Ahmed Ali - Sura: 83. At-Tatfif - Default in Duty

  1. WOE TO THOSE who give short measure,

  2. Who insist on being given full when they take from others,

  3. Whilst when they measure or weigh for them, give less.

  4. Do they not think they will be raised (to life) again

  5. On a grievous day,

  6. The day all mankind will stand before the Lord of all the worlds?

  7. Indeed the ledger of the wicked will be in (the lowest depths) Sijjin.

  8. How will you comprehend what Sijjin is?

  9. It is a (repository of) distinctly written record.

  10. Ah the woe that day for those who deny,

  11. Who call the Day of judgement a lie!

  12. None denies it but the sinful transgressors.

  13. When Our revelations are recited before him, he says: "These are fables of long ago."

  14. No. In fact what they have been doing has rusted their hearts.

  15. Therefore they will be screened off from their Lord that day,

  16. Then they will indeed burn in Hell.

  17. They will then be told: "This is what you had denied."

  18. Surely the ledger of the pious will be in ´Illiyun (heights above the heights).

  19. But how will you comprehend what ´Illiyun is?

  20. It is a (repository of) distinctly written record

  21. Witnessed by those who are honoured.

  22. Verily the pious will be in heaven,

  23. On couches face to face.

  24. On their faces you will see the glow of beatitude.

  25. They will be served the choicest wine, sealed

  26. With a sealing of musk, which those who aspire for the best should desire, --

  27. Blended with the water of Tasnim, (heights ultimate of evolution),

  28. A fountain from which only they who are honoured drink.

  29. The sinners indeed laughed at believers

  30. And winked at one another as they passed by them;

  31. And when they went back to their people turned to make fun of them;

  32. And when they saw them, they said: "They have indeed gone astray."

  33. But they were not Sent to be guardians over them!

  34. So, the believers will laugh at the infidels on that day,

  35. Regarding them from their cushioned seats.

  36. Will not the infidels pay for what they had done?


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