Muhammad Sarwar - Sura: 84. Al-Inshiqaq - The Bursting Asunder

  1. When the heavens are rent asunder

  2. in obedience to the commands of their Lord which are incumbent on them,

  3. when the earth is stretched out

  4. and throws out of itself all that it contains

  5. in obedience to the commands of its Lord which are incumbent on it, (the human being will receive due recompense for his deeds).

  6. Human being, you strive hard to get closer to your Lord, and so you will certainly receive the recompense (of your deeds).

  7. The reckoning of those whose Book of records will be given into their right hands

  8. will be easy,

  9. and they will return to their people, delighted

  10. But as for those whose Book of records will be given behind their backs,

  11. they will say, "Woe to us!"

  12. They will suffer the heat of hell fire.

  13. They lived among their people joyfully

  14. and had thought that they would never be brought back to life again.

  15. This is a fact. Their Lord is Well-Aware of (all that they do).

  16. I do not need to swear by the sunset,

  17. or by the night in which things all come together to rest,

  18. or by the moon when it is full,

  19. that you will certainly pass through one stage after another.

  20. What is the matter with them? Why do they not believe?

  21. Why, when the Quran is recited to them, do they not prostrate themselves?

  22. In fact, they reject the Quran,

  23. but God knows best whatever they accumulate in their hearts.

  24. (Muhammad), tell them that they will all suffer a painful torment

  25. except the righteously striving believers, who will receive a never-ending reward.


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