Literal - Sura: 8. Al-Anfal - Voluntary Gifts

  1. They ask/question you about the spoils/gifts . Say: "The spoils/gifts (are) to God and the messenger, so fear and obey God and correct/repair that what is between you, and obey God and His messenger, if you were believing."

  2. But the believers (are) those who if God was mentioned/remembered/praised their hearts/minds become afraid/apprehensive, and if His verses/evidences were read/recited on them, it increased them faith/belief, and on their Lord they depend/trust in .

  3. Those who keep up the prayers and from what We provided for them they spend.

  4. Those, those are the believers truthfully , for them stages/degrees at their Lord and forgiveness and generous provision .

  5. As/like your Lord brought you out from your house/home with the right , and that a group/party from the believers (are) hating (E).

  6. They argue/dispute with you in the right/truth after what was clarified/shown , as if/though they are being driven (herded/pushed) to the death/lifelessness and they are looking/watching .

  7. And if/when God promises you one/any (of) the two groups that it (E) (is) for you, and you wish/love that other than that what is the power and might/weapon`s sharpness be for you, and God wants/wills that (He) makes correct the truth with His words/expressions and cuts off/severs the disbelievers` root/remainder.

  8. To make correct the truth and waste/annul/cancel the falsehood , and even if the criminals/sinners hated (it).

  9. If/when you seek/ask for help (from) your Lord, so He answered/replied to you: "That I (am) extending/spreading you with one thousand from the angels following/riding closely behind."

  10. And God did not make him/it except a good news and to assure/tranquillise/secure with him/it your hearts/minds , and the victory/aid is not except from at God, that God (is) glorious/mighty ,wise/judicious.

  11. If/when the slumber/dozing/lethargy covers/comes upon you safety/security from Him, and He descends water on you from the sky to purify/clean you with it and eliminate/wipe off the devil`s filth , and to bond/encourage on your hearts/minds and affirm/strengthen with it the feet.

  12. When your Lord inspires/transmits to the angels, "That I (am) with you, so encourage/affirm those who believed, I will throw in those who disbelievers` hearts/minds the terror/fright, so strike/beat above the necks, and strike/beat from them every/each fingertip/finger .

  13. That (is) because they (E) defied/disobeyed God and His messenger, and who defies/disobeys God and His messenger, so then God (is) strong (severe in) the punishment.

  14. That is, so taste/experience it, and that to the disbelievers (is) the fire`s torture.

  15. You, you those who believed, if you met/found those who disbelieved marching slowly/creeping, so do not turn away your back/ends from them.

  16. And who turns his back/end away (from) them that day except swerving/inclining to fighting/killing or leaning/enjoining to a group, so he had returned/settled with anger from God, and his shelter/refuge (is) Hell , and how bad (is) the end/destination?

  17. So you did not kill them, and but God killed them, and you did not throw when you threw, and but God threw, and (it is for) God to test the believers from Him a good test, that God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable.

  18. That is, and that God (is) weakening/enfeebling the disbelievers` plot/conspiracy .

  19. If you seek victory , so the opening/victory had come to you, and if you end/terminate/stop, so it is best for you, and if you return, We return, and your group will never enrich/satisfy at you a thing, and even if (it) became much/plenty , and that God (is) with the believers.

  20. You, you those who believed, obey God and His messenger and do not turn from Him and you are hearing/listening.

  21. And do not be as/like those who said: "We heard/listened." And they do not hear/listen.

  22. That the worst walker/creeper at God (is) the deaf, the mute those who do not reason/understand.

  23. And if God knew (that) in them (there is) goodness He would have made them hear/listen, and if He made them hear/listen, they would have turned away, and (while) they are objecting/opposing .

  24. You, you those who believed, answer/reply to God and to the messenger, if He called you to what revives/makes you alive, and know that God comes between/intervenes between the human/man and his heart/mind and that He, to Him you are being gathered.

  25. And fear (and avoid a) test/torture (that) strikes/hits (E) especially/specifically those who caused injustice/oppression from you, and know that God (is) strong (severe in) the punishment.

  26. And remember when you were little/few weakened in the earth/Planet Earth, you fear that the people snatch (kidnap) you, so He sheltered you and He supported you with His victory/aid, and He provided for you, from the goodnesses , maybe/perhaps you thank/be grateful.

  27. You, you those who believed do not betray/become unfaithful (to) God and the messenger, and you betray/become unfaithful (to) your deposits/securities and you know.

  28. And know that your properties/possessions/wealths and your children (are a) test , and that God at Him (is) a great reward/wage .

  29. You, you those who believed if you fear and obey God, He makes/creates for you a Separation of Right and Wrong , and He covers/substitutes from you your sins/crimes, and forgives for you, and God (is owner) of the grace/favour/blessing, the great.

