Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 80. 'Abasa - He Frowned

  1. He frowned and then turned away

  2. from a blind man who had come up to him.

  3. You never know. Perhaps he wanted to purify himself,

  4. or receive some (Quranic) advice which would benefit him.

  5. Yet you pay attention

  6. to a rich man,

  7. though you will not be questioned even if he never purifies himself.

  8. As for the one who comes to you earnestly (striving for guidance).

  9. and who has fear of God,

  10. you ignore him.

  11. These verses are a reminder

  12. so let those who want to follow its guidance do so.

  13. (This Quran) is also recorded in honorable books,

  14. exalted, purified,

  15. by the hands of the noble, virtuous,

  16. and angelic scribes.

  17. May (the disbelieving) human being be condemned! What makes him disbelieve?

  18. From what has God created him?

  19. He created him from a living germ. He determined his fate

  20. and made the path of guidance easy for him to follow.

  21. Then He caused him to die and be buried

  22. and He will resurrect him whenever He wants.

  23. Certainly, he has not duly fulfilled His commands.

  24. Let the human being think about (how We produce) his food.

  25. We send down abundant water,

  26. and let the earth to break open

  27. to yield therein corn,

  28. grapes, vegetables,

  29. olives, dates,

  30. thickly planted gardens,

  31. fruits, and grass.

  32. (These are made so as to be) means of enjoyment for you and your cattle.

  33. When the trumpet sounds,

  34. it will be such a day when a person will run away from his brother,

  35. mother, father,

  36. wife and sons,

  37. for on that day everyone will be completely engrossed in his own concerns.

  38. Some faces on that day will be radiant,

  39. laughing and joyous

  40. but others will be gloomy

  41. and covered by darkness.

  42. These will be the faces of the sinful disbelievers.


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