Ali Ünal - Sura: 81. At-Takwir - The Folding Up

  1. When the sun is folded up (and darkened);

  2. And when the stars fall (losing their luster);

  3. And when the mountains are set moving;

  4. And when (highly prized) pregnant camels are left untended;

  5. And when the wild beasts (as also the domesticated ones) go forth from their places of rest (in terror of the destruction of the world, and then, following their revival, are gathered together before God, for the settlement of their accounts);

  6. And when the seas rise up boiling;

  7. And when the souls are coupled (the righteous men with pure, righteous spouses, and the evil ones with their evil spouses and with devilish companions);

  8. And when the female infant, buried alive, is questioned

  9. For what crime she was killed;

  10. And when the scrolls (of the deeds of every person) are laid open;

  11. And when the heaven is torn away (with all the truths becoming manifest);

  12. And when the Blazing Flame is kindled (to fierce heat);

  13. And when Paradise is brought near (for the God-revering, pious to enter);

  14. Every person will (then) come to know what he has prepared (for himself).

  15. Oh, I swear by the stars which recede (disappearing in the sun’s light),

  16. And rise in their course, and then set (disappearing again);

  17. And by the night as it inclines to depart,

  18. And the morning as it breathes,

  19. That this (which informs you of all the events mentioned) is the Word (brought) by an honored messenger (Gabriel),

  20. Endowed with power, with high rank and esteem before the Lord of the Supreme Throne;

  21. One obeyed (by his aides), and trustworthy (in fulfilling God’s orders, most particularly conveying the Revelation).

  22. Your companion (the Messenger who has spent his life among you) is not a madman;

  23. Indeed he saw him (Gabriel) on the clear horizon.

  24. He is not niggardly (in conveying to you Revelation and knowledge) of the Unseen (what lies beyond the reach of your perception).

  25. Nor is it (this Qur’an) the Word of any devil excluded from God’s Mercy.

  26. Then, where are you going?

  27. It is nothing other than a Reminder (and instruction) for all conscious beings;

  28. For any of you who wills to take a straight path (and follow it without deviance).

  29. But you cannot will (to do so) unless God wills, the Lord of the worlds.


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