  30. And when those who disbelieved deceive/scheme at you to affix/affirm you, or kill you, or bring you out, and they scheme/deceive , and God deceives/schemes and God (is) best (of) the deceivers/schemers .

  31. And when Our evidences/verses are read/recited on them, they said: "We had heard/listened, and if we116want/will we would have said similar/equal (to) that, that that (is) except the firsts`/beginners` myths/baseless stories ."

  32. And when they said: "Oh God if that was it, the truth from at you, so rain on us stones from the sky/space or come/bring to us with a painful torture."

  33. And God was not to torture them and (while) you are in (between) them, and God was not torturing them and (while) they are asking for forgiveness.

  34. And why (is it) for them that God not torture them and they are objecting/preventing/obstructing from the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred , and they were not its patrons/supporters , that its patrons/supporters , (are not) except the fearing and obeying, and but most of them do not know .

  35. And their prayers at the House/Home was not except whistling by mouth and echoing/prolonging/clapping ,so taste/experience the torture with what you were disbelieving.

  36. That those who disbelieved spend their properties/possessions/wealths to object/prevent/obstruct from Gods` way/path/sake , so they will spend it, then (it will) be on them grief/weakness , then they (will) be defeated/conquered , and those who disbelieved, to Hell they (will) be gathered.

  37. (It is to) God to distinguish/separate the bad/wicked from the good/pure and make/put the bad/wicked some over some so He piles/ accumulates it all together , so He puts it in Hell , those are, they are the losers/misguided and perished .

  38. Say to those who disbelieved: "If they terminate/stop, (it) will be forgiven for them what had preceded/passed , and if they return, so the first`s/beginners`` law/manner had passed/expired ."

  39. And fight/kill them until (there) be no misguidance/betrayal , and the religion, all of it be to God, so if they ended/stopped , so that God (is) seeing/knowing with what they make/do .

  40. And if they turned away, so know that God (is) your owner/master/ally , (He is) best blessed and praised, the king/master, and (He is) best blessed and praised, the victorior/savior.

  41. And know that what you won/obtained by spoils of war from a thing, that to God its fifth and to the messenger and (those) of (E) the relations/near, and the orphans , and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed, and the traveler/stranded traveler, if you had believed by God and what We descended on Our worshipper/slave, (on) the Separation of Right and Wrong Day/Proof Day (the) day the two groups/gatherings met , and God (is) on every thing capable/able .

  42. When you were by the elevated place/edge of the valley the near, and they are by the edge of the valley the farthest, and the riders/caravan/convoy (is) lower from (than) you, and if you made appointments with each other you would have differed/disagreed in the appointment and but (for) God to execute/order an order/command, (it) was made/done, to perish/destroy who perished/died on/of an evidence, and lives who lived on/of an evidence, and that God (is) hearing/listening (E), knowledgeable.

  43. When God shows them to you in your sleep/dream (as) a few/little , and if He showed them to you (as) many/much you would have weakened and become cowardly/failing and you would have disputed/argued in the matter/affair, and but God delivered/secured (saved), that He (is) knowledgeable with of the chests117(innermosts).

  44. When He shows them to you when you met/found (them) in your eyes/sights (as) few/little, and He lessens/reduces you (P) in their eyes/sights, (it is for) God to execute/order an order/command (that) was made/done, and to God the matters/affairs are returned.

  45. You, you those who believed, if you met/found a group so be courageous/steadfast and remember/mention/glorify God much, maybe/perhaps you succeed/win.

  46. And obey God and His messenger, and do not dispute/quarrel so you fail/become weakened and your wind/breeze (energy & strength) goes/goes away , and be patient, that God (is) with the patient.

  47. And do not be as/like those who got out/emerged from their homes/houses ungratefully/arrogantly and showing off/pretending to the people , and they object/obstruct from God`s way/path , and God (is) with what they make/do surrounding/comprehending .

  48. And when the devil decorated/beautified for them their works/deeds , and he said: "No defeater/conqueror from the people for you today and that I am a savior/rescuer for you." So when the two groups saw each other, he returned/withdrew on his two heels, and he said: "That I am innocent/renouncing/separating from you, that I, I see/understand what you do not see/understand, that I, I fear God, and God (is) strong (severe) in the punishment."

  49. When/if the hypocrites and those who in their hearts/minds (there) is sickness/disease say: "Those, their religion has deceived/tempted (them)." And who relies/depends on God, so then God (is) glorious/mighty , wise/judicious.

  50. And if you see/understand when the angels make those who disbelieved die, they strike/beat their faces/fronts and their backs/ends, and (they say): "Taste/experience the burning torture."

  51. That (is) with what your hands advanced/undertook , and that God (is) not with an unjust/oppressor to the worshippers/slaves.

