Hamid S. Aziz - Sura: 8. Al-Anfal - Voluntary Gifts

  1. They will ask you about the spoils of war. Say, "The spoils belong to Allah and the Messenger, so fear (keep your duty to) Allah and keep straight the relationship amongst yourselves; obey Allah and the Messenger if you do believe."

  2. Verily, the believers are those who, when Allah´s name is mentioned, their heart sinks with awe; and when His Signs (revelations) are recited to them they increase them in faith; and in their Lord do they trust.

  3. Who are steadfast in worship, and spend of what We have bestowed upon them;

  4. These are in truth believers. For them are degrees of honour with their Lord, and forgiveness, and a generous provision.

  5. Even as your Lord caused you to go forth from your house with the Truth, a sect of the believers were averse to it.

  6. They disputed with you about the Truth after it was made plain, as though they were being driven on to visible death.

  7. And when Allah promised you that one of the two troops (the army or the caravan) should be your s, and you yearned to have the unarmed one (the caravan). Allah wished to justify Truth by His words, and to cut off the root of the unbelievers.

  8. That He might cause Truth to triumph and make Falsehood vain, despite the aversion of the guilty.

  9. Remember when you asked for succour from your Lord, and He answered you, "I will assist you with a thousand angels, in many ranks."

  10. Allah made it glad tidings only to reassure your heart therewith, for victory comes only from Allah! Verily, Allah is Mighty and Wise.

  11. Remember when drowsiness covered you as a reassurance from Him, and He sent down upon you rain from heaven to purify you, to remove from you the plague of Satan, and to make strong your heart and firm your footsteps.

  12. Remember when your Lord inspired the angels, saying, "Verily, I am with you; make you firm, then, those who believe; I will cast dread into the heart of the unbelievers; strike off their necks, and strike off their finger tip."

  13. This is because they opposed Allah and His Messenger; for he who goes into opposition against Allah and His Messenger, verily, Allah is strict in punishment.

  14. Thus (it will be said) "There, taste the punishment, for disbelievers is the torment of the Fire.

  15. O you who believe! When you meet the disbelievers in hostile swarms, turn not to them your backs;

  16. For he who turns his back that day, save as a stratagem of war, or to retreat to his own troop, brings down upon himself the wrath of Allah, and his resort is Hell, an evil refuge.

  17. It is not you who slew them, but it was Allah who slew them; nor was it you who threw (the dust to blind the enemy), but Allah who threw it to test the believers by goodly test from Himself; verily, Allah is Hearer, Knower.

  18. That and also because Allah weakens the stratagem of the disbelievers.

  19. (O unbelievers!) If you sought a judgment, a decision has now come to you. But if you desist, it will be better for you; but if you return to the attack, We, too will return. And your troop shall avail you nothing, however great in number it be, since Allah is with the believers!

  20. O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger, and turn not from Him when you hear him speak.

  21. Be not like those who say, "We hear," and yet they hear not.

  22. Verily, the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are the deaf, the dumb who understand not.

  23. Had Allah known any good in them, He would have made them hear; but had He made them hear, they would have turned away, averse.

  24. O you who believe! Respond unto Allah and His Messenger when He calls you to that which quickens you; and know that Allah comes in between a man and his own heart; and that He it is unto Whom you shall be gathered.

  25. And fear temptation (or trial, chastisement, oppression, discord, chaos) which falls not exclusively on those of you who have done wrong; but know that Allah is severe in punishment.

  26. Remember when you were few in number and weak in the land, fearing lest people should despoil and snatch you away; then He sheltered you and strengthened you with His aid, and provided you with good things, that per chance (or possibly) you may give thanks.

  27. O you who believe! Be not treacherous to Allah and His Messenger; nor knowingly betray your trusts (obligations, duties, responsibilities in respect of wealth, property, confidences, knowledge, talents, time, opportunities, circumstances, power, social position, prestige etc. bestowed by other people, the community or by Allah.)

  28. Know that your wealth and your children are but a test, and that with Allah is the highest wage.

  29. O you who believe! If you fear (does your duty to) Allah He will give you discrimination (or a Criterion) and will rid you of your evil thoughts and deeds, and will forgive you; for Allah is Lord of Infinite Bounty.

