Amatul Rahman Omar - Sura: 83. At-Tatfif - Default in Duty

  1. Woe be to those who make a default in any of their duties and give short measure.

  2. When they receive measure from other people they receive in full (not allowing the least shortage and loss),

  3. But when they give by measure to others or weigh to them they give them less (than what is due).

  4. Do not such people realize that they will be raised (to life again),

  5. To face (and hear the Judgment of) that Great Day?

  6. The Day when mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds?

  7. Nay, (not at all as they believe) the record of (the deeds) of the wicked is in Sijjîn (- the register of a prison)

  8. What should make you know what that Sijjîn is?

  9. (It is) a book written (distinctly and comprehensively).

  10. On that Day woe shall befall those who belie (the truth);

  11. Those that belie the Day of Requital.

  12. No one can treat it as a lie except every sinful transgressor,

  13. (Who) when Our Messages are recited to him says, `(These are) mere fables of the ancients.´

  14. Nay (not at all so), the truth is that their (evil) deeds have rusted their hearts.

  15. Nay (We repeat, not at all so). Verily, they shall be debarred from (the sight and mercy of) their Lord that day.

  16. Then they shall surely enter into the flaming Fire,

  17. Then it shall be said (to them), `This is that (very punishment) which you used to cry lies to.´

  18. Behold! verily the record (of the righteous deeds) of the virtuous will be in `Illîyyîn (- the register of those enjoying the most exalted ranks).

  19. And what should make you know what `Illîyyûn is?

  20. It is a book (distinctly and comprehensively) written,

  21. Which those drawn near (to their Lord) will find present.

  22. The virtuous shall indeed be in (a state of) bliss (that Day).

  23. (Reclining) upon raised couches they shall be looking (at every thing all around).

  24. You shall find freshness and bloom of bliss in their faces.

  25. They shall be given to drink a pure and delightfully refreshing beverage sealed (and secure from all contamination).

  26. (Even) the sealing and dregs of which will have flavour of musk, so to this (noble end) let (all) the aspirants aspire.

  27. And this (beverage) will be tempered with Tasnîm (flowing from on high).

  28. (This Tasnîm is) a spring of which those drawn near (to God) shall drink.

  29. Those who had severed their ties (with God) used to laugh at those who believed,

  30. And when they passed by them (- the believers) they winked at one another (by way of ridiculously finding fault with them),

  31. And when they returned to their companions they returned exulting with pride,

  32. And when they saw these (Muslims) they said, `These are surely the straying ones!´

  33. Though they were not deputed as guardians (to guard) over them.

  34. Now, on this day (of Judgment) it is the believers who will wonder at the disbelievers,

  35. (Seated) on raised couches of (dignity). They (- the believers) will be looking (at the miserable state of the disbelievers in Gehenna).

  36. (Then it shall be said,) `The disbelievers have been duly requitted for (the misdeeds) that they used to do.´


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