  52. As pharaoh`s family`s affairs/habits and those from before them, they disbelieved with Gods` verses/evidences , so God took/punished them because of their crimes, that God (is) strong/powerful strong (severe in) the punishment.

  53. That (is) with that God is/was not changing a blessing/goodness He blessed/comforted and eased it on a nation, until they change what (is) with themselves, and that God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable.

  54. As Pharaoh`s family`s affairs/habits and those from before them, they denied/falsified with God`s verses/evidences , so We made them die/destroyed them because of their crimes, and We drowned/sunk Pharaoh`s family, and all/each were unjust/oppressors.

  55. That the worst walkers/creepers at God (are) those who disbelieved, so they do not believe.

  56. Those (are) from them (who) you made a contract/entrusted , then they break/destroy their promise/contract in every time , and they do no fear and obey.

  57. So when you defeat/overtake them in the battle/war so expel/separate with them from behind them, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember .118

  58. And if you fear from a nation betrayal/unfaithfulness, so discard/reject to them on straightness , that God does not love/like the betrayers/unfaithfuls.

  59. And those who disbelieved do not think/suppose (that) they raced/went ahead/won, that they truly do not disable/frustrate.

  60. And prepare for them what you were able from strength/power and from the horses`/horsemens` ties/strings/strength , you terrorize/terrify with it God`s enemy, and your enemy, and others from other than them, you do not know them, God knows them, and what you spend from a thing in God`s sake/way is fulfilled/completed to you, and you are not being caused injustice to/oppressed.

  61. And if they sided/inclined towards to the peace/surrender , so side/incline towards to it, and rely/depend on God, that He truly is, He is the hearing/listening, the knowledgeable.

  62. And if they want that they deceive you, so that God (is) enough for you, He is who supported you with His victory/aid and with the believers.

  63. And He united/joined between their hearts/minds , if you spent what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth all/all together, you would not (have) united/joined between their hearts/minds , and but God united/joined between them, that He truly is glorious/mighty , wise/judicious.

  64. You, you the prophet, God is enough for you and who followed you from the believers.

  65. You, you the prophet, instigate/urge/encourage the believers on (to) the fighting/killing. If (there) be twenty patient from you, they will defeat/conquer two hundred, and if (there) be one hundred from you, they defeat/conquer a thousand, from those who disbelieved, because they (E) (are) a nation (that) do not understand/know .

  66. Now God reduced/lightened from you, and He knew that in you (is) weakness, so if (there) be from you one hundred patient, they defeat/conquer two hundred, and if (there) be from you a thousand, they defeat/conquer two thousand with God`s permission/pardon, and God (is) with the patient.

  67. (It) was not to a prophet that (there) be for him captives/prisoners so that he hardens/exceeds in killing (tyrannizes) in the earth/Planet Earth, you want the present world`s enjoyable accessories/vanities , and God wants the end (other life), and God (is) glorious/mighty , wise/judicious.

  68. Where it not for a Book/decree/term preceded from God, a great torture would have touched you in what you took/received.

  69. So eat from what you won/gained by spoils of war (it is) permitted/allowed enjoyable/allowed/permitted, and fear and obey God, that God (is) forgiving merciful.

  70. You, you the Prophet, say to whom (is) in your hands from the captives/prisoners: "If God knows (there) is in your hearts/minds (from) goodness , He gives/brings to you better than what was taken from you, and He forgives for you, and God (is) forgiving, merciful."

  71. And if they want your betrayal/unfaithfulness, so they had betrayed/become unfaithful to God from before, so He gave others high position/strength from them, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious.

  72. That those who believed and emigrated and struggled/exerted , with their properties/possessions and119themselves in God`s sake/way , and those who sheltered/gave refuge and saved/gave victory/aided, those, some of them (are) guardians/patrons/allies (to) some, and those who believed and did not emigrate, their guardianship/patronage is not for (on) you from a thing (your responsibility) until they emigrate, and if they asked you to save/aid them in the religion, so the victory/aid is on you (your duty) except on a nation between you and between them (is) a promise/covenant, and God (is) with what you made/do seeing/knowing .

  73. And those who disbelieved some of them (are) guardians/allies (of) some, if you not make/do it, it (will) be misguidance/betrayal in the earth/Planet Earth, and big/great corruption/disorder .

  74. And those who believed and emigrated and struggled/exerted in God`s sake/way , and those who sheltered/gave refuge and saved/gave victory/aided, those, they are the believers truly/certainly , for them (is) a forgiveness and a generous/gracious provision.

  75. And those who believed from after and emigrated and struggled/exerted with you, so those (are) from you, and of the relations some of them (are) more worthy/deserving with some in God`s Book , that God (is) with every thing knowledgeable. 120


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