Faridul Haque - Sura: 83. At-Tatfif - Default in Duty

  1. Ruin is for the defrauders. (Those who measure less.)

  2. Those who when they take the measure from others, take it in full!

  3. Whereas when they give others after measuring or weighing, they give them less!

  4. What! Do they not expect that they will be raised?

  5. (To be raised) for a Great Day?

  6. The day when everyone will stand before the Lord Of The Creation.

  7. Indeed, the record of the disbelievers is in the lowest place, the Sijjeen.

  8. And what do you know, how (wretched) the Sijjeen is!

  9. The record is a sealed text.

  10. Ruin is for the deniers on that day!

  11. Those who deny the Day of Justice.

  12. And none will deny it, except every transgressor, rebel.

  13. When you recite Our verses to him, he says, “Stories of earlier men!”

  14. Not at all – but rather their earnings have heaped rust upon their hearts.

  15. Yes indeed – they will be deprived of seeing their Lord on that day.

  16. Then indeed they have to enter hell.

  17. It will then be said, “This is what you used to deny.”

  18. Indeed the record of the virtuous is in the highest place, the Illiyin.

  19. And what do you know what the Illiyoon are!

  20. The record is a sealed text.

  21. Which is witnessed by the close ones.

  22. Indeed the virtuous are in serenity.

  23. On thrones, watching.

  24. You will recognise the freshness of serenity on their faces.

  25. They will be given pure wine to drink, which is kept preserved, sealed.

  26. Its seal is upon musk; and for this should those who crave be eager.

  27. And it is mixed with Tasneem.

  28. The spring from which drink the ones close to Allah.

  29. Indeed the guilty used to laugh at the believers.

  30. And when the believers used to pass by, they used to gesture at each other with their eyes.

  31. And whilst returning to their homes, they used to return rejoicing.

  32. And upon seeing the Muslims, they used to say, “Indeed they have gone astray.”

  33. Whereas they have not at all been sent as guardians over them.

  34. So this day it is the believers who laugh at the disbelievers.

  35. On high thrones, watching.

  36. Did not the disbelievers get repaid for what they used to do?


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