  30. And when those who disbelieved plotted against you to detain you in bonds, or slay you, or drive you forth - they plotted, but Allah also plotted, for Allah is best of Plotters.

  31. But when Our verses were recited to them they said, "We have already heard. If We pleased We could speak like this; verily, this is nothing but tales of ancient folk."

  32. When they said, "O Allah! If this be indeed truth from Thee, then rain down upon us stones from heaven or bring us grievous doom!"

  33. But Allah would not torment them while you were amongst them; nor will He punish them while they seek forgiveness.

  34. But what plea have they that Allah should not punish them when they turn folk away from the Sacred Mosque (The Kaaba), though they are not its fitting guardians? Its fitting guardians are only the righteous (those who keep their duty to Allah), but most of them know not.

  35. Their prayer at the House was naught but whistling and hand clapping! Therefore, (it is said to them) Taste of the doom because you disbelieved!

  36. Verily, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to turn folk away from the path of Allah; but they shall spend it, and then it shall become sighing (regret) for them, and then they shall be overcome. Those who disbelieve shall be gathered into hell!

  37. That Allah may separate the vile from the good, and may stack the vile on top of each others, and heap them together in hell! Such are the losers!

  38. Tell those who disbelieve, that if they desist they will be forgiven what is past; but if they return (to evil ways) then the example of men of former days has already gone before them.

  39. Fight them then until there be no more oppression, and that religion may be wholly Allah´s. But if they desist, then Allah is Seer of what they do.

  40. But if they turn their backs, then know that Allah is your patron, the Supreme Patron, the Supreme Helper.

  41. And know that whenever you seize anything as a spoil of war, to Allah belongs a fifth thereof, and to His Apostle, and to kindred and orphans, and the needy and the wayfarer; if you believe in Allah and what We have revealed unto Our servants on the Day of Discrimination (Testing or Decision between right and wrong), the day when the two armies met (the battle of Badr). And Allah has Power over all things.

  42. When you were on the near side of the valley, and they were on the far side, and the camel caravan was below you, had you made an appointment then to meet, you would have failed to keep it. But it was otherwise, so that Allah might accomplish a thing that must be done (or was already decreed); that he who was to perish might perish on clear proof (either as a forewarning or to some other manifest purpose or cause); and that he who was to survive might survive on clear proof. Verily, Allah is Hearer, Knower.

  43. Allah showed them unto you (Muhammad) in your dream as few in number. But had He shown them to you as many, you (Muslims) would have been timid (afraid), and you would have quarrelled about the matter. But Allah saved you from this. Verily, He knows well the secret of men´s heart!

  44. And when He showed them to you (Muslims), when you encountered them, as few in your eyes; and made you seem weak (or contemptible) in their eyes, it was that Allah might accomplish a thing that must be done (or was fore-ordained); for unto Allah do all things return!

  45. O you who believe! When you encounter a force, then stand firm and remember Allah much, that you may be successful (or may prosper)!

  46. And obey Allah and His Messenger, and dispute not with one another, lest you falter (or lose heart) and your strength (or powers or luck) depart, but be steadfast (patient and persevering), for verily, Allah is with the steadfast.

  47. And be not like those who went forth from their homes with insolence, and for appearance sake before men, and to turn away people from the way of Allah, for Allah surrounds all things.

  48. And when Satan made their works appear seemly to them, and said, "There is none amongst mankind to conquer you to-day, for, verily, I am near you." But when the two armies came in sight of each other, he turned upon his heels (took flight) and said, "Verily, I am clear of you! Verily, I see what you see not! Verily, I fear Allah, for Allah is strict (or severe) in punishment!"

  49. And when the hypocrites and those in whose heart is a disease said, "Their religion hath beguiled (hypnotized or deluded) these men." But he who puts his trust in Allah, verily, Allah is Mighty and Wise.

  50. If you could see how the angels take away the souls of those who disbelieve, smiting them on their faces and hinder parts, saying, "Taste you the torment of burning!

