Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 83. At-Tatfif - Default in Duty

  1. Woe to those who are fraudulent in (weighing and measuring),

  2. those who demand a full measure from others

  3. but when they measure or weigh, give less.

  4. Do they not realize that they will be resurrected

  5. on a great day

  6. when mankind will stand before the Lord of the Universe?

  7. Woe to them! Let them know that the records of the sinner´s deeds are in Sijin.

  8. Would that you knew what Sijin is!?

  9. It is a comprehensively written Book (of records).

  10. Woe, on that day, to those who have rejected God´s revelations

  11. and those who have rejected the Day of Judgment.

  12. No one rejects it except the sinful transgressors

  13. who, when listening to Our revelations, say, "These are only ancient legends".

  14. They will never have faith. In fact, their hearts are stained from their deeds.

  15. On the Day of Judgment, they will certainly be barred from the mercy of their Lord.

  16. They will suffer the heat of fire

  17. and who will be told, "This is what you had called a lie".

  18. However, the records of the deeds of the virtuous ones will certainly be in Illiyin.

  19. Would that you knew what Illiyin is!

  20. It is a comprehensively written Book (of records).

  21. The ones nearest to God will bring it to public.

  22. The virtuous will live in bliss,

  23. reclining on couches, reviewing (the bounties given to them).

  24. You can trace on their faces the joy of their bliss.

  25. They will be given pure wine out of sealed containers

  26. which have the fragrance of musk. This is the kind of place for which one should really aspire.

  27. With the wine is a drink from Tasnim,

  28. a spring, the nearest ones to God will drink from it.

  29. The sinners had been laughing at the believers.

  30. When passing by them, they would wink at one another

  31. and, on returning to their people, boast about what they had done.

  32. On seeing the believers, they would say, "These people have gone astray".

  33. No one has appointed them to watch over the believers.

  34. On the Day of Judgment, the believers will laugh at the disbelievers

  35. while reclining on couches and reviewing (the bounties given to them).

  36. Will not the disbelievers then be duly recompensed for their laughing at the believers?


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