully,

  4. Then those who going foremost greatly excel (all others and attain the topmost positions),

  5. Then those who administer the affairs in an excellent manner (shall reap the fruit of their striving).

  6. (It shall be) on the day when the quacking (earth) shall quake;

  7. Quakes after quakes shall follow this.

  8. On that day many hearts will be trembling with fear,

  9. Their eyes will be downcast (in disgrace).

  10. (These are the people) who say, `Shall we (really) be restored to (our) former state (after we are dead)?

  11. `Shall it be (even) when we are (reduced to) hollow bones?´

  12. (And) who say, `Then such a resurrection shall indeed be fraught with loss.´

  13. (Let them say what they think,) It will be no more than a single scare blast.

  14. And behold! (after that) they will all be (awakened and come out) in the open.

  15. The story of Moses has reached you.

  16. When his Lord called out to him in the Sacred Valley of Tuwâ,

  17. (And directed him,) `Go to Pharaoh, he has transgressed all limits.

  18. `And say (to him), "Would you like to purify yourself;

  19. "That I should guide you to your Lord so that you may stand in awe of Him?"´

  20. So (Moses went to Pharaoh and) he showed him the great sign (of the staff).

  21. But he belied (Moses) and disobeyed,

  22. Then he turned back striving (and devising schemes against him).

  23. And he gathered (his people) and proclaimed,

  24. Saying, `I (- Pharaoh) am your supreme lord.´

  25. So Allâh seized him for the punishment of (both) the next and the present life.

  26. Indeed, there is a lesson in this (event) for him who stands in awe (of his Lord).

  27. (O mankind!) are you harder to be created (again) or the heaven? He (the Almighty Lord) has made it.

  28. He has raised the height thereof, and has made it flawlessly perfect and well-balanced.

  29. And He gave darkness to its night, and brought forth the morn thereof.

  30. And along with it He hurled the earth away (from a bigger mass) and spread it forth.

  31. He produced from it its water and pasture.

  32. He set the mountains firmly.

  33. (He has done all this to serve as) a goodly provisions for you and your cattle.

  34. Behold! when that great calamity comes to pass,

  35. On that day every person will call to mind all that he strove for.

  36. And Hell shall be brought in view of him who sees.

  37. Then as for the one who transgresses,

  38. And prefers the present life (to the Hereafter),

  39. (Let him remember that) the Hell shall surely be (his) abode.

  40. But as for the one who fears to stand before his Lord and restrains himself from evil desires,

  41. Then Garden (of bliss) shall surely be (his permanent) abode.

  42. The people ask you concerning the Hour (saying), `When shall it come to pass?´

  43. Why (do they ask this question)? It is you who are its reminder (you being one of its signs).

  44. The ultimate end of it is decreed by your Lord.

  45. You are only a Warner to one who fears it.

  46. The day they witness it (-the Hour, they will feel) as if they had stayed (in the world and the grave) for an afternoon or a (short) forenoon thereof.


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