Faridul Haque - Sura: 79. An-Nazi'at - Those Who Yearn

  1. By oath of those who harshly pull out the soul. (Of the disbeliever)

  2. And who softly release the soul. (Of the believer)

  3. And who glide with ease.

  4. And who quickly present themselves.

  5. And who plan the implementation.

  6. On the day when the trembling one will tremble. (The disbelievers will certainly taste the punishment.)

  7. And the following event will come after it.

  8. Many a heart will flutter on that day!

  9. Unable to lift their gaze.

  10. The disbelievers say, “Will we really return to our former state?”

  11. “When we have become decayed bones?”

  12. They said, “So this return is an obvious loss!”

  13. So that is not but a single shout.

  14. So they will immediately be in an open plain.

  15. Did the news of Moosa reach you?

  16. When his Lord called him in the holy valley of Tuwa.

  17. That “Go to Firaun – he has rebelled.”

  18. “Tell him ‘Do you have the inclination to become pure?’

  19. ‘And I may guide you to your Lord, so that you may fear.’ ”

  20. So Moosa showed him a magnificent sign.

  21. In response, he denied and disobeyed.

  22. He then turned away, striving in his effort.

  23. So he gathered the people, and proclaimed.

  24. And then said, “I am your most supreme lord.”

  25. Allah therefore seized him, in the punishment of this world and the Hereafter.

  26. Indeed in this is a lesson for one who fears.

  27. Do you think that it is harder to create you or the heavens? Allah has created it.

  28. He raised its roof and made it proper.

  29. And He made its night dark, and started its light.

  30. And after it spread out the earth.

  31. And from it produced its water and its pasture.

  32. And solidified the mountains.

  33. In order to benefit you and your cattle.

  34. So when the greatest universal disaster arrives,

  35. On that day man will recall all what he strove for.

  36. And hell will be made visible to all those who can see.

  37. So for one who rebelled,

  38. And preferred the worldly life,

  39. Then indeed hell only is his destination.

  40. And for one who feared to stand before his Lord and restrained his soul from desire,

  41. Then indeed Paradise only is his destination.

  42. They (the disbelievers) ask you regarding the Last Day, as to when is its appointed time.

  43. What concern do you have regarding its explanation? (You are not bound to tell them)

  44. Towards your Lord only is its conclusion.

  45. You are but a Herald of Warning, for one who fears it.

  46. The day when they will see it, it will seem as if they had not stayed on earth except for an evening or its morning.


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