Asad - Sura: 84. Al-Inshiqaq - The Bursting Asunder

  1. WHEN THE SKY is split asunder, 1 

  2. obeying its Sustainer, as in truth it must;

  3. and when the earth is levelled, 2 

  4. and casts forth whatever is in it, and becomes utterly void, 3 

  5. obeying its Sustainer, as in truth it must -:

  6. [then,] O man - thou [that] hast, verily, been toiling towards thy Sustainer in painful toil 4  - then shalt thou meet Him!

  7. And as for him whose record shall be placed in his right hand, 5 

  8. he will in time be called to account with an easy accounting,

  9. and will [be able to] turn joyfully to those of his own kind. 6 

  10. But as for him whose record shall be given to him behind his back, 7 

  11. he will in time pray for utter destruction:

  12. but he will enter the blazing flame.

  13. Behold, [in his earthly life] he lived joyfully among people of his own kind 8  -

  14. for, behold, he never thought that he would have to return [to God].

  15. Yea indeed! His Sustainer did see all that was in him!

  16. BUT NAY! I call to witness the sunset's [fleeting] afterglow,

  17. and the night, and what it [step by step] unfolds,

  18. and the moon, as it grows to its fullness: 9 

  19. [even thus, O men,] are you bound to move onward from stage to stage. 10 

  20. What, then, is amiss with them that they will not believe [in a life to come]? 11  -

  21. and [that], when the Qur'an is read unto them, they do not fall down in prostration? 12 

  22. Nay, but they who are bent on denying the truth give the lie [to this divine writ]!

  23. Yet God has full knowledge of what they conceal [in their hearts]. 13 

  24. Hence, give them the tiding of grievous suffering [in the life to come] -

  25. unless it be such [of them] as [repent, and] attain to faith, and do good works: for theirs shall be a reward unending!


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