  51. This is for what your hands have sent on before you; and know that Allah is no tyrant to his servants."

  52. Their deeds are like those of Pharaoh´s people and those before them! They rejected the Signs (revelations) of Allah, and Allah overtook them in their sins. Verily, Allah is strong and severe in punishment.

  53. That is because Allah is not one to change the favour He has bestowed on a people, until they first change what they have in themselves (in their own souls), and because Allah is Hearer and Knower.

  54. Their way is like those of Pharaoh´s people and those before them! They denied Our Signs (or revelations), and We destroyed them in their sins, and drowned Pharaoh´s people. All were evildoers.

  55. Verily, the worst of beasts in Allah´s eyes are those who are ungrateful and will not believe;

  56. Those with whom if you make a treaty, they break their treaty at each opportunity, for they fear not (or keep not their duty to) Allah;

  57. Should you come to war with them, then deal with them so as to strike fear into those who come after them (as an example), that per chance (or possibly) they may remember.

  58. And should you ever fear treachery from any people, then throw back to them their treaty in like manner (or in fairness); verily, Allah loves not the treacherous.

  59. Let not those who disbelieve deem that they can outstrip (believers or Allah´s purpose); verily, they cannot frustrate them (or escape).

  60. Prepare you against them what strength of forces and horses you have to the utmost of your power, that thereby you may dismay the enemies of Allah, and your enemies, and others beside them whom you know not. You do not know them, but Allah knows them! Whatever you spend in the Way of Allah, it will be repaid you in full; and you shall not be wronged.

  61. But if they incline to peace, incline you to it also, and trust in Allah; verily, He is Hearer and Knower.

  62. But if they wish to betray (or deceive) you, then, verily, Allah is sufficient for you! He it is who supports you with His help and with the believers.

  63. And attunes (or reconciles) their heart! If you had spent all that is in the earth you could not have attuned their heart, but Allah reconciled them, verily, He is Mighty and Wise!

  64. O you Prophet! Sufficient unto you is Allah, and unto those of the believers who follow you!

  65. O you Prophet! Urge on the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast men, they shall overcome two hundred; if there be of you a hundred, they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people without understanding (or discernment).

  66. Now has Allah made light your burden, for He knows that there is a weakness in you: but if there be amongst you but a steadfast hundred, they will vanquish two hundred; and if there be of you a thousand, they will vanquish two thousand, by the permission of Allah. Allah is with the steadfast.

  67. It has not been for any Prophet to take captives until he hath subdued the land! You desire the lure of this world, but Allah desires the Hereafter, for Allah is Mighty, Wise!

  68. Were it not for an ordinance from Allah that had gone before, there would have touched you a mighty punishment for that which you took (prisoners for ransom),

  69. Eat (enjoy, utilize) of what spoils you have taken, what is lawful and good; and fear Allah, verily, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

  70. O you Prophet! Say to such of the captives as are in your hands, "If Allah knows of any good in your heart, He will give you better than that which is taken from you, and will forgive you; for Allah is Forgiving and Merciful."

  71. But if they desire to betray you - they have betrayed Allah before! - but He hath given you power over them; for Allah is Knower, Wise!

  72. Verily, those who believe and have fled into exile (left their homes), and fought strenuously with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah, and those who have given them refuge and help, these shall be kin (or friends and protectors) to each other. But those who believe, but have not fled into exile (left their homes); you have no duty to their claims of kindred, until they flee as well. But if they seek your aid in religion, then it is your duty to help them, except against a people between whom and you there is an alliance; for Allah is Seer of what you do.

  73. And those who disbelieve, some of them are kin (or protectors) of one another - unless you act the same there will be confusion (or oppression) in the land, and great corruption (or mischief).

  74. Those who believe and have left their homes and striven strenuously in the cause of Allah, and those who have given them a refuge and a help, these are the believers. For them is forgiveness and generous provision.

  75. Those who accept faith later and leave their homes and strive strenuously with you, these are of you. But blood relations are nearer to one another in the Book of Allah (also called the Eternal Decree, the Preserved Tablet or it can be called the Universal Plan or Blue Print). Verily, Allah is Knower of all things.


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