Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 81. At-Takwir - The Folding Up

  1. When the sun be folded up and so darkened,

  2. And when the stars are obscured,

  3. And when the mountains are made to pass away,

  4. And when the excellent she-camels will be discarded,

  5. And when the wild beast will be herded together,

  6. And when the rivers will be drained away,

  7. And when (various) people will be united together,

  8. And when the girl-child who is buried alive will be questioned about;

  9. For what offence was she killed?

  10. And when books and papers will be spread abroad,

  11. And when the heights will be discovered,

  12. And when the Hell-Fire will be set ablaze,

  13. And when the Paradise will be brought near,

  14. Every soul will know then what (store of deeds) it has brought forward.

  15. Nay, I call to witness those (planets) that recede while advancing in one direction,

  16. Those (planets) that continue their forward course (along their orbits) and then disappear.

  17. And (I call to witness) the night when its darkness begins to depart,

  18. And the dawn as it begins to breathe (and brightens up),

  19. That verily this (Qur´ân) is indeed the word (revealed to and) uttered by a noble (and illustrious) Messenger (- Muhammad),

  20. Possessor of power, occupying a (glorious) secure position with the Lord of the Throne,

  21. Who is entitled to be obeyed and who is here also known as trust-worthy.

  22. And that this compatriot of yours (-Muhammad) is not at all mad.

  23. And he has most surely seen himself (shining in the resplendence of his own light) in the clear horizon (- in the remotest corners of the world).

  24. And he is not at all niggardly, nor a forgerer in disclosing the hidden realties.

  25. Nor is this (Qur´ân) the word of satan who is driven away (from divine presence).

  26. Where do you wander to (leaving this Qur´ân and the Messenger aside)?

  27. This is but a means to rise to eminence for all people,

  28. For such of you who wish to walk straight (to attain eminence).

  29. And you should not desire (otherwise) except that which Allâh the Lord of the worlds desires (for you).


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