Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 82. Al-Infitar - The Cleaving

  1. When the sky will be cleft asunder,

  2. And when the planets will become dispersed,

  3. And when the rivers are widely split up and made to flow forth (into canals),

  4. And when the graves will be laid open,

  5. Every person shall know (then) what (evil) actions (which he should not have done) he has committed, and what (good actions he should have done) he has omitted.

  6. O (ungrateful) human being! what has enticed you away from your Lord, the Honoured One,

  7. Who created you, then perfected you (with wisdom), then endowed you with great natural powers and faculties,

  8. And He fashioned you in whatever form it pleased Him.

  9. Surely, (it is) not at all (as you think), the truth is that you treat the Requital as a lie.

  10. Verily, there are (appointed) guardians over you,

  11. Noble (angel) recorders (of your commissions and omissions),

  12. Who know (all) that you do.

  13. The virtuous shall invariably be in (a state of) bliss.

  14. But the wicked shall, of course, be in the flaming Fire.

  15. They will enter therein on the Day of Requital,

  16. And they shall not at all (be able to) keep themselves away (by escaping) from it.

  17. What should make you know what the Day of Requital is!

  18. Again (We repeat) how can you know what the Day of Requital is!

  19. (It is) the day when no person shall be able to do anything for another! On that day the (absolute) Judgment of every sort shall entirely belong to Allâh.


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