Literal - Sura: 80. 'Abasa - He Frowned

  1. He frowned/knit or contracted his brows and he turned away .

  2. That (E) the blind (man) came to him.

  3. And what makes you know/informs you maybe/perhaps he, he purifies/corrects (himself).

  4. Or He mentions/remembers , so the remembrance/reminder benefits him .

  5. But/as for who availed/sufficed (rejected) .

  6. So you are for him paying attention/being concerned with .

  7. And it (is) not on you that he not purifies/corrects (himself).

  8. And but/as for who came to you striving/hastening .

  9. And he fears.

  10. So you are from him distracted/preoccupied .

  11. No, but that it truly is a reminder.

  12. So who wanted/willed remembered/mentioned Him .

  13. In honoured written pages/sheets (scriptures) .

  14. Raised, purified .

  15. By messengers`/scribes`/writers` hands.

  16. Honoured/generous , righteous/obedient .

  17. Killed (`woe`) the human/mankind what made him more disbelieving (an expression)?

  18. From what thing He created him?

  19. From a drop/male`s or female`s secretion He created him, so He predestined/evaluated/estimated him.

  20. Then (to) the road/path He eased him.

  21. Then He made him die, so He caused him to be buried in a grave .

  22. Then when/if He willed/wanted/intended He revived/resurrected him .

  23. No/but he did not (E) accomplish/execute what He ordered/commanded him.

  24. So the human/mankind should look/watch to his food.

  25. We (E), We poured/flowed the water pouring/flowing.

  26. Then We split/cracked the earth/Planet Earth splitting/cracking .

  27. So We sprouted/grew in it seeds/grains.

  28. And grapes and all trees and vegetation when it regrows for animal consumption i.e.) clover.

  29. And olives and palm trees.

  30. And dense/luxurious fenced gardens.

  31. And fruits and grass/hay/herbs.

  32. Enjoyment for you and for your camels/livestock.

  33. So when the Deafening Noise/Resurrection Day came.

  34. A day/time the human/man escapes/flees from his brother.

  35. And his mother, and his father.

  36. And his wife/companion/friend, and his sons and daughters.

  37. To every/each human/man from them (on) that day (is) a matter/affair (that) suffices him (worries and keeps him busy).

  38. Faces/fronts (on) that day, lit and shining .

  39. Laughing, cheerful/rejoiced .

  40. And faces/fronts (on) that day, on it (is) dust.

  41. Smoke/dust burdens/depresses/oppresses it.

  42. Those, they are the disbelievers, the debauchers/corrupters.458


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