Literal - Sura: 79. An-Nazi'at - Those Who Yearn

  1. And/by the strangers/life extractors , exaggerating/absorbing (violently) .

  2. And/by the active/pullers , actively/pulling .

  3. And/by the ships/stars/fast (could be angels), tending to the livelihood/floating .

  4. So the racing/surpassing/preceding, racing/surpassing/preceding.

  5. So the regulators/arrangers/planners (of) a matter/affair/order/command.

  6. A day/time the first blow of the horn trembles and shakes/agitates .

  7. The followed closely behind follows it.

  8. Hearts (on) that day (are) palpitating/pounding .

  9. Its eyesight/understanding (is) humble/submissive .

  10. They say: "Are we returning (E) in the first creation ?"

  11. Is (it that) if we were decayed/decomposed bones.

  12. They said: "That is then a loosing repetition ."

  13. So but it is one deterrent/cry to drive out .

  14. So then they are at the Earth`s surface .

  15. Did Moses` information/speech come to you?

  16. When His Lord called him at the Valley the Holy/Sanctified Tuwan/concealed/folded within :

  17. Go to Pharaoh, that he truly exceeded the limit/tyrannized .

  18. So say: `Is there for you that (E) you purify/become righteous ?`

  19. `And I guide you to your Lord so you fear.`

  20. So he showed him/made him understand the verse/evidence/sign, the greatest/biggest .

  21. So he denied/falsified , and he disobeyed.

  22. Then he gave his back/ended/passed hastening .

  23. So he gathered, so he called.

  24. So he said: "I am your lord the highest/mightiest ."

  25. So God punished/took him (the) severe exemplary punishment (of) the end (other life) and the first/beginning.

  26. That truly in that (is) an example/warning (E) to who fears.

  27. Are you (a) stronger creation or the sky/space (which) He built/constructed it?

  28. He raised its height/thickness, so He straightened it.

  29. And He darkened its night, and He brought out its day break .

  30. And the earth/Planet Earth after that He blew and stretched/spread it.

  31. He brought out from it its water and its pasture.

  32. And the mountains , He anchored it/fixed it firmly.

  33. Enjoyment for you and for your camels/livestock.

  34. So if/when the Calamity/Greatest Disaster/Resurrection Day the greatest came.

  35. A day/time the human/mankind remembers/recites what he strived/endeavored .

  36. And the Hell was made to emerge to who sees/understands.

  37. So but who exceeded the limit/tyrannized/became arrogant.

  38. And preferred/chose the life the present/worldly life.

  39. So then the Hell , it is the shelter/refuge.

  40. And but who feared his Lord`s position/status and he forbid/prevented the self from the self attraction for desire .

  41. So then the Paradise/treed garden, it is the shelter/refuge.

  42. They ask/question you about the Hour/Resurrection when (is) its landing ?

  43. In what you are from mentioning/remembering it (what do you know about it or its time)?

  44. To your Lord (is) its ultimate/absolute end.

  45. Truly/but you are a warner/giver of notice (to) who fears it.

  46. As if they are, a day/time they see it, they did not stay/remain/wait (in their graves) except an evening or its daybreak/forenoon 456


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